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Does anyone know what the adam walsh act reauthorization for 2016 means? If it doesn’t pass is it gone or just mean they don’t have enough funds to implement or enforce it?

It seems that the lawsuits of a couple of years ago have only temporarily stopped some of the websites persecuting us. Even in Google searches, they are starting to come up again. Homefacts and are both again in the top 5 when searching my name…not good

The problem with the term sex offender is that it seen everyday in the news and the ONLY ones that are reported are the horrendous cases of physical child abuse/rape/kidnapping/murder…so that is the image that is conjured up in the mind whenever the general public hears the term.

Clearly the vast majority of sex offenders are on the list for totally victimless “crimes” and therefore should not be listed to start with. Secondly they certainly should not be on any list with actual violent criminals. Clearly the way to fight this most successfully is not to seek the total elimination of the list because that is NOT going to happen.

The way to fight this so the majority can have our lives back is to separate the actual sex offenders from everyone else.

The punishment should fit the crime and for pissing in public, flashing, texting, or hiring a sex worker it should NOT be a lifetime of punishment and public shaming.

The politicians with their sound bites “if it saves one child” fine BUT again, the vast majority caught in the mess did not and would not ever dream of doing anything to a child.

Stop lumping everyone together. There are really bad and evil people out there but most of us are not that and I am sick of being placed in the same group as those who actually did something to a child or a threat to them!

It is NOT fair and the majority of the public understand that when it is explained to them and when facts (not political lies) are stated! Let’s get realistic and fight this in a way we can make some real changes and get the vast majority of us our lives back!

Tiredofhiding ,, I cant beleave your saying this , sinct most prople that are LEV # had to take some stinking deal on a charge that was pumped up , that had noyhing to do with the real so called crime , BUT ok do what ever you feel is right in your life , in the mean time maybe lev 3 , should walk and take there fight and STATS with us , I really am sick to death with this whole LEV1 LEVE2 LEV3 crap anyway , I my self always stood up for lev 1’s and 2’s , every place from doing time , too out on the streets , maybe I should rethink this , my stuff is over 30 years old so I am use to being thrown under the bus , and then watch people move on and forget about all of the people that help them get to the point where they are living much better than me and mine , hell are good ole buddy USA will love your thinking ,lol , yeh hell yes lets pull apart , not closer together , lol , OAK tree your IN MY way , power to you Level , lol

Unfortunately the simple reality is that we are not all equal in life or anywhere else so why should those who did not actually harm someone be lumped in with those who did?

Not all circumstances were equal and yet we are all thrown in the same rotting pile.

This is NOT going away and we can wish upon a star all we want…but…it could be made workable and help the majority of people actually get on with their lives.

In your case, if this system was fare, you could have already fallen off of any registry list simply because of the passage of time. So yes, everyone would ultimately benefit.

You can’t save the world but you can save yourself and in the end that is all anyone really has anyway. I just want everyone to see the light before theirs goes out. Not all of have (nor are willing to wait) years for this fantasy war to be won.

Just like the war on terror, this is never going to actually end BUT we can have more survivors to enjoy the lives they have right now!

Tired ,,, no one will make it if we don’t stick together , But since so many are bent on SELF then so be it , BUT as long as there is a REG there is always the chance that you will just be put back on it again , and all those that rebuild there lives will stand a chance of yet another loss of house and anything else , I never hurt anyone in my life inless I had to protect myself or family and friends , any way good luck with you fight ,

This is how I see it:
If you are off probation and parole and are not charged with another crime you are not a level anything. You are a law abiding citizen and deserve rights like everyone else.
— ‘Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat[1]—”Proof lies on him who asserts, not on him who denies”.’ (The sixth century Digest of Justinian, Roman Christian law)
‘Avert the prescribed punishment by rejecting doubtful evidence.’ (Ali ibn Abi Talib, Islamic caliphate seventh century)
‘Innocent until proven guilty’ (Sir William Garrow, late eighteenth century, early nineteenth century British Barrister)

To American Detained in America:
Please go to “Offendex” to get info on SOR, and the alike extortion sites.

Has anyone heard the outcome of the AB2569 hearing?

Already happening and ALL OF US are there:

“Today, the FBI’s digital catalog of searchable “face photos” has ballooned to some 548 million pictures, the largest database of faces in history. It includes criminal mug shots; photos of suspected violent extremists overseas; and, thanks to an agreement with a number of state governments, driver’s licenses and ID photos of Americans who have never committed a crime.”

