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International Megan’s Law: America’s Global Embarrassment

What sounds like a good law in a twenty-second sound bite sometimes turns out to be less clear when one digs below the surface. Such is the case with International Megan’s Law, which President Obama recently signed into law. International Megan’s Law requires those who committed a sex offense against a child to have a permanent stamp placed on their passport. While this may sound like a no-brainer if we consider the media’s portrayal of the sexual predator, reality is far more complicated. Full Opinion Piece

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Thank you Huffington post:

” On March 30, Phyllis J. Hamilton, Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, will hear a Motion for Preliminary Injunction to stop implementation of International Megan’s Law. Those challenging the law have an uphill path as judges often defer to legislative findings of fact even when they are ill founded, and the Supreme Court has generally failed to intervene on the dubious assumption that these types of laws do not constitute “punishment.” Sometimes, though, it takes only one courageous judge to listen to what the science actually tells us. Let us hope this is such a case.”

If people think US laws are bad (not condoning the US ones). Take a peek at the UK.

This covers Garry Glitter back in 2012 ago being arrested.

It is only 3:40 in length, but covers laws imposed on offenders.

I’m getting real tired of this stuff–it’s as if a terrorist has more freedoms

Actually, they do.

According to Elizabeth Warren, they are not terrorists, but victims of income inequality.

Can I be labeled a terrorist and not a sex offender so I can get some mercy? That might seem an odd request, but is it really?

Timmmy , thanks for posting that link , and watch a few others , videos had nothing about real facts ! but you could see the witch hunt , that now become world wide , I spent a lot of time reading comments under the videos , and just made me feel alittle more freaked out than I already was, then I got pissed off , some of these folks that make these comments need to watch there step , I can only hope that most of them running there face about killing RSO , I hope they all get cot for what ever it is that they are trying to cover up by trying to lead a witch hunt , many of the comments , are in them selfs a hate crime under new laws

Just how bad this law is.. President Kennedy wouldn’t put free citizens through this treatment. He wouldn’t have signed this major injustice to civil rights & human rights.
Remember he & his brother Bobby helped shut down that federal prison Alcatraz because one of many reasons was the mistreatment on human beings.
Honorable Judge Hamilton, this very law is an injustice to the dignity of free men & women & mistreatment of civil rights human rights.

Yes I remember when Kennedy and his brother Bobby shut down Alcatraz! They were on point, and they mistreated many individuals! Que???

Obama signed this legislation without any consideration for the Constitution of which he has absolutely bastardized in the past 7 years. The only thing he cares about right now is giving himself a 18% retirement increase and moving to Hawaii. He needs to move back to Kenya!

Frank – Need I remind you that it was the Republican controlled Congress that passed this without even a floor vote needed and it is hardcore Republican Chris Smith of NJ who has been pushing this for the last few years. It’s the Republican’s who are pushing “tough on crime” legislation like this.

And then you expect Obama to veto this! If you want to complain about Obama, fine, just don’t be hypocritical.

The Congress is like two delinquent kids in a candy store. Usually they are fighting. The candy is sex offender laws. Too good to pass up. The Democrats really like how the candy tastes and how it makes them feel more connected with the voters, but the Democrats are not that outright bold and let the Republicans steal it first. Then the Democrats don’t protest that it is wrong. Instead, they use the opportunity to grab some themselves. Democrats and the Republicans put aside differences for awhile, sit on the Capitol steps and enjoy the sugar rush of power.

Need to Know- You are correct. I do not like the way Obama and his administration runs the country. And yes, the Republicans, who I’m not really happy with either, rammed that one through just like the Democrats rammed through ObamaCare.

Nobody reads these bills and if we don’t get our way….we’ll just use executive action. Yup, I’m ticked off at the whole mess, including my life sentence. This is a great place to vent just a bit. It does the body and mind good. But a hypocrite….Nah.

Kinda wish Rand Paul could have got some traction.

I dont see how these lawmakers can keep regurgitating such blatent false facts. Isntthere some kid of ethical comitee that they have to answer to.

I would just like to comment that the author of this opEd is Tamara Lave. Ms. Lave was a public defender in San Diego County prior to her currant position as an associate law professor at the University of Miami. I had the pleasure of hearing two of her presentations at the 2012 RSOL conference in Albuquerque, NM. and was greatly impressed. She has done much research on the issue of sex offenses and the subsequent avalanche of laws.

Exactly Margaret… Thank you Associate Professor of Law Tamara Rice Lave & The Huffington Post.

Here is the biography of the judge:

Hamilton, Phyllis Jean

Born 1952 in Jacksonville, IL

Federal Judicial Service:
Judge, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California
Nominated by William J. Clinton on February 9, 2000, to a new seat authorized by 104 Stat. 5089. Confirmed by the Senate on May 24, 2000, and received commission on May 25, 2000. Served as chief judge, 2014-present.

U.S. Magistrate Judge, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, 1991-2000
Stanford University, B.A., 1974
University of Santa Clara (now Santa Clara University) School of Law, J.D., 1976

Professional Career:
Deputy public defender, California, 1976-1980
Manager, EEO programs, Farinon Electric Corporation, 1980
Administrative judge, U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board, San Francisco, California, 1980-1985
Commissioner, Oakland-Piedmont-Emeryville [California] Municipal Court, 1985-1991

The senate confirmation was more fractious, probably due to the upcoming election of Bush v Gore, so if we were to have a judge rule in our favor, Hamilton is the one. However, as the author pointed out, judges have tradidionally given great weight to legislative law, so it would indeed be a feather in the cap of Janice and CA RSOL if Hamilton makes a favorable decision. We got a good luck of the draw with her.

Off the subject…
I have been following all the comments on travel to mexico and wondering why people are not going to the US virgin islands, this is US Territory, no passport is needed? Do we have to register after so many days there? I would be interested in this, as a place to live also….any suggestions or experience on travel here?

I think since this is a California forum alot of people travel to Mexico with it’s close proximity. If they do go to the Caribbean usually its the Dominican as it’s affordable. The U.S virgin Islands are expensive but all we do is need a valid I.D to travel there. Places like Puerto Rico, U.S virgin island’s and maybe even American Samoa, Northern Mariana Island’s and Guam should be on our lists of places to go. If I wasn’t in Maine and lived in California then Hawaii would be constant destination for me but the fights from here are little to pricey for me.

Can registered citizens get in the dominium republic in 2016 without any problems or green notices being sent? Or has that been prejudiced also ?

No. Dominican Republic was discussed on a different thread.

I think what is needed is a thread for each country.

As PK said, The Dominican is pretty much off limits. I was merely stating that traveling to the Dominican seemed to be one the most popular choice’s before for it’s affordability.

Hey does anyone know that study (has Link) that concluded that RSOs which have not reoffended in 16 years are at no higher risk then those who haven’t offended.
Do you Know the guy behind it?
All I know is it is some guy out of ASU but cant find it.


I pray for all of you and hope that this law is overturned. I have written to lawmakers on your behalf. I don’t want this country to turn into Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia and with theses laws it is a slippery slope down to that. Hopefully sanity will prevail before this list balloons to millions and the system will topple on top of itself. Implode because every neighbor will have a sex offender in shouting distance of their front lawn. Really disgusting treatment of citizens.

does anyone know if the site is having issues

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