Sex Offender Board Calls For Registry Overhaul

California is one of four states that require lifetime registration of all sex offenders. The current registry holds close to 100,000, a number the California Sex Offender Management Board says is too large to handle. The board is recommending an overhaul of the system that would change the criteria for lifetime registration, taking into account the severity of the crime and the likely risk posed by the offender. Radio Program

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Another “common sense” article. We are supposed to be so advanced, so why is it taking so long to catch up and realize how unconstitutional and wrong the SO registry is. Like many comments on this article mentioned, if they need registries, there should be registries for car jackers, burglars, domestic violence offender, etc etc. That would really make a huge mess and will most likely not happen. There should be justice for all, and no registry or a registry for all. Innocent family members are stripped of their constitutional rights since they can’t live with their loved ones the way they should be entitled to. They, too, have rights. The registry needs to end altogether, and keeping track of the truly dangerous offenders should be left to law enforcement. It is time to admit how wrong all this and start making changes. People’s rights are being violated here. It has to end!

As long as people like Marc Klaas are allowed to have a say on this issue and be treated as some sort of an expert, an unbiased dialog can never happen, be it on the radio or in the halls of power. I think Marc Klaas and his supporters, like the caller La Donna would do well to read the constitution and the bill of rights, and then read it again. The caller from Placerville hit the nail on the head when she called Megan’s law a lie and stated that it did nothing to protect her child from the person, who wasn’t on the list, that molested her child. Dr Tubin is definitely fighting a uphill battle that (I hope I’m wrong) probably isn’t going to go very far. I stated in other threads that I think this is election year BS and I still believe that.

In the book “A parallel universe,” Alex Landon and Elaine Halleck p132 ¶3 it’s states “A state attorney general should be several notches above such victim organizations, but unfortunately in one case, he was not. In his 2000 report on Megan’s law, Former California attorney general Bill Lockyer claimed “convicted sex offenders are among the most likely criminals to re-offend and create new victims.” It’s sad the number of politicians that sound more like members of victims groups than public servants sworn to uphold certain principals, like the constitution and the bill of rights doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller.

In the same book “A parallel universe,” Alex Landon and Elaine Halleck p132 ¶2 Marc Klaas is quoted as stating “There is not one documented case of a pedophile ever having been cured” and “It’s a… fact that whenever a sexual deviant is anonymously released into the community, the probability is virtually guaranteed that the offender will revert to deviant behavior.” I find this statement, as well as the former attorney general’s statement rather odd when I consider that both these statement’s have been proven to be grossly inaccurate; but then again, who in Sacramento isn’t so afraid of looking bad and damaging their career to listen?

Get all the streakers, public urinators , kids who have sex with their girl friends off the registry now. I don’t believe these acts should even be crimes. Only shows how prudish this so called modern culture has become.Then we can discuss what is truly a crime and who truly needs reparations and who truly needs punishment, therapy, what program is appropriate to deal with it, without having all this frack taking up valuable time.

The registry should be publicly accessed only through a local sheriff’s department by the requester giving their ID information. The only time someone is on the registry is while they are on probation or parole. Why is there probation and parole? To ensure for a period of time (usually 3 to 5 years) that the ex-convict is safe for society and abides by strict requirements of accountability and therapy. After such time they should be reconstituted back into society. To do otherwise is simply wrong. As it stands with the sex offender registry these people can never be truly reconstituted back into society. TRUTH

There is an unintended consequence to having an extremely punitive sex offender registry and that is most offenses are committed by family members and those know to the victim. By the registry being punitive against families and not just to individuals doesn’t it seem logical that victims will not report abuses in order to protect their family as a whole? So, the punitive nature of the registry by default becomes it’s own worst enemy.

Hey as long as this is being discussed it’s a very good sign.

Hey everyone this Guy was Burned in court By a Judge on a property issue but He is ON this Judge Like Glue Check This OUT!!!

Someone commented in the full article. “It was a myth that people the pee in public are not likely put on the list unless a child saw them. I was. Two adults saw me. I have been labeled Sex Offender for life. In my county 2 counts of sexual offences is needed to prosecute and place on the list. They got two nearby adults to come forward and agree they saw me. Based on that they had me write apology letters. I felt really bad and embarrassed so I did it. Then, I was told later they would be submitted as “Confessions X 2” The DA in my county was just elected in 1994 and that’s the year Megan’s law was passed so they were in a rush to start filling the registry. There was another guy riding around on a bicycle exposing himself to teens and they hadn’t caught him yet. They asked me if I had a bicycle and did I do this too. I told then no, I had only done this a few times. I actually had just stopped doing drugs and was drinking a lot of beer. I started pissing in public and didn’t care about my behavior at the time. The DA. did not believe that I had only done this a hand full of times and with the idiot riding around on the bike and not getting caught, he went forward with conviction. I was so embarrassed and had no idea it would lead to this and I told him I was ashamed and agreed I had a problem and needed help. I went to counseling for about 3 months and the consoler told my probation officer that I was not a sexual predator or had the propensity to ever offend again. I was released off probation and counseling early as the judge was impressed with what the counselor had to say about me. I went back to my probation officer for the last time and he said, “Oh by the way”, “have you registered with the local police as a sex offender?” “It says here in your record that you must register for the rest of your life!” I was so broken down about it. I did not understand why me of all people? There were no children involved, I thought Megan’s law was about Child predators and molesters! 20 years later, still alive and fighting urges of suicide, I’m hopeful that I can finally be freed from this un walled public prison. I live in a small town, If I go to the local college to take a class, I have to report as a sex offender. Someone I know that works in administration says one thing and everyone knows. I can’t live or buy a house near a school because I urinated in public 3 or 4 times over 20 years ago!

California registered sex offender is a joke. They take individuals whom have never been in trouble or even committed a sex offense and throw them on there. My husband of 20 years had a very jealous ex-wife that went above and beyond to destroy our lives. This was roughly 20 years ago. We have not been able to rent in some places, he has lost jobs, communities look at us like we are sick people. I hate our system for this. He had terrible representation and was not aware of what he was signing in fine print. We took all proper steps of getting it expunged, even had to get a certificate of rehabilitation as if he was a rapist. Sent packets to our Governor, president and city counsel to be removed from the internet and having to register. Even the officer at our cities registry said, “it makes no sense why you are even registering.” She even helped my husband put the packet together. We have gone to lawyers who all have said, ” the case makes no sense, and there were many loop holes in it”. Meanwhile our lives have been pure hell for a tier 1 offender, who never has been to prison. The judge never mentioned in court anything about registering he didn’t know he had to register until he went to his probation officer. I thought the Sex offender registry was for Actual sex crimes against women and children. In the United States of America, you are guilty until you can pay for your innocence, If you are poor and Hispanic you are at the governments disposal. Not to mention this all went down the same time the O.J. trial was going on. If I could just tell you the hell and the humiliation I go through and NO one cares or will help. Come to find out every county gets so much money for every person registered. If you are rich you can get away with anything. I have no trust in our system, nor does my family. I always explain to people the situation and they relax. You can even get death threats just for even being associated as offender.By the way haven’t been in trouble ever sense. Married happily been together 20 years, with 2 beautiful children. I want to bring legal action against the county of Ventura, for defamation of character and poor legal representation, not to mention pain and suffering.