From Newsweek article here:

well I feel safer now , how about you? its for our safty , lol , guess its time to dig a hole in the ground and start living in it , and send drones to do shoping and all that , build a little fence around the hole you live in , and post your cam’s so you have a stinking record of your movement , scary stuff , frigin Hitler tactics ,

The AB2569 will be heard Wednesday

This is a great site
I would encourage anyone to give. Even if it’s a dollar a month….even if your homeless and have to panhandle it. (I’m speaking from experience of being homeless in the past) CA RSOL is hooked with paypal which allows monthly donations. At first I didn’t donate. I was just a spectator who left comments once in a while) then I said what the heck? I give to other charities but this one is the best. Families (including my own) of RSOs can come here and get info & loving support from others who are in the same boat

I have a question. I live in San Diego, and I am getting ready to start a new job as a over the road class A truck driver. Does anyone know what the registry requirements are for that? I will be out of the state for anything between one and three weeks at a time. I just really don’t want to step in another trap set for us. I just want to start working and live in peace. Please let me know what I need to do if anyone knows, thanks…

I know you need a answer for your state jon but I know some people that do the same thing, drive a truck, they just give their county a heads up every few weeks on where they are, just a quick phone call and that’s it, but not your state. Just call the city or county office where you register they can tell you the process for your area.

I was in the same boat, after being put on the HIT LIST i started driving truck.


1). at the time i started driving, i was living in motel, thus no real address to update my lic. , address, etc… i told the cops that i was going to be driving truck. the local so head honcho wanted me to stop in every city i drove through and register. i told him he was crazy. About 3 months after he put a warrent out for my arrest, i was stopped at a weigh station for an inspection, when they did the lic. check, this warrent come up. i was arrested, drugged around the united states for 3 weeks in a van picking up other people that was wanted in my county in Florida plus neighboring county. when i got to jail here on sunday, on Monday i was left out, charges dropped, lost that job.

2). Found another job and exactly one year later same thing with same cop, only this time it was for failure to update address and i had a regular home at that time. took about a month until i got back to Florida after being hauled around on a bus. this time i sat in local jail for 3 months and insisted on fighting it and wrote a motion from the jail to dismiss as the public defender was not doing anything. in my motion i simply put that the law states that I’m required to change address only if i move or vacate my home; i did neither as when i was not working i would be at home. the state again dropped charges before motion ever went in front of a judge.

3). Only 1 more problem after that and that was about 3 months after i found another job the cops went to my small employer and wanted to know the truck that i drove, tag number, etc… and trailer. My boss (co-Owner) walked them around the yard and said it could be this one, it could be this one, it could be this one …. after about 10-15 the cops got pissed offed, called him a smart ass and left.

so check your state law about moving, updating address, etc…

I am in bay area and would consider a roommate. I have 1 br apt., so that would be yours. If this helps anyone looking for housing. I have 1 year left on my probation. I can only have someone on probation, no parolees, sorry. I think there should be part of this site set for possible jobs and housing.

Has anyone ever considered the whole public notice issue as detrimental to the public as well. Kids could be denied a good school because their parents won’t buy a home near an “offender”. Or like my case, seniors aren’t getting the services they want and need because the state says I could possibly take advantage of them.(?). Both sides are losing so a few can push their agendas.

Sorry but the children of RSO don’t deserve a first chance…why should they when society has said that their parent doesn’t get that famous American “2nd chance” that used to be offered to those who made a mistake in life…paid their debt to society and then are allowed to move on…no longer!

In today’s America there is no second chance and “think of the children” and “no child left behind” are only marketing slogans used by politicians when an election year rolls around or they need to deflect attention from themselves to hide something they have done!

This pastor needs to here from all of us wish there were more like him! we should all donate $1.00-$2.00 to him

14 News Investigates: Convicted sex offender working at Madisonville church

Being that this happened in Kentucky, Thomas Hopper’s biggest mistake was violating a stranger instead of a family member…..they probably would have pinned a medal on his chest for that

I know that this will come out wrong, I hope that I can express myself. Right now there is a lot of commentary about the whole transgendered person using the bathroom of the sex not listed on their birth certificate. I can see how many with young daughters would be concerned if they saw a very masculine looking person going into the same restroom as their daughters. As far as I know many would just take them at their word that the person is truly transgendered. Many advocate that we should do just that. Many of those same people are strongly in favor of the registry and of the many additional laws enacted to protect the public. It seems very hypocritical.
The laws in this country are ever increasingly difficult, in spite of the fine work of this and other organizations.

I would like to respond on Rep Dean Murray proposed Assembly Bill 8503 here in New York. What the bill is proposed is to up from 20 years to 30 years a Level 1 RSO has to stay on the New York State Registry, and then prove that they are no threat to the public in order to be removed from the registry. I have e mailed Rep Murray on his bill and he has responded back to me. What he has told me in an e mail is that if you have already been removed from the registry you will not be placed back on it. New York started removing Level 1 offenders after 20 years on Jan 21 2016. As myself I was removed on March 22 with a letter from New York stating that I have fulfilled my obligation. He is amending the bill to have language in it that if you are a Level 1 and reach your 20 years then you can petition the sentencing court of your conviction to have your name removed from the registry. If the court approves your petition then notification will be sent to the Registry and your name will be removed.

So how should I vote? Republican or Democrat? I know they all are liars but who is better for the registries? I thought it was democrat but then I noticed for the adam walsh act reauthorization of 2016 there was 7 co-sponsor and 6 of them were democrat.

