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please! please! someone help us sex offenders. Im 83 years old so Im past the age of caring what they are doing to me, but Ifeel sorry for these young fellows who have to go through this tearable plight the rest of their lives in california

Just hang in there the tide is changing mean a while do everything you can to help Janice
if you can go to the meeting. GO.

Help them help others. Donate something to carsol or go to a meeting, tell your story here, I don’t know. You may be the drop that tips the bucket. I don’t know. Try something.

Hi Jerry:

We have Janice, Chance, and others Like Frank, who is putting it out there on the line, breaking his anonymity to further our cause for justice and reform of the myriad of overly oppressive and largely ineffective laws and ordinances that have ruined and negatively impacted the lives of so many; including innocent family members and blameless children.

The absurd and mentally insulting fact that you are still required to register is just one example in the very long list of examples of why people resist and fight this battle in whatever way they can. As cool rso guy! said “the tide is changing.” If you can do anything to help please do so. Just posting on this site is a form of help, and I believe your participation would be welcome. 🙂

I saw where an out of state sex offender from Michigan living in Deland ,Fl. by the name of Daniel Johnson was able to be removed from the sex offender registry in Florida due to the fact that he was convicted in 1996 in Michigan at which the public safety act of Florida 1997 at which requires photos and addresses of where sex offenders reside. Due to the fact that he was convicted before the 1997 date of the public safety act, he was deemed ineligible to register in the state of Florida and no longer has to register in the state. This is interesting news because my case resembles the same and I am an out of state sex offender at which I was convicted in 1996.

How can we get more info about this because my guys conviction was in NY in 1988…
Do you know who represented him?

I just found out yesterday that my charge under PC 289(h) does, in fact, qualify me to pursue a HOFSHEIER WRIT. (Thanks to Joe’s encouragement to check into it.) Even though I’m living in the midwest now, I’ve contacted a CA law office and he gave me the run-down of what I needed to know. Is there someplace (i.e. comment section) on this site that I can ask questions about this process? Example – Should I wait until I have 10 years under my belt from my conviction? (I have 8 now.) What attorney’s are well acquainted with this process? What does psychological evaluation all entail? etc. etc.

Just looking for some direction. I would be more than happy to keep everyone up to date on the progress as well. Thanks!

The California appeals courts have ruled that your time on the registry must be in California to qualify you for a Certificate of Rehabilitation. This was first decided in a case involving someone who had moved to Arizona, and even though he registered there, the California courts said he could not apply for a COR until he did the minimum registration time in California. They said it made no difference that he was registering in Arizona and so under “surveillance” by authorities there.

According to my attorney, a COR is different from pursuing a HOFSHEIER WRIT or a Governor’s Pardon. Yes, the COR does require me to live in CA, but the latter 2 options do not (according to the CA atty I spoke with).

Anyone else have any input on this, please?

Hofsheier and the COR are two different roads that may offer relief to someone like you.

Hofsheier had to do with mandatory and discretionary registration for an offense like 289(h) or 288a(b)(1) (digital penetration or oral copulation of a person under 18 (17/16)). Those two crimes are listed under “Crimes against nature” and used to have mandatory registration. However, regular sexual intercourse (like in the bible :)) with a person under 18 was NOT subject to mandatory registration.

Hofsheier was a guy in his 20s who had non-forcible, willing oral sex with a 16 year old girl. He was required to register at sentencing (probably probation), this was mandatory. He argued that had he had actual intercourse with the girl, presumably ‘worse’ for the ‘victim’, he would not be subject to mandatory registration. It would still be at the judge’s discretion (as it is for any crime with a sexual component), but not mandatory. He prevailed with this argument (shocking to have actual common sense come out on top!). His case was remanded to the trial court and presumably the judge did not order him to register, as was within his discretion.

I am not sure, but it seems the date of your sentencing is critical. If you were sentenced and ordered to register BEFORE Hofsheier, then your registration was mandatory and I would think you have a good shot at “going back in time” to your sentencing and see if registration will be imposed. It may, it may not.

