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FL: Cops Re-Arrest 26 Sex Offenders in ‘Operation Karma.’ Their Crime? Not Updating Their Car Info.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Department in Florida is touting its successful completion of “Operation Karma,” a three-day sting in which cops arrested 26 registered sex offenders for violating various legal obligations imposed on them.

“They are apparently up to no good and we are going to hold them accountable,” Sheriff Grady Judd promises The Miami Herald. Full Article


‘Karma’ caught up with these sex offenders and predators, Florida cops say

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Interesting. I just re registered and thought about this. We own 3 cars/soon 4? I drive 2 regularly? What if I owned a used car lot with 50 cars that I have access to? What if I go to my elderly parents and drive them to a Dr’s appt? What if my wife owns a car I never drive? Son? This is a disgusting article. I just re registered/took my insurance info because they want your vin and license plate? I couldn’t remember what it was?

My recollection of CA law is that it be any vehicle you “regularly drive”, however, I’m too lazy to look it up. So, what is the definition of “regularly”? So when do you let them know about a rental car while your car is in the shop? Wouldn’t it be funny if we registered all rental cars we use for even a day. People would be targeted for the renting a car after us. However in CA, we only need to update our vehicle info once a year. Not as soon as we use a new one regularly.

How lame florida is Glad I dont live in that crap state anymore…. nothing there except low income (orlando) and humidity and bugs…. I suppose you could lap the police into that category… parasites… yep

It is amazing that you hear all the time concerning what police can do to improve public relations. It was a non-stop theme during Obama’s term. How to stop the conflicts between police and citizens, and then they do stupid stuff like this that just makes you lose total respect for them. A simple citation giving them 60 days to take care of it would be a nice way to improve public relations. Maybe the police want people to hate the them. Sometimes I think that is the motive.

When it comes to RCs, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. It gins up fear in the public, makes RCs look like sneaky monsters, and makes the LEOs look like they’re doing something.

Why do the cops think it’s all right to use tax payers money to just blow it on people not signing up there car. Must be the cops have more money to just thrown around.Guess the people of florida can vote for a lower millage in the future.Cause to have that much money to chase down cars of $ex offenders they are rich in my book. Most cop shops Yell they don’t have any money.But not in this cop shop.They must be Crooked cops there

They all got arrested for doing legal things.

Smells like Book is behind this to shield his own deal from the press. This must be done during compliance check sweeps. Right before hurricane season too since these folks can’t be sheltered.

“…. required to register and maintain updated a slew of information including their: name; social security number; age; race; sex; date of birth; height; weight; tattoos or other identifying marks; hair and eye color; photograph; address of legal residence (or temporary residence); electronic mail addresses; social media accounts; all telephone numbers; employment information; driver’s license or Florida ID information; the make, model, color, vehicle identification number (VIN), and license tag number of all vehicles owned.”
How the f*ck do Florida courts – or Federal courts with jurisdiction – NOT see this as the PUNISHMENT it clearly is?? WFT!!
Additionally, the “Reason” article makes good points about the ages at time of conviction.

I’m glad I visited Disney World once when I was young. Floridah is so politically messed up that I will NEVER visit that state again even if I was off the registry. It amazes me that anyone would want to live there or vacation there.

Police : “Hi”
Me: “fifth amendment”
Police: “can we ask you about your cars”
Me: … silence…

keystone cops at best….good job goober

This is a great way for Sheriff Goober Mayberry to prove Polk County needs more officers (read: $$$) and more resources (read again: $$$) to manage the County’s overwhelming “sex offender problem” (read: hysteria-inspired legislative fear-mongering). 🤠

I am hoping there is a GOOD lawyer in Florida can take this to court and clean out the sheriff’s pockets.

Exactly. Make them afraid to do evil against us and think twice before they think they can get away with it.

To hell with Florida politics.

I went to the original source article and there was only 1 comment there. People either don’t read that major online paper much (or the story) or no one, including Registered People, cares much about this. Just another day of stupid.

