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International Travel – Mexico

International Travel – China / Thailand

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I am a disabled veteran now no longer working always dreamed of retiring in philippines but had that dream crushed as now i am free and finacially able to just travel I found out philippines is not allowing us sex offenders in.. Its all sex offenders but other countries are not sending the green notice and I have heard they get in. I am still looking around on where to move. I dont know how the passport thing will work but someone mentioned I had sex with a girl that was 14 met on dating site for 18 and above but thats beside point. Some countries in europe italy where i lived for 3 years being one age of consent is 14. So I’m not sure how they would react to me coming in. This passport is really going to mess things up. I know of a friend that did not know about 21 day noticed and traveled abroud without trouble.. his next trip to different country gave noticed and got harrassed for 1-2 hours but eventually let in.

Another thing is i have heard this group is active not sure if you are working on something but i looked up green notice on interpol and the definition is a criminal who is likely to comment more crimes in a foreign country. How can they say that about every sex offerender.. I’m going to call the Aclu but alot of people dont know how crazy these laws are. Or they say oh sex offenders kill them or give em hell.. Its like this is america and I served 10 years in the military and it makes me sick to see these violations of basic rights. I dont know just venting and putting green notice out there.

Pk its been 4 years now

I want to go on a vacation ( 7 days) with family to Italy.
Anyone have any experience with RSO getting into Italy post into Meghan’s jaw?
My conviction was in 2000 in Illinois now officially resident if California.

Any info would be greatly appreciated

Also info on France and Germany

Thanks all

I want to go on a vacation ( 7 days) with family to Italy.
Anyone have any experience with RSO getting into Italy post into Meghan’s jaw?
My conviction was in 2000 in Illinois now officially resident if California.

Any info would be greatly appreciated

Also info on France and Germany

Thanks all

I plan to do a longer Italy trip later this year…there is no definitive answer to your question, in my opinion.

There are very recent reports of people traveling freely to the Schengen Area…but in the end, each of us are going to have to find out on our own.

I will note that I had no problem flying into Barcelona, (and London, which now seems more problematic), in 2014. Once in a Schengen country, there are no border controls and I drove extensively through Southern France.

Let us know how it goes…I am relatively sure you will have no problem with entry…but this is not a guarantee. {no one knows anything for certain now, and even if they did, everything is obviously subject to change…sorry…I am just trying to be honest with you}.

Best Wishes, James

Schengen countries CAN have border checks between one another and, it is said, increasingly in the aftermath of the uproar over illegal migration the last several years.

I found that travel on the Thales train between Paris and Amsterdam often had immigration officials (they hop on the train and go from car-to-car) checking passports. I’ve seen them arrest illegal immigrants.

They also always have the option to open border stations between countries and check passports. I’ve seen that between France and Italy.

In November 2014 my wife and I flew to London. We had booked a cruise leaving the afternoon of our arrival and we were meeting a bus from the cruise line outside the terminal. We were going to be in the UK for maybe three hours. I was taken away to a detention room and shown what looked like a photocopy or FAX of my online registration from my state. I was interviewed intensively, finger printed, my luggage searched thoroughly, and I was finally told that the “law” was that a sex offender could not enter the UK. I was placed on a return flight to the US that afternoon, for which I paid dearly, and I also lost the cost of the cruise, since, obviously I could not cancel in time. My conviction was over ten years ago, and my sentence was probation. Incidentally, I had informed my local police three days before leaving (the law when leaving my state for more than three days). So, no you will not be able to enter the UK. Meanwhile, the good news: we flew into Frankfurt last spring and breezed through customs — they hardly looked at my passport. Then we traveled to Greece where we had a lovely vacation. We flew back through Toronto, where you clear US customs for the final leg home, and I got taken aside, but it wasn’t too bad and I made my connecting flight.

I just got denied entry into Costa Rica and now want to relocate to Chile where my family lives and where I have a handicapped brother who requires constant care. Any suggestions? Getting letters to present upon arrival seems like an option as trying to reduce my registration requirements. I want to get my residency there and take care of my family. I am in LA now and trying to find a good lawyer that can help me with this. Thanks, this seems like a great forum.

Where is the “travel experiences form?”

From Registrant Travel Action Group

Please distribute this far and wide. We have launched our new web site and we have a form to
capture travel experiences into a data base. It is very comprehensive.

We intend to post this data on an interactive map and collate the data and make available to the community and media.

Ah yes the Trip Adviser of Registrant travel Experiences.