There is nothing to say that you won’t jump through all the hoops and the judge (same or other) will order you to register per his discretion. However, I would think that time is on your side here and you will be able to prove that you have moved on with your life and are a good citizen.

If you were sentenced and ordered to register AFTER Hofsheier then it would seem they ordered you to register per their discretion and that would probably be the end of that. Then the COR is your best bet.

Bust out your paperwork and find the date of the Hofsheier decision (easily googled. While Hofsheier is not on the registry his name will until the end of days pop up in a major sex case. the irony). I would look at the first and keep the COR on the back burner.

I would imagine you file the Hofsheier motion in the jurisdiction of conviction, and there should be no residency requirements.

For the COR, much time has to have elapsed since your conviction (it says 10 years but that is hardly realistic), plus you must live in CA for 5 years before filing (PC 4852.06 Not ideal, but an option nevertheless.

There was a newspaper article about an attorney, one of the CA RSOL Board members, who has successfully obtained a COR for himself (Chance Oberstien). I would contact him if I were you.

Thanks, Joe. It seems my conviction was just right around that time – maybe within 30 days). I can definitely see where it would matter whether or not it was before or after, but what’s odd is the judge & DA seemed completely oblivious to the fact that my charge was a “wobbler”. The reason I say that is because the assistant DA was adamant about not accepting my plea unless I went with a charge that carried with it a mandatory lifetime registration. But either way, I sent an email to Mr. Oberstein through Avvo – hopefully he gets it! All I want to know is that there’s hope – no matter how small.

Thanks again, Joe. I really want to help out more with this organization/website and contribute where I can to the fight. However, I’m finding it a bit hard to navigate the site as far as finding what I’m looking for. So, I’ll continue to ‘lurk’ around here and see what I can find. 🙂 Blessings to y’all!

I’m a bit confused. Does this mean that since I was ordered to register per the judge’s discretion (in 2010), I cannot file a Hofsheier motion? My only option is a COR?

I thought the COR was only for those who served state prison. I was only given probation.

It would SEEM to me that there are two different scanarios, pre and post Hofsheier.

PRE Hofsheier (~2005) the sentencing statement would go something like this “I sentence you to probation and have no choice but to order you to register pursuant to PC 290”. POST Hofsheier would be “I sentence you to probation and am ordering you to register pursuant to PC 290 because I am choosing to do so”.

It would SEEM to me that the Hofsheier argument is void in scenario #2. But please do not take my word for it as I am not an attorney.

Concerning the COR – that is indeed for felony convictions UNLESS it it involves a conviction that is registerable under PC 290, in which case it also applies to misdemeanors. PC 4852.01(c). Sounds like you have a ways to go with that as there is a min. 10 wait period, and I would imagine 10 years is not realistic. Several people have testified to that effect on this site. That is a long time, but better than lifetime as most here are facing.

Even if you were to be granted the COR you must check PC 290.5 to make sure that your offense is not listed in the ones that require you to continue to register even with the Certificate. If you were convicted of a felony but not sentenced to prison you may be able to reduce it to a misdemeanor. I know someone who applied for and got the COR decades after he was eligible because he was not aware of that option to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor. The FAQ on this site really has all the information you need.

What you can do is have the conviction dismissed under PC 1203.4 and reduce to a misdemeanor under PC 17b if necessary / possible, once you are off probation. That is usually granted and is just one form to file. You can do it yourself, ask the Public Defender for assistance or hire an attorney. There are firms out there who do this sort of thing exclusively assembly line style for cheap, and while that still costs money it is usually done right and efficiently. I would do that sooner rather than later.

Other than that you need to wait for the 10 years to be up and give it a shot. There is, of course, nothing to say that the laws will not change in the meantime (remember, it is not punishment and the State of California is not at all required to stick to the terms of your plea / conviction / sentence 🙂 ) and pull the rug out from under you as happened to so many in the 1990s. But then again, they may abandon the registry entirely in the next decade (I am being sarcastic, of course). I would support CA RSOL as much as I could, but that is up to each individual.