You should vote for Gary Johnson, Libertarian. Give up on the illusion of choice on offer from the two power-sharing parties.

Where’s stuff on this week’s protest in front of Parents for Megans Law ? 8 protesters, lawsuit served as it happened, police were there,big press article in very large newspaper, “Newsday”………..

This is an update to my general comments posts in February:

LAKEPORT, Calif. – A man sent to prison 18 years ago for molesting a child and was released in February, 2016 after recently being found innocent due to fabricated testimony, is trying to receive compensation from the State of California. The State has been trying to delay any payments to this sick and elderly man who badly needs the money for his medical care. If the man dies prior to receiving the State’s payment, then the State does not have to pay anything towards the man’s estate.

“A Lake County Superior Court judge has signed an order granting a factual finding of innocence in the case of a Clearlake man who spent nearly two decades in prison for a crime he did not commit, a move expected to expedite a wrongful conviction claim with the state”.

wow , iam glad he got out, but all that having to wait for money that is a drop in the bucket for what they should be paying , is just plain cold , he said she said BS, and waist no time dragging him off to prison and leaving his life in a wreck , wow , what about pay for his heath being in worse because of prison , they should factor in every tear he and his family shed , it should cost them 60 million to him, and 60 million for his family, and that don’t even begin to pay for the damage done, but it might at least stop or slow down this he said she said , no evidence showing beyond shadow of a dout , how much did Rodney king get? and the cops just beat the hell out of him ,which was wrong , and he should have been payed, but 18 years of this mans life , hell it cost over 50k a year for that sh$t hole of a life that they kept him in, thanks for posting the article Lake County !

So I just registered even though my state says I no longer have to… felt kinda funny doing it. Going on a vacation and I don’t know if a federal law applies to me so better safe than sorry I guess. I also provided itenery . Pretty sad there is no official way of knowing what applies to you.

You registered even though the law doesn’t require you to do so? What? That makes no sense. And why on earth would ANYONE register if they aren’t required to do so?

Dear Politicians,

Be careful the laws you work so hard to pass don’t come back and bite you in the a$$.

Hastert is a Hypocrite, Says Sex Registry Reform Group


I. Gloat

This woman disgusts me

She’s the black version of Sharon Runner except worst. Chantia Lewis was just elected to the Milwaukee Common council based on fear of sex offenders. State law requires the Wisconsin Dept of Corrections to release offenders back into their county of conviction. However the city of Milwaukee’s 2000 ft ordinance essentially bans RSOs from spending 5 nights or more in one location. So the DOC found a creative way to rotate offenders every 5 days between a network of transitional homes. But Chantia got the common council to even stop that practice. So now you have cases like this poor man.

The state forced the DOC to released him back into his hometown (Milwaukee) but the city says RSOs can’t live there. So this man is living in homeless limbo. This is pure craziness especially given the multiple number of other problems we face in the Milwaukee black community (murders, shootings, drugs, carjackings, bad schools)
Yet Chantia Lewis is more worried about a heavily monitored elderly RSO who paid his debts to society and just needs a place to stay & get treatment. Who knew the democratic primary would produce this fearmonger. And I have no qualms about calling out my fellow black democrats

It seems the ones who are in power who are champions to the laws against sex offenders and sex offenders… I demand ever lawmaker’s closets opened up and dirty laundry aired and rechecked before they dare pass more laws…

“Fear a ignorant man more than a lion”. That Turkish proverb so applies to our elected officials!

Can anyone explain on what basis the government sends the green notice that indicates that the traveler is “likely to commit a crime” in the foreign country? Is there any factual basis to make this statement? There is no due process. Why is the legal? Have there been any court challenges to this very language?

Here is an article from Vermont about an RC who, after maxing out of prison, got rejected in several cities before a sheriff in Vermont took a chance on him. He hired him to build his evidence lab. It’s a refreshingly omprehensive story with a law enforcement representative to add to the good guy list.

Great, great, great article. That guy’s childhood experiences are incredibly similar to my own and, I am sure, thousands of other RSOs.

Kudos to this Sheriff for hiring this man. He deserves a medal.

Thank you for sharing this.

the cop is a very good and has a very good heart , but I see many people at play here that all should get a somekind of a big time award and the award should be givin by someone important and made Big News across the nation for weeks! like they do when they drag us in court, my hat goes of to this cop , and that’s saying something ,because cops of this caliber are rare , just plain good people at work here , I pray that this RC makes it and has a good life , Every Big News outlet should fallow this story of this guys life , someone should write a book about this guy , great article ,

This story is over a year old, but I don’t remember it being posted before.

A convicted sex offender has won £20,000 damages over posts on a Facebook page entitled “Keeping our Kids Safe from Predators 2”.

The High Court in Belfast concluded that information published by Joseph McCloskey on a page hosted by Facebook in Ireland “harmed the public interest, creating the risk of reoffending”.

Lake County ,,,, another great post , wow we are getting FU**ed in the good ole USA , ,you would be doing good to even beable to get a judgement on something like this , and never in your faver, thanks for posting