Typical feel good government BS. It is good to hear about Schengen and the Home Office guidance in the UK. I finally ‘ran afoul” of Angel Watch in November of 2103 in Brussels. After 8 previous visits to the EU, when I came out of the plane, there were strapping young 5 Belgian national cops waiting for me. The took me to that secret room asked lots of questions and checked my bags. Because I had never been jailed (probation only in Florida) and was not on probation, they said “welcome of Belgium” I asked the chief inspector if my offense would preclude me from getting a long term visa or residence permit in Belgium and he said that he did not see any reason why it would. I don’t think they had ever seen am Angel Watch notice before mine and were expecting some drooling , leering prevert in a trench coat with pockets full of candy to skulk off of that Delta Flight from Atlanta. 😀 They were a bit befuddled that an offense like mine would lead to PUBLIC notification for life. That would be illegal in the EU.
My future problem is this. I plan to move to Vermont in the next year where I will not be required to register. BUT, as some of you might already know, Florida leaves your mug up on their website forever even if you move out of the country and will have your last know address or location outside of Florida up on the site. I will not be required to maintain/update/confirm my registration in Florida unless I come back. But I suspect that the Feds will say that I still have to abide by the IML because Florida will still have me on the intestate list. The question is, if i am in Vermont where I will not registered, who the hell to I tell about my travels plans?

well I’m in Jamaica now I came a few months ago flew into montegobay and got questioned for like 1-2 hours. this time came in through Kingston used kiasch machine. Not sure this was a difference but no questions. I don’t know if they looked me up and saw I came before or not. On another site just last year a guy posted that he flew from other countries to Philippines and other off limit countries and got in. Another off note I think it would be funny if we got 5,000 or more so to fly to mexico on the same day and see what they do. I think that if we got flight insurance u might get reimbursed either way it would be worth the money to send a point.

Someone wrote awhile back about loose lips. So I kept quiet about my thing for fear of jinxing it (or big bro monitoring it!) So good news…flew into Portugal without a hitch.
I gave my 21 day notice as required by Washington State, arrived at Portuguese customs with all my interrogation answers at the ready, and was met with the old Customs standard questions, a smile, and “welcome to Portugal, you’ll love it!” I kept looking over my shoulder waiting for the police to grab me, but nothing. I can hardly believe I escaped the US!
So my details:
Have a two year old renewed passport. 5 years ago convicted of a felony “viewing explicit minor engaged in sexual…etc. Nothing before or since. Couple of months in work-release and one year probation.
One year ago I was denied entry into Colombia.
I’ve been looking for a reasonably inexpensive place to retire, so Medellin was high on my list. Now the Algarve region of Portugal or the Prague area, maybe Varna, Bulgaria. Will check it all out. Getting an extended visa wherever will probably require money and an attorney and because of the felony, may not be possible. But the first part is done…I’m out of the US!
Best wishes to all. Good Night and Good Luck!

Thank you, everyone. I might not have thought of Europe, except for what I learned on these forums. I really appreciate all the info I received, and yes, I’ll pass on what I learn. And thanks to Janice, especially, for all her hard work.
I do believe things will change in the US, but how soon, I don’t know. The RSO system is especially heinous, but it’s a part of a far larger one…the whole justice system, where a criminal past denies housing, job opportunities, and a reasonable chance to start over. There is reform in the winds, but it will require an overhaul of a lot of systems currently in place. Ban the box is a start on employment, but the whole “public’s right to know” crap has gone completely overboard. The practice of sealing records after a reasonable period of time, except for law enforcement access, should be mandatory. A system where bank robbers probably shouldn’t be allowed to work in a bank, or a predator child molester at a daycare center, makes obvious sense, but a reformed bank robber should probably not be denied a chance to work at a retirement home.
We complain about the RSO injustice, rightfully so, but how about the guy put behind bars for 10 years by an ambitious prosecutor and an overworked or lazy public defender, whose DNA proves his innocence. Ten years of his life! Prosecutors who knowingly withhold evidence from a convicted defendant that helps his case, should spend a few years behind bars!
Anyway, our chance for a fair shake will probably have to be a part of the larger cause of criminal reform. It will take some politicians with balls, but that seems to be just the opposite of the skill set needed to be an elected official. There’s a lot of personal gain and money against our hopes and dreams, but sadly, in the US, money usually wins!
But we must keep on keepin’ on, so go Janice…and see the rest of you in Europe!

For those of us who are a little shaken by the dismissal of the Challenge to IML I figured now may be a good time to recap those countries where we can still escape to. Always thinking outside of the box:

It would be helpful if The RTAG Matrix was updated with this information.

Here’s what we know:

These Countries still accept RSO’s:

Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland? Also includes Belguim? And Chile?

Does anyone have any recent experience with a RSO traveling to Italy. I am planning a trip and would like to know if there are any members who have successfully travelled to Italy.