Again, I am not an attorney and I am only trying to help, having become quite knowledgeable through some unfortunate circumstances. If I were you I would definitely run my case and all options by an attorney (or maybe two, you would be surprised how much mis-information is out there) if you think you are a candidate for either way.

This attorney has been mentioned several times on this site and sounds like he personally has been through it all, plus he is a Board Member and speaks publicly. We should reward those who are part of the cause and stick their necks out for others. It sounds like the requirement to register was already terminated, and based on the article I cannot imagine it could have been anything other than Hofsheier (would like to find out). I am sure you can find his contact info. I have no stake in this.

Best of luck. (b)

NPS, yes, I think you have it right. You have to register under the discretionary clause. That would stand regardless of Hofsheier as that clause allows the court to order registration for any offense at all if it is determined it was due to, as I recall, compulsion for the purpose of sexual gratification.

Now that you mention it, yes, you are right. Hofshier does not need to interact with a COR.

So today I received my Primary Election pamphlet… and 2 candidates disturb me.
George Runner, who preaches that because he passed Amber Alert and Jessica’s Law he should be voted… and Lydia Gutierrez who says “I will push for legislation protecting children” and ends the statement with “Let us together, put children first!”

Voting time always brings a spine chilling effect on me… Anyone that mentions “Sex offenders, predators, for the protection of the children” is a automatic win…

In San Diego, Nathan Fletcher did TV adds with a big picture of the slain Chelsea King in the background. I too thought he was a shoe in. He lost. Twice. The public does see through the hype, and I cautiously say, if given the truth, and not just emotional candy, people are not the idiots the media likes to portray them as.

I’m not really too worried, at this time, about their rhetoric. First of all, the legislature is not going to go republican for awhile, and unless another Chelsea King-type event occurs, the legislature will not be too concerned about making new laws. The most onerous laws that have come about since Smith v. Doe have been through initiative/propositions, which bypasses the legislature and relies on the emotions of the electorate without regard to constitutional purpose.

And besides, Janice and her team are doing a bang-up job at meeting with legislatures. Every year, she gets more and more quality time with the legislators, and hopefully this time around we will get tier levels instituted.

Gee, haven’t you noticed,the Democrats have been in the forefront of passing more and more draconian measures against registrants! ONe might presume it is all to blame on the Republicans, but it is not, In fact, it is Democrat Bill Clinton who got this all started back in the mid 1990s, with Janet Reno as attorney general. They forced all the states to do it — or face the loss of huge amounts of federal money.

George Runner and various other Republicans are a serious danger, but so are a lot of the Democrats. And the Democrats have not lifted a single finger to stop any of this, in fact have either initiated it or gone along with it. Gee, Democrats like Adam Schiff have built their entire careers around ever more draconian crap on registrants.

There is only one major party, the one that sees enemies everywhere and spends billions of dollars to keep the military, intelligence, law enforcement monster fed by scaring people out of their money. Some in this unlabeled party call themselves Democrats and some call themselves Republican, but serve the same greedy corporate masters who are the only ones benefitting from the present system.

Hi Bluewall

Sounds like George Runner and Lydia Gutierrez have developed their campaign strategy straight from the philosophy of Adolf Hitler as recorded for all criminals wearing a cloak of political respectability.

“The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.” ― Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

BTW, another candidate who should scare everyone and who everyone should turn out to vote against if they happen to live in his district is Congressman Adam Schiff (Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Silver Lake-LA, etc.). He has spent his entire career, from prosecutor to the state Legislature and now in Congress doing all he can to add ever more draconian crap on registrants. Vote him out — gee, pretty much no matter who else you vote for instead. There are two candidates running against him in June, a Democrat and a Republican. Schiff is the incumbent Democrat.

Schiff has not simply supported all the crap, he has endlessly initiated it and pushed it. You know Runner better only because Runner took his stuff to ballot initiatives. But Schiff has been just as active.

