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UT: New Twist on the Sex-Offender Registry: Financial Crime

States have taken the idea of the sex-offender registry and applied it to everything from kidnapping to animal abuse. Utah is expanding it into new territory: financial crime.

An early version of the White Collar Crime Offender Registry, which has been online since February, includes more than 100 people convicted of tax, credit-card or insurance fraud; thefts from employers or friends; and bilking investors.

They include 41-year-old ____ ____ ____. “Eye Color: Blue. Hair Color: Blonde … Targets: Insurance company.” Full Article (WSJ – may be behind paywall)

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  1. Craig

    In years to come there will be registry’s with millions of people on them, now make one for the corrupt lawmakers, cops, DAs and judges.

  2. Timmr

    Why not just put everyone who has ever committed a crime on the web and make them update their information every year. People lust after knowing all the naughty things their neighbors have done, so let the public wallow in this pornography. Just quit calling it for public safety and call it like it is — voyeurism.

    • kelnothiding

      Timmer ,, good one man , that’s the truth of the matter ! Voyeurism! lol you owe me for the coffee I just spilt after I seen this , funny but fact

  3. Brubaker
    Put in a registry.
    Also LAcounty in a year as had corrupt officers convicted. Put on registry.
    The ongoing call for fed investigation on oc justice system as well will likely show there are some corrupt courthouse officials.. Put public corruption in a registry.

  4. catch22

    I feel the more registries the better , at least to help us get lost in the noise . The registration bureaucracy must be made unmanageable hopefully they would try to simplify it by combining all of the registries. Then lost in the noise .

    • Timmr

      Then you will have something akin to the Nazi concentration camp badge coding system used in the Dachau camp. They had about 14 categories of prisoners and many more sub-rankings to keep track of the undesirables, ranging from Jews to the “work shy”. No undesirable escaped notice. It would be even worse with today’s tracking technology.
      You have to diminish the registry. That is the only way. It will only get worse if we do nothing.
      Significantly, the Nazi triangle badges were patterned after road warning signs used in Germany at the time. It is truly chilling when American politicians talk about warning the public or merely notifying the public of a hazard when they justify putting someone on the registry, as if it is as harmless as posting a road sign to warn of a bump in the road.

  5. David

    Timmr, I am certainly entertained by your suggestion: a global registry for everyone and every offenses.

    • The Unforgiven

      Reminds me of the tv show, “Life is Short’. Liam Neeson has a conversation with Ricky Gervais. He mentions that he likes to make lists, which is probably why Steven Spielberg picked him for ‘Schindler’s List’. Funny scene but back to the point. Seems politicians like to make lists too. Why not have everybody on a list? Everyone breaks a law at some point. The list of unsafe drivers and speeding would be endless. Lists are important. Lists make people feel safe. Lists make people feel good.

  6. David

    Perhaps, as more states create more registries, legal challenges will multiply and be won. Perhaps, one day, Americans will have ….. or perhaps demand with a united voice …. what Europeans already have: a right to be forgotten.

    • kelnothiding

      David,,, thanks for your post , but I need to ask , do All Europeans really have that right? from what I read it looked as if maybe they are still drawing lines on who will have that right , like when it comes to the RSO , I don’t know , maybe I just read it wrong , I would like to have a better understanding of this matter , because I have felt my whole life that we should have that right , and not just as it pertains to the internet, you know , Go do time , stay clean , get rights back , I read this article the other day that the state of TX I think it was , and they were trying to pass a bill that would stop the RSO from being buried next to there Veteran Bros , trying to kick the RSO and there family after they are dead ! bad deal for the family because of cost , honorable discharge , helped bring there vet bros back alive , and not able to be buried next to the very people I helped bring back alive? so this right to be forgotten Right” is very important on many different levels

    • Frank

      “The right to be forgotten” In the USA, that’s when you die. It’s really no fun spending your entire life with a knot in your stomach. There’s a guy here in Nevada challenging the right to bear arms for protection of himself and family, after 5 years following a non-violent felony conviction. I’m pulling for him. Michaels v. Lynch, U.S. District Court of Nevada

      I’ve even communicated with him about joining the Class Action Suit. They are checking into it for me. I don’t have the “right to be forgotten”, so I may not be able to join the “Class”….even though my non-violent has been 25 years ago.

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