WI: Sex offenders branded for life

____ ____ is a convicted sex offender who cannot escape his past.

The 44-year-old Fond du Lac man served five years in prison for sexually assaulting a former girlfriend in 1991. He was 19 years old when he forced her to have sex with him, court records indicate. Full Article

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Soon will all be put on Reservations and tattooed.

I wish I could move my family and my self out of this country , I fear for anyone that’s an RC , even if we could go , I don’t have that kind of money , to make a move like that would cost more than I make in 2 years , we scratch and save trying to get the money just to buy a good sized ole RV so we can move at least out of the city , I never did belong in the city anyway , but any way , we need to pull together so we have a place for our family’s and our selfs , I would much rather put my self some where as have Gov put me some were because I have no were to go , RV Land , WATER , everything after that is gravy in my world lol , not even kidding , we really need to get real about our very real problems , we can pull together , or we can sit back and watch our lives and family fade away , even when I am not on this site I see how bad thing not only are, but how bad they will get , I think about it all the time , some way to make something happen where many of us can pull together , I just want some sort of life for me and my family , I would love to help many and I am doing good to live in this bed bug motel , mold, mildew gang bangers , I will say we have been treated better by the bangers than any place else , but we cant just go out and walk around , or sit and have coffee out side in the morning , its like prison , I am a night person so I go out side and drink coffee every now and then , sit in the shadows and watch our life just slide by , it would be much more fulfilling to be growing food and helping feed people , and strive for as much freedom as we can muster , the life I am living just makes me old , my wife is my life , and sometime I feel so bad for her because she should have so much more going on in life , she don’t even want to go outside , all places are going to be like this place that they are talking about in this article , in less we start making a stand on land we own , I don’t know what to do , just try to save my pennys and keep looking for an out , we want to have friends again , people to hang out with , we are good people why would we not want better than this bed bug motel , and friends , same with our kids that are grown , RC’s that are trying to stay clean , and have been clean for years have better than this coming , I don’t want anything for free , I feel that many of RC’s have earned a shot at a better life , but no one is going to give it to us , we need to take our lives back in every way we can, some RC’s I can see are doing very well for them selfs , and I am happy to see this , and at the same time all us poor RC’s taking the brunt of damage , we cant just go buy a new house and move on , as that would suck as well , to sell your house because of these unjust laws , all the same we are easy targets , and just a new stat against our cause , this is not what we want , it just is ,

I put in my 2 cents in the comment section of this article.

Robert Groskinsky Sr.

Cry me a river!

Just remember the Victim in this who is someones Mother, Daughter, Sister and so on but also remember that Victim could have been your Mother, Daughter, Sister and so on.
If you make bad choices live with it don’t expect a whole lot of sympathy from many people who are tired of being Victimized and rightly so.

Debbie Ann Banda ·

Robert, you don’t even know, every word of this article is true. Not all of these people deserve not to have a chance at a regular life. They did their time, some of them were harassed into more time than they should have received. The government likes to keep these and every other short termer (if years is that short term) in prison cause they make 57,000 a year for each one on your tax dollars. The restrictions they live with is as punishing as the stigma. Remember that they also were someones son or daughter or sister or brother. Judge least ye be judged. Bad choices can be corrected if given a chance. Just like a criminal turned informant. You can’t correct the past but you can try not to make the same mistake again. Same as growing old and the stigma put on older people in the workforce. Unless you know the circumstances it is not right to judge.

Robert Groskinsky Sr.

Okay first of all I judge individuals based on facts such as a second-degree sexual assault conviction in which this individual was convicted of raping his girlfriend. In fact, if anyone is judging it would be you judging me obviously not knowing much about me.

A quick search of the Wisconsin Court System Circuit Court Access revealed this individual your defending may have had 20+ contacts with the court system since he was 19. Obviously some of them have been dismissed for various reasons including plea bargains what my guess is by now he should be pretty familiar with the system which obviously you are not. Try to remember this individual was found guilty of sexually assaulting his girlfriend in a court of law.