Schiff was behind much of the draconian stuff added on registrants when he was in the Legislature. Now he is in Congress — I don’t know who is behind the crap Congress is and has been imposing, including the new effort to interfere with registrants traveling internationally, but I’ll bet Schiff is all over that.

It is so

I wanted to take this comment in another direction. This is what we can do to HELP cities once they see that residency/proximity/other city ordinances are deemed unconstitutional.

As we all know, parents in general act irrationally with regard to their children’s PERCEIVED safety. Note that this irrationality is not necessarily a bad thing, as its built into our human nature to protect our children at all costs.

However, this irrationality leads to the laws that blatantly blast the federal and state constitutions out of the water. At this time, Janice and Co. rightfully challenge the laws, at what point they eventually get rescinded. While this is the just and necessary outcome, it still doesn’t address the “panic” that parents have.

The purpose of this comment, then, is to hash out ideas in how we can approach municipalities who had the ban in the first place, but found them rescinded (or not enforcing them). It is one thing to successfully challenge the law, but parents still have that irrationality. At this time, what can CA RSOL do to help placate the situation?

I am not that good a writer, so I hope I’m able to communicate my thoughts here. The bottom line is that I’d like to be able to move forward with communities to help them proactively and constitutionally help parents and citizens from being victimized in the first place.

Maybe one can connect with the redistributive justice movement or some other organization advocating for something other than the penal system to solve all behavioral problems.
One of the few times that I could turn my misdeed into something useful was when I spoke before a class of psychology students. Scariest thing I had done in awhile. I expected to be treated as a “perv” or looked down on as a freak. I was greeted afterwards by many of the students and made to feel like a respected lecturer. Surreal, but in a good sense. Only those who truly wish to learn how to combat sexual abuse value our experience. I wish to find them and empower them.

Hi Tim:

WOW!!! That must have been scary! I’m glad you were well received and everything went well. I’m not sure I could do that. I think we are fortunate that the truth of this RSO mess if finally starting to get out. This whole mess is a disgrace and a blight the entire nation. My only concern is the ill informed haters looking for an easy way to get ahead may come up with a way to derail the progress that has been made.

Treat people with respect and dignity as you would to be treated…..I would propose getting people off registry after ten years proven nonsex crime trouble free……….registry has has to end for sexcrime Free people…..its put out there this registry is public enemy #1….to discriminate against …. The Bad Guys….. .we should be getting paid having to register for this ‘ongoing war “…….millions a dollars ….millions a dollars.

Public service oath says to defend and protect the Constitution ….that needs a major adjustment in getting that applied to a taxpayer funded registry….when they undermine Constitutional human rights on one they can for all…protect defend the Constitution for our children….that’s what we’ve been saying.

Stop promoting the idea that 10 years is reasonable. It is NOT. It is simply the unreasonable number the federal government has imposed. Gee, previously, five years was considered all that was needed to prove rehabilitation. And probation and parole are the legal standard to show rehabilitation, the test to show it. The standard for a Certificate of Rehabilitation is higher — because it is seeking something higher than simply showing rehabilitation, it is an application for a pardon. You can’t even stop it from proceeding through the next steps to seek a pardon after you get the certificate.

Stop adopting a cruel and unreasonable time frame of 10 years — just because cruel and unreasonable people have imposed it. Ten years is not acceptable. You have simply allowed yourself to be manipulated by them.

I have an unusual situation, I have a water well drilling business , there is a drought , and we have a lot of work!
I’m, having a tough time finding good help. I have fond memory’s of when I just got out of jail and looking for a job,
About 30’years ago. . If you are , or know some one who is itrested in hard work , with a possible career .

Send resume . Enloe@

Hi Doug Enloe:

I’m interested. What part of the state are you located in? I’m in the Palm Springs Area. In between Palm Springs and Yucca Valley in a small town called Morongo Valley.

EXCELLENT, Doug, excellent. You offer more than a job, your offer real hope. You show there really can be life after death. All we have to do now is figure out how to clone you.