That’s too bad because some of those people who were arrested might be like me and have already very significantly retaliated for this. People could be dead because of Grady Polk’s stupidity. What a true moron.

Inspector Clueso of the Polk county sheriffs department says, “They didn’t register their cars so they are up to something.” Really? Now we know why the crime in Florida is soaring like never before. What possible connection is there to forgetting to register a car and plotting an unrelated crime. Or is just people on the registry. If a police officer is late registering his car is he “up to something” and should be arrested? This is simple harassment of a undesirable minority class, nothing more.


+1 like for the movie reference there! 😆

Is it really forgetfulness or is it delayed action thinking until next time at the cop shop (which is still against the rule of law if outside the update window) when it can all be done together and money can be had since each change to input into the system has to take money to complete it? Again, this has to be done during a sweep in such big numbers.

Sheriff Roscoe there needs to get those who are impacted by the registry off the streets before hurricane season starts to avoid the issue of sheltering them should a hurricane came around they need to deal with.

Still say Ron Book and his legislative daughter are helping here with money to shine the legal light elsewhere. Is it time for re-election efforts to start there, Sheriff?

Y’know who else don’t register their cars? Terrorists…. and law enforcement agencies.

“Terrorists…. and law enforcement agencies.”
I don’t get why you felt the need to be redundant.

Hmm. I guess it took a fair amount of investigating to determine that these vehicles belong to or are used by these registrants. And by investigating, I mean a check with the DMV. That being the case, then why is it so critical that the vehicles be registered separately?

How is it that the Polk County SO can dedicate so much time and effort investigating routine activity (though normal for everyone else) of registrants but whine about lack of resources to investigate other crimes? How many unsolved murders, assaults, robberies, and missing person cases are in Polk County? Why aren’t the resources dedicated to harassing registrants being used on them?

@ Dustin: Simple answer = LEOs are lazy and find it much easier to focus their sloth-worthy efforts on harrassing the low-hanging fruit of registered offenders rather than do any REAL WORK on REAL CRIMES! 😡

is this even legal?
I hope some law firm step up to this and say. This is illegal and here’s why

could this not be a great constitution case?

if you don’t speak when you register then you will be arrested for failure to register, if you do speak when you register then they can use that information against you. catch 22

@Tired Old Man:
“could this not be a great constitution case?”
Probably not. The landmark case that would probably apply here is Haynes v. United States, 390 U.S. 85 (1968) ( or In that case, SCOTUS held that making a convicted felon register his guns was a 5th Amdt. violation. However–and applicable here–is the decision had no bearing on someone legally entitled to have a weapon. IOW, if I were legally allowed to have a weapon and didn’t register it, I could be nailed for FTR; if I were not legally allowed to have a weapon, I could not be nailed for FTR. In our case, we are legally allowed to have a vehicle, so FTR applies. Were it illegal for us to have a vehicle, this case would apply. About the only situation where this case would work for us is if one worked in a RC-prohibited field. In that case, reporting one’s work address would be self-incrimination.

I don’t know how a case would come out if challenged, but were I the Government I would lean heavily on Haynes.

It’s so much more fulfilling for them to chase down unarmed , peaceful citizens with minor infractions than to actually go out and confront mass shooting suspects, gangsters, and armed theives. That could actually get them killed!

e, This is key to understanding the success of the “sex offender” witchhunt: “sex offenders” are extremely passive far more often than not and present a decidedly low-risk target for law enforcement. Not only does law enforcement not have to worry about being shot by them but they can say anything they want about them to the media and they will not be challenged on the facts since journalists want to believe the very worst about us.

Of course!
How many registrants killed people, sold drugs, bombed buildings, or made racist, sexist rants on social media. But registrants need the closest scrutiny, the shortest leash, and the strictest of liberties to ensure public safety.
Yet even with all that, those that write, enforce, and defend those very laws are caught breaking them on a daily basis around the country. I have read of more than a few LEOs in Florida arrested/convicted of a sex offense, Yet they proudly spout how they are making Florida safe from “predators” . I can only assume they are admitting hiring predators to be LEOs!

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