As far as the $57,000 goes in tax money to incarcerate individuals who victimize other individuals with a sexual assault I feel it would be money well spent than to deal with the physical and psychological problems not to mention the financial costs which affects the victims in these cases the rest of their lives. The next time there is a repeat sexual assault when the perpetrator had been let out of jail or not on a registry my suggestion is that you get called to counsel these victims and explain to them why you feel the way you do.

I would strongly suggest you research many of these individuals not all but many before you cast judgment on others when their views of particular situations are different than yours. If you feel so strongly regarding this individual’s predicament I am sure you would be able to find him if you tried, you never know he might make a nice friend for your daughter.

Debbie Ann Banda ·

Robert Groskinsky Sr. How many have you interviewed of these perpetrators that you are such an expert on all of this? And if you read before you shot your mouth off you would see that I said I wasn’t just commenting on this particular PERSON. I was making a general statement. You had your statement and I had mine. So get over it. I could care less about this guy or a quick search of the Wisconsin Court system. You need a life if this is how you spend your days. These others and you and I have a right to say what we want. Done, over, that is it.

Robert Groskinsky Sr.

Debbie Ann Banda See I can answer questions, “How many have you interviewed of these perpetrators that you are such an expert on all of this?” the answer is many, most likely a lot more than you as I am a retired Police Officer with 30+ years in local and international Law Enforcement how many have you interviewed?

What you are right about is you as I have a right to express your opinions the difference I have is more experience with dealing with both the Victims and Perpetrators prove me wrong

Chris Campbell ·

Robert you seem to be an intelligent person. I have a quiz for you:

Do you think the 18 year old who had consensual sex with someone who was 17 but yet lied about their age, saying they were 18. Is this Sex Offender a victim? Or is the girl who lied about her age a victim?

Al Kosher ·
Senior Manager, Human Resources at Microsoft

Robert Groskinsky Sr. you have it right. Boo-hoo for the convicted sex offender. The facts are confirmed by the perpetrator himself in the article. He forced sex upon an unwilling female – that is RAPE.
Do not pay any attention to the comments from the sex offender apologist. They make the planned effort to troll these articles to change and control the narrative. They are from the RSOL crowd, an organization that one of its founders was Tom Reeves the founder of NAMBLA. They attack people like you to intimidate and force their nonsense and FALSE stats. The real numbers are NOT under 5% and they know it. The DOJ provides very good and REAL numbers that the RSOL crowd doesn’t want people to know about . For example after 15 years (not the ridiculous 3 year they quote) a child molester of boys recidivism is 35.4%(!!). AND it is one of least reported crimes (the boys feel shamed and don’t report – the perps know this) and hard to prosecute. The REAL number is well over 50%.

“The DOJ provides very good and REAL numbers that the RSOL crowd doesn’t want people to know about”

The “perps” know this.

Would someone else care to respond to this Human Resources Officer at Microsoft?

Edward S. Marek ·
Owner-Operator at Marek Enterprise

So sad, too bad.

Chris Campbell ·

It’s true since the beginning of time there has always been a hated group of people. Always assume the worst. Your sarcasm precedes you.

Let me just remind you big man, that not all Sex Offenders are Predators and are out to “get little children”.

In fact, some Sex Offenders were convicted of “streaking” or “urnating in public”.

So its- “so sad too bad” ALL Sex Offenders should be banished from society forever!

Edward S. Marek ·
Owner-Operator at Marek Enterprise

Chris Campbell Understand Chris. But the guy in the story forced an underage girl to have sex with him. I was clearly referring to him.

Chris Campbell ·

Edward S. Marek You say that you were just referring to “the guy in the story”. But this Article articulates more about the Sex Offender Registry Sytem in Wisconsin, and the detrimental life-long punishment which happens as a result of being banished from society. That was the thrust of this Article.

All Sex Offenders are treated the same as the guy described in this Article. And we’re not just talking about Sexual Assult crimes. Simple misdemeanors like the girlfriend who is 16 and lies about her age to her 18 year old boyfriend.

In your short comment and spitefule comment, you didn’t mention anything at all about the “guy in the story.”

So I figured you were just making a cute generalization about Sex Offenders period.