I would like anybody at all who did not give the 21 day notice to tell us about what happened to them. Also anybody who did give the 21 day notice and was able to travel to Hong Kong without any problems. I understand that if nothing bad happened there is really no motivation to comment here, but we need to hear success stories.
My registration is a low level and not on the DOJ web site. I went to the Philippines in August 2015 and was able to enter twice with no problem. I went to the Philippines and then to Dubai (which I also got in with no problem) and then back to the Philippines again. Then a few months later over the Thanksgiving weekend I went to the Philippines again and this time was not able to stay. No one said nothing to me as to why I could not get it. An employee at the airport told me that they did get new computers a month before. I wonder if any government agency in the Philippines is doing any studies as to extent of foreign money declining over last couple of years.

I think us traveling now, while the IML issues are still being figured out and subject to court challenges is a big mistake. Lets say you do travel now and get refused entry by a country, both the DOJ notice and the border rejection will forever be in that country’s computer system. If at a later time IML is found unconstitutional or no longer applies to you, the original notice and rejection by that country will still be in their computer system and will likely continue to cause you to be banned by that country. Getting IML reversed will likely have no affect on those countries that have already previously been warned about you. It would be better to wait and see if IML is reversed or more narrowly tailored before traveling and risk being potentially banned forever by any country. Now this likely may not affect us in those countries that clearly haven’t rejected us yet, but I would sure avoid those countries where we know anyone has already been rejected or their policy is not well known.

I went to the Philippines jan 2016 and was there when IML was signed b4 returning. i had no problems there but was pulled aside when getting back to JFK but nothing was searched and im scared to death to go again even though my wife is still there and i wont be able to bring her here because AWA . i can get off registry in 2020 thats 15 year state here in new jersey because im tier 1 this is an ongoing nightmare because im not sure where i can see her again. it isnt a cheap trip to get there either

Been a long time, but thought I’d update. I wrote in June about no problem flying into Portugal.
After six weeks, I flew into Amsterdam to pick up my car shipped from US.
I’ve driven thru Schengen countries with no problem, obviously, as there are no border customs. Into Romania (non-Schengen), Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, and back to Romania. All fine, no problems.
Prices are extremely low and there are millions of things to see. The Istrian peninsula (maybe 100 sq miles) has beaches, castles, caves, Roman ruins, 16th century Venetian-style city centers, vineyards, mountains, even dinosaur footprints!…you get the idea…all crammed together. And you can buy a nice 1 bedroom Condo in Pula for about $65k. 90 day rule though…90 day visa in country, 90 days out, then repeat.
Albania has 12 months in and 90 days out. In Sarande, you can buy a beautiful Condo with a spectacular view for about $50k. And a monster seafood feast in a fine waterfront restaurant for $8!
It’s so pleasant not to have to put up with all the crap in the US. I miss my family and friends, but I’ll just buy their airfare and bring them over for visits. Really don’t plan on coming back, at least until the US pulls its collective head out of its ass.
Seen from afar, America’s hypocrisy is hard to comprehend. Europe is not perfect, but in our cases, light years ahead of the puritanical, unforgiving, “good Christian” nation that the US has become. A brief example…when you’re driving between towns (and many of the Balkan drivers here are unbelievably stupid! – side note) you will see a guy pulled over, peeing on the side of the road, with his junk fully exposed for all the world to see…no attempt to cover or shield from the passing cars and possible “children,” and neither he nor they could care less. Natural bodily function. In the US, he would be arrested on the spot and his conviction, no matter how minimal, would label him a sex offender! Bravo America! Another evil doer punished for life! In Europe, he was just a guy that couldn’t hold it until the next town!
Donald Trump is not the cause, just a symptom. When will we ever learn!

Is there any knowledge of a SO challenging their banned entry into a country. What I mean is, if you have documented proof of your charge, disposition, along with time passed since offense, testimonials, etc. I would hope that this could possibly get you a hearing via an immigration lawyer so that your individual case for admittance could be reviewed. Since immigration is basing their decision on a ( to see the least ) vague description of your offense, tgen enlightening them to you as a person could make a difference.

Janice, or anyone with knowledge about SORNA. There is so much confusion about the 21 day notice requirement. I live in a non-SORNA compliant state Illinois. My police registration will not accept a change of address registration earlier than three days before leaving the state. They have no 21 day procedure or mechanism. But, I have read that this is a federal law and I could be prosecuted for not complying. I have read the SORNA laws and can find no method specified for giving 21 day notice. I know of no way to report international travel to my “registration jurisdiction.”

“The supplemental guidelines expand required registration information to require offenders notify the registration jurisdiction at least 21 days in advance of international travel. The residence jurisdiction is then required to notify the U.S. Marshalls Service and must transmit the information to national databases, law enforcement and supervision agencies, and other jurisdictions as provided in the original guidelines.”

This is no way to live.. having to jump through hoops just to travel. Like “3 weeks notice” is really going to make a difference.. The is punishment not prevention! Hate not hope!