I give a positive reference for Q. He did a fantastic job painting a fence for a client if mine and did it in 100 degree heat! Sorry about that. And, like Doug, I have found myself needing help. We will be taking out lawns and putting in water saving landscapes, decks, patios and the like. Yes, it’s hard work but you see the results.

Hi Tim:

Thanks for the good report. The heat thing was my own fault. I always get so into what I’m doing (it’s fun to me) that I don’t notice things like the weather when things start to heat up or cool down. This has happened to me a few times and always serves as a reminder to have water or Gatorade on hand. BTW; I’ll go down there and help if you’ll have me. I have a nice compound miter saw and other tools for working with wood, as well as a ton of painting equipment. I’m not much of a carpenter but I can paint/stain/etc like a demon 🙂 I’ve also done my share of digging trenches to install water lines and repair/install irrigation; I’m not too good with the timers though.

What I said about Doug now also goes for Tim. Bravo guys.

Thank you. I am looking for anyone who is responsible, not just an RSO. Like Doug said, I remembered what it was like with no hope, and how hard I worked to try to bring back a normal life. I figure others in my situation would be just as hard working. Someone whose father had been charged with a similar offense to mine gave me a job. It saved me from going to jail, which saved me from losing my house and my family. I believe good Karma needs to be passed around or you won’t receive it again.

Im happy that the Janice is going after cities that do not follow CA state laws.

I hope the next project would be business that DO NOT follow the state laws. Like ummm FACEBOOK.

They are now a PUBLIC company

I was banned off facebook again just for being a RSO..
it illegal for facebook to do this.
what our next step ?

I think it’s time to sue FB!

It seems that this is getting to be an exclusive group.. & I’ve Been Excluded ,,,IDK? Hell I can’t even get people that have places to donate for a Bakersfield MTG & they ARE in RSO recovery & housing? What’s UP With that? Too many agendas & not all are Known is how it’s lookin’ & I Am an Artist,, ” I PAY ATTN. To details…My LIFE HAS DEPENDED ON IT! Now it’s a second nature….So If You have an answer,,,I’m All EARS?
Respectfully, Bruce
P.S. By Not Using Me Where I could Be used Best for greatest effect for this Cause…Is a WASTE & degrading to say the least… I could be 1 of Your Best assets & the Brains to Accomplish whatever task set before Me…Like I said It’ is a waste of Good Volunteer Personnel.I Have NOT, Nadda, No Trouble since 2003 when I discharged Parole & I HAVE NO DESIRE to BE in ANY. However I would & have tried to help the Cause when allowed….1time I was allowed to set up a MTG & I’m Gonna Try it again…Hopefully for Free this time

Working on MTG site for free NOW! I call this evening. I will call Janice to work out Details Providing all goes well.
Respectfully, Bruce

Has anyone Googled this subject: “Freedom of movement” or add “(under United States law)”. Very interesting reading. Anyone have an opinion about these court decisions and how they may apply to RSO’s?

Just curious … any further update on the status of Proposition 35??

A preliminary injunction was granted months ago and still remains.

For Compliance check information…”JOKE ONLY””DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME” unless yer crazier than Me?…lol
Police:Knock, Knock,,,
Me: Who is it?
Me : “What Do You Want?
Police:,290 Compliance check We want to talk to You..
Me: How Many Are You?
Police: Two Sir…!
Me: Good,,”Talk To Each Other! Good day;-)!

I forgot to add “Mission Accomplished Good Day” But It was too Funny to not pass along to make some one laugh…;-)

Hi Bruce:

It made me laugh!! 🙂 I’m very anti compliance check. Especially since I’m not (nobody is unless on probation or parole) legally obligated to participate.

I Personally wish to thank Janice & CA RSOL for making sure Certain Cities in Kern County respect Our Rights…However it has made it Hell to find a place for a Bakersfield MTG…I Will Continue to Try For those of us in Bakersfield Kern County Area.. If ANY ONE wants My # Contact Janice & I give Permission to get it from her. If You want to work with Me on this & are in Bakersfield & NOT on Parole or supervision. No offense but I would not want someone getting a Violation for just tryin’ to Help.I figure a place that can hold 100 people or Maybe smaller turn out was small but it was only the 1st one Here.

