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VA: Workplaces affected by new sex offender law

It’s been practice for state police to include an offender’s workplace on the sex offender registry — but now it will become mandatory. So will including the name of any college an offender attends. Full Article

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What I really like about this is that you can be a person who was convicted of going into your workplace and shooting your co-workers and you will not be listed on a Registry. Your employer address will obviously not be listed anywhere either. That is because clearly such a person is not a danger to his or her co-workers, unlike a person who looked at the wrong pictures is.

The Sex Offender Registries are not for “public safety”, “protecting children”, or any of those other lies. They are for harassment. People who support them are terrorists who are not Americans. F them. I will have no concern for the quality of their lives. I will do what I can to lower the quality of their lives.

This is yet another effort to make sure anyone who registers has no chance at moving forward with their lives after serving their sentence. Welch had it right, almost no one will want to hire a registered citizen because it puts a target on the back of the business. The wackos who believe the hype will boycott, the lunatics looking to kill registered citizens will not just have homes to go to but workplaces as well. I hope they have someone like Janice on their side who will sue the state and get a HUGE victory!

There’s no future in the USA for a Registered Sex Offender.

It makes no difference if you’re on the Registry for Misdemeanor Streaking or Felony Forcible Rape. It would take upwards of 20+ years for any real change to take place, where an RSO is treated equally.

You are partially correct. There is a definite future, just a very bleak one. It is too bad that there is not some colony to move to just to have a life. It is clear that our SCOTUS is not nearly as bright as they would have us to think. Anyone that thinks that the Registry is not punishment is seriously deluded. Let a close family member live as an RSO for a year and then see if their tune changes.

How is a “bleak future” considered a “definite future” ?

I guess that would be the case for those who chose to continue to live in the US, or perhaps they have no other choice.

Geez I’m sure glad I didn’t follow the “American dream” like buy a house or something crazy like that.

Once I sold my home and got out of California, I lived in my new State for over 13 years before I got together enough nerve to purchase another home. I did so last year. And I’m nervous every single day that some new State or Federal Law will come along and ex post facto pow, will take my home from my wife and I.

If you do buy a home, don’t expect to have FHA back your mortgage without a fight. It’s not law as yet, but they are working on it. They finally gave me the loan when they realized I wasn’t going to go away easily. But if the Senate passes the Law we are done.
I believe same holds for Section 8 living. They don’t want us there either.
As far as I know you can still get a conventional loan without any problems. Good Luck to all on this forum.

Interesting info regarding the bill:
The FHA Reform Act of 2010 (HR 5072) is a good bill designed to help many folks with their mortgages, many nearing foreclosure. The bill was moving through Congress and had nothing to do with sex offenders, UNTIL it came out of committee and on the House floor, Rep. Edwards of Texas proposed Amendment 12. In essence it required that “individuals to certify that they have not been convicted of a sex offense against a minor in order to get an FHA mortgage.”

I don’t believe the Senate has brought this to the floor as yet.

I will never buy a home in the United States, not ever- never.

I’ve already set-up a life outside of the United States.

If I go back it will be to work a little while longer, perhaps 6 months, then escape once again.

I would live outside of the USA if I had the opportunity. However, now it is too difficult to leave. Living in the good ole USA is what is bleak and getting worse. How any educated person can say with a straight face that living on the registry is not punishment is beyond logic.

Mike , I read this article about this man that was 66 years old in San Luis Obispo CA , that had 70 some odd acers , and went to jail just for letting homeless folks live there , I am from over there , and no matter what the court says , it don’t have anything to with the courts reason , its all about the spaz people , they don’t even want homeless people to be able to get up , but I am with you , it would be nice to find a colony to just have some kind of life , its in the wind that there giving some homeless a choice ether jail of Fema camp , I found some of that to be true , fact is we need to have a colony or something even if we have to start one ,grass roots , good luck and thanks for everyone’s post

I just don’t know what people are thinking! Some states are trying to ban individuals from Churches? Parks? Pools? Beaches? Restaurants? Schools? Tennis Courts? Travelling? It’s getting really crazy. I mean, we have gang bangers, robbers and killers with more rights! Now, we have people trying to work and become productive members of society and this happens? What is this world coming to

Total bullsh*t. The police already collect employer and college information from registrants. Making it public has no positive impact on “public safety”.

It has been this way in Florida for a long time!

I agree this is totally unacceptable. However I do not agree that it is by any means, is hopeless or “no future’, for those being labeled and placed on registries. Somewhere I read that less than 30% of the populations even check the registry. I also believe that by the shear fact that todays youth, young adults are growing up with far more exposure to the media. For example there is usually not a day that goes by that some public figure has not done something unacceptable. Truly they are becoming immune and will be like “so what”.

DISCLAIMER: The program below is not connected with California RSOL. It is a program supported my myself and those involved in training and being trained. Registrant helping registrant.

These type of laws are why we ALL need to be involved socially and politically where ever we can in our society.

To not be engaged WE allow more punitive laws to be passed without giving a fight.

It is an election year I WILL at no charge to you train you how to impact local elections in your area by harnessing the salon relationships hairdressers have with there clients via a service give away program.

I have already gotten people kicked out of office replaced with more constitutionally mindful candidates.

These are trade based skills. I have already trained a few registrants and am willing to train family members as well. Outside of elections it is also a good way to bring extra income.

Robert Curtis (949) 872-8768

I agree we need to start our own towns. I’ve read about towns with less than 50 people living in them. We could move into one and vote out the people in charge.
We could start our own movie studios and supply porn to the world Via the internet.
Keep in mind the day will come when you become terminally ill and no laws will mean anything anymore, you’ll be free to visit your law makers house. At the moment I look for towns that have hundreds of RSO’s living in them.

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