This guy is non-stop.

I have seen a lot people complaining that there are not more of us involved in the fight to protect the Constitutional Rights of RSO’s. That we all should “band together” and have PR campaigns.

Really? Nobody has made any comments on this article?

Hello? Why isn’t anyone speaking up?

I really can’t do everything in arguing with these people and providing a realistic view about the Sex Offender Registry.

I think there should be no less than 10 of us writing letters to Microsoft about what their Senior Executive wrote on the Internet.

Al Kosher ·
Senior Manager, Human Resources at Microsoft

Shelly Stow is one of the main trollers/operative of the RSOL organizations that tries to change the narrative to theridiculous boo-hoo for the convicted sex ofenders. Rapist – child molesters – child pornography. THis is the organization that is fighting the new IML siged by President Obama to allow foreign countries the knowledge of convicted felons whose crimes involved CHILDREN traveling to their borders. THus, allowing the country the right to allow entry or not for CONVICTED felons of CHILDREN. Not surprising they are fighting such a reasonable law with assinine lawsuit being run by the grossly incompetent attorney Jaice Bellucci. At least the Judge saw the absurdity of the efforts of the RSOL and has already ruled a major defeat for such legal folly by this group of insidious criminals.

I think this whole FB crap sucks , if there not going to have an open form , can not the article be reposted , so an open form can be used ? I guess it could be posted on youtube , and then let it hit the fan , lol , vids eat up my gigs , but I can comment all day , and read , I really don’t like the idea of going to there stomping grounds , and facebook is ran by pigs , they have did some crazy crap to youtube since 07 or 08 , and even deleated peoples pages for view points , but not because they are RC yet

Mr.kosher-I hope you feel good about yourself. What the person in the article did was horriableI and i have great sympathy for he’s victim more then i could ever express. He paid for he’s crime and was a horriable example for what RSOL is fighting for as people like you don’t want to see the heart of the article, all you saw was a rapist that should be taken out back and hung. I don’t believe you where ever in law enforcment you might have tried to join but failed the pysic evaluation, as to days law enforcement are not full of hatered they are trained not to judge, just enforce the law… For the record knowone is asking for simpathey just our constitutional rights, but in your opinion all Sex offenders are second class and should not be allowed to return to live a normal life as we are all unredeemable. FYI knowone with RSOL has been or ever will be afillated or supports NAMBLA, it states this on the Web site cover. I wish you well and good luck with your judgments as I’m sure you”re sin free.
What this site is all about is we are tired of unethical poticians saleing fear with no actual facts to already scared children masked as adults for thier own self serving needs to protect us from the Boogey Man. Janice is educating the courts with none bias facts not hypthical bias statement you make, she is helping the outcast of socity, she should be given sainthood for her work.
May I remind you of our constitutional rights like Expost facter or for that matter our constitution peroid. Have a good day Sir

By the way, I clicked on the comments icon and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
I looked up the racial makeup of Fon du Lac county, having my curiosity peaked by a statement made by the sheriff: “Of course we will take our own…” 87.5% of the population in the county is white. The two former offenders featured in this article, who are having trouble finding a place to live in this county, are — what do you know — black.

I see that Al Kosher hasn’t learned a thing since the last time I dealt with him on the ABC link under the Judge’s ruling on Janice’s suit. He’s a true believer…he’s formed his opinions from whatever source (very shallowly analyzed of course) and now can learn nothing new. No matter what facts you confront him with, his heavy filters cannot absorb new data. Whether you’re a birther who refuses to change his mind on Obama, a climate change denier, a good Christian who has selected a few bible lines to completely disregard what Jesus actually said, or a flat Earther, Kosher and people like him, are incapable of hearing the other side. There’s some indication from recent studies that it is actually a genetic defect…and Al, you got it big time! Tell you what I’ll do for you, though, I’ll forward your comments to Bill…yes THAT Bill on Lake Washington, and also Paul (I was involved in brain science important to him because of his mother) and see if they want to evaluate your Senior Mgmt position at Microsoft. Human resources? Give me a break.

Peace is all anyone wants