Grassley Introduces Bill to Aid States, Public in Tracking Sex Offenders

WASHINGTON – Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley today introduced legislation to assist states in preventing future abuses by registered sex offenders. The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act Reauthorization helps to improve tracking of sex offenders through federal support of state registries and dedicated resources to target offenders who fail to comply with registration requirements. Full Press Release

Bill Text

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The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act is a garbage piece of legislation in a trash heap of related legislation and anyone who considers reauthorization of any of these things needs a reality check. For anyone not aware there is no proof of what happened to Adam Walsh….the fact that his father spent decades getting this crap turned into law should be enough to indicate an underlying destructive agenda being pushed through the guise of “protecting children”.

Moreover all the other laws in various states and nationally which are named after individuals should be questioned, no, audited for effectiveness, relevancy (let’s figure out if the original arguments/research, etc used to get the laws codified were ever capable of being factual to the degree claimed), logical consistency with reality, and collateral damage done.

Do these asshats EVER bother to look at the facts? For example, how many new sex offenses are actually committed by Registered Citizens vs how many new sex offenses are committed by people who are NOT listed on any SORs?
Nope, of course not!!

Dianne Feinstein is a co-sponsor of this bill? Yikes. Seems like letters to her are in order here.

Suddenly, out of the blue, SORNA is being brought out of the Congressional woodwork. Meanwhile, “Spotlight” just won the #OscarsSoWhite award for best picture. Coincidence? Or a lot of Iowan consituents up in arms over “pedophile priests?”

Sick, sick, sick.

IML sought funding of $6-7M this is how they’re doing a back door for the rest of the funds.

” The federal government, through the U.S. Marshals Service, also supports states and localities in tracking down sex offenders who fail to register or re-register. Those fugitive apprehension activities were authorized under the 2006 Adam Walsh Act, and today’s legislation would extend the authorization for those U.S. Marshals Service activities at $60 million annually for each of the next two years. “

I’m still trying to understand so much of this, as a wife of someone on the list…if this bill claims to offer federal aid to states that have yet to implement AWA/SORNA, does that mean it could possibly lead to California finally adopting a tiered system? I’m not trying to suggest this is a good thing, just curious what all this means…

I went to the last reauthorization in Washington and No one that Opposed the act was allowed to speak.

“Preventing sex crimes, especially by known offenders, requires a team effort by law enforcement at every level.”

Really? What’s the recidivism rate for known offenders,senator? What about unknown offenders? Why don’t we educate the public and reduce the stigma of the “sex offender” label so people will come out of the shadows and seek help before they hurt anyone?

Here I was telling you people in the IML thread that this was GOING TO HAPPEN.. John Walsh always gets what he wants. Up there threatening to “name names” and so on. I guess he twisted enough arms and put on his poor kitty act until they caved once again.

Grassley has the unmitigated gall to claim that the AWA “honors” Adam Walsh and the other victims. It does nothing of the kind, it actually defiles their memory by making their legacy stand for abuse, fraud and waste. Nothing is ever going to change until John Walsh is silenced. The unfathomable arrogance makes this man more dangerous as time goes on. Three months into 2016 and you’re hit with a ONE-TWO punch.

Nothing is going to change until mass protests, non-compliance and sit-ins in that little memory park in New Jersey commence.

They up there is Congress, create enemies, so they can give money to police and the military. It props up the economy with the only public works projects both sides can agree to fund. It also buys more power from the powerful police and military industries.

I have to hand it to John Walsh, a cunning and self-serving quasi-governmental bureaucrat, he got his way by pushing his personal agenda onto a fading political lackey. I’m just speculating, Not having read the entire bill, I can imagine there will be “Awareness” funding earmarked for NCMEC of which he is a co-founder and board member; able to channel funding for more commercials toward his television program “The Hunt”. Seems like a win-win situation to me.
I don’t know what the statute of limitations are in Florida for sex crimes, but it would be fun to see someone file charges on behalf of his poor innocent victim (Reve), which he bragged that he suavely stole the innocence from. Give him a taste of his own medicine. Such egotistical and hypocritical megalomaniacs deserve a reality check. Not that I’m bitter, but john… “Happy Anniversary!”.

Please read the letter written yesterday at the website With Justice for All that was sent to Grassley

mike t wrote “I have to hand it to John Walsh, a cunning and self-serving quasi-governmental bureaucrat, he got his way by pushing his personal agenda onto a fading political lackey.”

Walsh did his sex crimes in New York. He supposedly met his child victim at a bar. He may have been part of a sex trafficking ring there. So Walsh doesn’t name names, they gave him his own street in NY. He is a hero there. There will be no mention of Walsh’s or any of his networks sex crimes there. New York is pay to play. A rich guy wants the low levels to register for 10 more years, pay someone off. Dean Skelos did the first 10 year extension, in 2006. He got taken down for corruption. Skelos sold the american justice system down the road for a cush job for his son where his son didn’t have to work or even show up most of the time.