Sick of my life.just when things seem to get better they get worse. Happiness is out of the question. Maybe that’s what I deserve. No hope for convicted 288.8

There is always hope. You are worthy.

Human Rights Watch
No easy answers
Sex Offenders in the US
Sept. 2007

I just stumbled on this old article in one of my older computers files and wanted to share. Good resource. It questioned a lot of US policies even back then.

excerpt pg.12:

Reforming sex offender laws will not be easy. At a time when national polls indicate
that Americans fear sex offenders more than terrorists,(9)legislators will have to show they have the intelligence and courage to create a society that is safe yet still protects the human rights of everyone.

(9) The Gallup Poll, “Sex Offenders,” video report, June 9,2005, March 19, 2007). The poll found that 66 percent of people surveyed were “very concerned” about sex offenders, compared to 52 percent who were concerned about violent crime and 36 percent who were concerned about terrorism.

It would seem that opportunistic legislators have taken advantage of this common fear in order to convey themselves as saviors of their flocks by creating evermore harsher sanctions upon otherwise harmless registrants.

Maybe We should make People aware of how Manipulative Politicians Are/Can Be By Comparison?Just Sayin’ the victim ratio? An average RSO has what maybe 1,2-3 max victims Rarely more than 5 ! A Politician throughout their career Deceives the Masses 1 Election after another…What’s Worse? just askin’?So, How are We Votin’ Fer Governor?Just Askin’

Your movement everywhere is being watched and recorded and stored and sold — and basically spied upon:

And don’t forget, anyone who sues you, even in small claims court, can also issue a subpoena for this info.

Among all the other places, I know in California, the state has put up cameras all over many of the freeways (all urban ones), so anytime you are on the freeway, it is noting that. Apparently LA is doing it all over town too, and the bulk of the rest of the country is also under surveillance. Mind you, not just by police, but also by private companies. They’re even driving around in a lot of cars with cameras secretly recording you!

We know where you’ve been — everywhere.

Next thing you know we’ll find out that ALL cell phones have a backdoor to where these super spy agencies have used them as transmitters that have recorded everything the owner says in the presence of it. Not just your texts, phone conversations, and triangulated movements, but it’s a ‘bug’ too. And who’s to say that Google Glasses don’t have a backdoor where some hack or spy can see everything the owner is looking at. These are technological nightmares. And if anyone thinks this stuff is new? Just watch how NSA tracked Will Smith’s character in ‘Enemy Of The State” back in 1998. They tapped into small private business cameras and street signal cams to track his movements.

How come when I click on the link from anonymous nobody’s post above the page begins to load and I can read the headline, then it changes and tells me “opps! this page cannot be found.” Hmmm… maybe this article pissed someone off and the LA Times had to pull it.

Actually, Mike, they already CAN do that with all cell phones! I read all about that a couple years ago. ANY cell phone can be accessed and turned on to listen to anything within its range — and without the cell owner even knowing it. It will appear to still be be off, but they are listening. (Or they can also do it it if it is on.)

The ONLY way to stop that it to take out the battery. If the battery is in, you might be getting easedropped on with no way for you to know. I don’t know the tech behind it, but that is the end result. Whether that ability has been used, I don’t know — but neither can anyone with a cell phone. Do you think the NSA would tell you? Or, maybe its just the Orange County prosecutor doing it. Sure, they do need a warrant to allow a wire tap — but what no one knows ain’t going to hurt them.

Okay… Now I’m creeped out!

YES THEY ARE!!!! on My Bike I have caught several lately? But on My Bike? ZIP,,,,,Poof, Unless they have Air support or a tracker on My bike Or me 0 to 190mph in about 40 seconds or less,,,Probably less never went that fast and payed allot of attention to do more than glance at the speedo. The rest was piloting the damn thing..but “unless” it’s “Obviously” Law Enforcement? I won’t pull over,, I Will Lose them “If I feel Threatened”. Mostly they like to drive by or sit down the street and wait; Driving By then You pull out & they drop in behind You Happens all the time to Me.Left, Right left,left Zip,,POOF,,I Hope They Can Fly or have a vehicle that can Keep Up & read My Mind.,Good Luck with that!Not Impossible But I Ain’t Gonna Make it Easy…I’ve Been Chased By 2 Vehicles & I do not know why? They broke the law first & I broke the law gettin’ away,,They were trying to smash Me goin’ down the freeway Between them so I just dropped a gear and punched it They almost collided in My Void I watched in My rear view & I said “Self,,GTF Outtah Here”!ZIP>>POOF!” A True Story!

We can just call them the pervy paparazzi,,,lol

Everyone read this I have Felt it,, some of these effects & at Certain times Are We a Test Group? Read this then decide. Bet So How do We get Proof other than the GPS & Phones???

Well I guess We just buy postit notes a pen and a Bic lighter make a call for a meet to who ever You want to talk to and just meet somewhere and write down back & forth what needs to be said & Burn them 1 by 1 Nothin’ Said ashes in the wind! Screw Phones I rip the battery out every chance I Get or wrap it in a silver Mylar bag,,,or 3! Done Talkin’!ACLU was shut down Here so Finding help there is no good….Grrrr!

OK, my petition for a COR is in the hands of the OCPubDfendr’s office. Mine was originally a single count misdemeanor for possession of CP, 8 pics. in my car. period. So i have two questions on this.

The first is, Does anyone know if the court in Orange County takes such details into account? Or do they look at just the big picture? The type of conviction, period.

Second, having heard the may horror stories, mostly here, of people who are NOT granted their COR, as well as the incompetence of the OCPD’s office that resulted in my conviction in the first place and my botch first attempt at a COR, can someone direct me to a law firm or organization that can help me with the appeal pro bono?

Read that as of January 1st, 2014…people convicted of possession of child pornography will no longer be able to get an expungement. Is this true? I was convicted of possessing 3 files in 2013. Is expungement no longer an option for me?

I’m Gonna go way out on a limb here and ask a Really Stupid Question; WHY, Can’t We Ask the Governor for some small town with decent water and for sale & Just Make Our OWN City/ Town & We just take care of Us There was a lil town Named Cherokee for sale some Years back??? Just sayin’ they come up from time to time. We Could Be self supporting as long as We had some Medical We could section off a strictly Parole Housing only area of town to provide constitutionality for those of Us Many Years off of supervision We could have our Own City Counsel & Parks & Library…..Probably have almost a 0 crime rate too.

Then Drill a well, & put up Palisades & a Moat to keep out the Vigilantes….lol

Then Provide a or several services that out laying Communities would Be interested in or be in support of there by creating a “Trade/ Employment” Agreement with Various agencies private & corporate??? Evey tent Has a Tent maker…& We Have Allot of wasted talent in ALL FIELDS…

Further investigation leads me to Assembly Bill (AB20) that went into affect on January 1, 2014. AB20 amends 1203.4 (1203.4 relates to expungement) and adds section 311.12 to it. It specifically takes expungement off the table for anyone seeking to expunge a CP conviction. I was arrested in 2012 for having 3 illegal files mixed in with over 1.5TB (yes…terabytes) of legal. Pornography addiction, OCD, high speed internet, and peer-to-peer just make a good combination. I took a plea deal back in April of 2013 and one of the few things that kept me going was the hope of getting my conviction expunged after completing probation. Now it appears that the possibility of expungement is no longer an option. I’m guessing that it makes no difference that my arrest and conviction happen before AB20 went into affect. My original plan was to finish probation, have my felony reduced to a misdemeanor, have it expunged, and hopefully get back to working in corporate America. Then after 10 years have gone by…try my best to get a COR. AB20 has put the nail in the coffin for me and my family. No expungement means no passing a background check, no getting a COR. My survival job that I have now doesn’t pay all the bills so our savings account is being depleted. I’m sure before I get done with probation there will be some new law passed that will prevent me getting my felony reduced to a misdemeanor. Good times. We are in Gods hands now….

I read the paper almost daily. This month has had some interesting news. I pay attention to stories about cops doing wrong and anything related to a registered citizen.
Has anyone noticed how the media goes out of its way to say, “Sex offender…such and such, and such and such were arrested for murdering 4 women in Orange county while wearing a GPS bracelet”? I bet a billion dollars the arrest paperwork only mentions the suspects’ names and the charge of murder, not that they were sex offenders or that they were wearing tracking devices. By beating people over the head with “sex offender… committed crime while wearing a gps”, they are trying to motivate people to think even more restrictive SO laws need to be made!

On a similar note, that Hubbard guy was granted “permission” by the government to be released in the Palmdale area (I think) after the town folks and politicians made a big deal about it. The judge and crew said that Mr. Hubbard would have a bunch of restrictions in place to “protect” the public. One of these is the GPS system. See the connection between the two separate cases?

Maybe I’m biased because I’m listed. But, living a life of fear is a waste of your own life. There was a story this month of a police officer in the Palmdale area who pulled over a woman, put her in his cop car, drove her to a motel and committed the crimes all the townies are afraid we would do. Who should you really be afraid of, people?

Look, for all the paranoid losers and weak links in society out there, your protection is simple. If you see someone crawling through your window at 3 in the morning, exercise your 2nd amendment right and lock & load. Otherwise, live & let live. Leave us alone and we’ll leave you alone. Stay out of our business and we’ll stay out of yours. The Golden rule is so simple!
How about being a responsible parent and pay attention to your kids instead of being wrapped up in your stupid “smart phone”. Don’t be lazy and think the solution is having big brother government do your job. Martial arts classes are good forms of exercise, teach confidence, and protection skills. Don’t waste your short life worrying about minimal risks when there is so many more positive things to enjoy!

I like my privacy, my freedom, and my peace. Do you really think I would do something at a park or beach (with hundreds of witnesses), or anywhere else that would mess that up? Think, people! You have nothing to fear but fear, itself.

Sorry to go off like that. The fact is that the people that need to hear this probably won’t see this. At least I got to vent a little bit.

One last thing. Speaking of parks, in Los Angeles city the 2000 foot restriction for parks and schools has been stopped. Since I moved to a new city in L.A. county 5 months ago and the cops didn’t say anything when I registered here (a couple blocks from a school), I guess it’s a county ban on enforcing it. I don’t know if I can trust the cops enough to ask them. Does anyone know the details about California? Even though I have a decent place, I want to move to another place in California. Is there a specific website or government agency or resource I can check before I go home hunting? Or should I just get a map to measure the 2000 feet radius with the classified ads? Thanks to all the GOOD REGISTERED CITIZENS of this forum, Janice & crew, and supporters!

The California supreme court has ruled that the names of police officers involved in shootings are now public record. Now maybe they will know how it feels to get fronted off when they want to protect their anonymity.

Long Beach Police Officers Association officials said in a statement it was “unfortunate that the majority of the Court does not recognize the safety concerns created for officers and their families involved in critical incidents when their names are released publicly.”

They don’t recognize our safety or privacy concerns so this is some really sweet justice!!!! And besides; if these guys are so afraid for their safety they shouldent be working for the police in the first place. Fear and guns are a tragedy just waiting to happen. We need brave men, not chicken Sh**s as police officers.

More good news on my case. 60 days have passed and the court did not reverse its decision on my expungement. According to my lawyer, the DA had 15 days to appeal or file with a higher court, which they did not. I’m officially no longer a felon, to a certain extent, though I am still a registered citizen. The only thing I can do is remain vigilant, continue to be a better person and hope we can get a tiered registry and eventually ban all registries. The tides are turning and it’s only a matter of time.

One Day at a Time:

Congratulations. Now that your not a felon perhaps you’ll just fall off of the registry if a tiered registry is voted in. Keep your fingers crossed.