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Discussion for the effects on IML on International Travel is to go here, since some of the other discussion threads have become inappropriate in topic or too large.

We will move some of the more recent comments here.

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Does anybody have any info about driving into Mexico?? I’m a RSO who travels all over the US frequently. This summer, I would like to DRIVE to Tijuana from San Diego. I have a passport. Will I be flagged being a passenger in a car?

Under the new IML law I believe that you are required to submit your travel plans in advance. I’m curious how that works with driving. I’ve heard that Tijuana now has you stop with US border agents on the way out, though I cannot confirm.

There is also a thing called Due Process of Law:

This protection extends to all government proceedings that can result in an individual’s deprivation, whether civil or criminal in nature, from parole violation hearings to administrative hearings regarding government benefits and entitlements to full-blown criminal trials. The article “Some Kind of Hearing” written by Judge Henry Friendly created a list of basic due process rights “that remains highly influential, as to both content and relative priority.”These rights, which apply equally to civil due process and criminal due process, are:

An unbiased tribunal.
Notice of the proposed action and the grounds asserted for it.
Opportunity to present reasons why the proposed action should not be taken.
The right to present evidence, including the right to call witnesses.
The right to know opposing evidence.
The right to cross-examine adverse witnesses.
A decision based exclusively on the evidence presented.
Opportunity to be represented by counsel.
Requirement that the tribunal prepare a record of the evidence presented.
Requirement that the tribunal prepare written findings of fact and reasons for its decision.

Until such time the US government does those things. go about your business as usual as you wish.

@Jason I’ve read that Mexico checks people as they enter. I have not heard about the US checking people at the Tijuana Border as they exit the US.

Could you tell me where you read this?

Actually, I have been reading the exit check is something on the horizon.

But they are checking outbound for non citizens at San Diego:

“Outbound testing to begin February 11; Builds on Inbound Phase of Project

SAN DIEGO — U.S. Customs and Border Protection will begin testing new biometric technology today for travelers departing the U.S. at the Otay Mesa pedestrian crossing. Travelers will provide biographic data via their travel documents at newly installed outbound kiosks, identical to inbound processing. Certain non-U.S. citizens will also provide facial and iris biometrics to compare to their entry record beginning February 22. The test will run until May 2016 and no biometric data will be requested from U.S. citizens either on entry or exit.”

But how much time before they start checking US Citizens?
A few years ago I was walking across the border, and they had a random stop n check setup and demanded papers.

this has nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with sex-offenders!

It may have nothing to do with RSO’s or Terrorism, but this type of check would obviously affect those RSO’s.

Good catch. I misspoke.

I confused what I’ve read as future plans (desire by those in Congress to check outgoing travelers) with the recent change where Mexico is checking passports on the way in.


I travel to Mexico by car once a month. My last trip was in early March. I have not been stopped entering Mexico and I do not think that they are equipped at this point to check everybody entering at their border crossing. I have not seen and US Border Patrol at the Mexican crossing. The US gave Mexico $500 million to upgrade their border crossing, but it is not fully staffed nor is it fully functional. I’m thinking that it will be in a matter of time since it has some of our technology. You will be sent home if you try to walk across the border, but you’ll not encounter any problems driving into the tourist zone (Tijuana-Ensenada).

They dont stop you in a vehicle I watched on the news and documentaries of sorts. As far as IML goes– no one has contacted me about any new requirements. They may have a new law but until someone personally advises me of a new duty and creates a process–well good luck with that!

Whether or not they stop you…. it is now law that you are required to give notice prior to international travel (I had mistakenly thought otherwise, previously). As was specifically pointed out by the Supreme Court decision in the Nichols case.

And if you are expecting a courtesy notice regarding new laws that will send you to prison for years / decades, I would not hold my breath. Were you told of not being allowed on school grounds – picking up your kids or dropping off old electronics for recycling? Strict liability crime. How about the Park bans from a few years ago. Who knew?

Claiming ignorance of the law – well good luck with that!

MCH – is that something you have done / will do? And if so, how? Going once a month with a 21 day notification requirement seems like a pain in the @ss.
What if you visit your abuela in TJ every weekend? How does that work?

I agree with you, although it’s interesting. California does not have a predeparture scheme in place. Call your local registering agency, and advise him/her you’re heading out of country, and they won’t know why you’re calling them, or what it is they are going to do with that information.

Since the Feds do not have the means to accept these notifications (and per a previous IML document, they have no intention of handling direct notifications from registered citizens), California will have to update their laws to include the 21 day notice, and the process to follow.

Technically, right now, Californian’s are trapped. Technically, we are legally unable to travel internationally.


We are not legally unable to travel internationally; it’s just that there could possibly be bad consequences for doing so!

I think, just to try to avoid those felonies, I would pay an attorney to send a letter to the registering agency well in advance of the 21 days, just so that everything was on the up and up. The attorney can keep the copy of the letter sent, as well as proof of delivery to the registering agency. That way, if the feds come around and try to make a case of it, I can throw that back in their faces. Sorry a holes….my attorney sent a letter advising of my travel. Just because the registering agency didn’t forward along my itinerary isn’t my problem. Here’s my proof…no buzz off and go pound sand.

But in this case, a restriction of rights does require some sort of notification, and due process.

Anyone have a registration update to do in the near future? If so, look to see if there is anything added on about IML in the registration requirement sheet they give you.

I will register Monday , I will try to ask and look at the paperwork to be filled out . If I see anything interesting I will take a pic of it with my cell phone . I thought that because Calif was not on the Adam Walsh system they cant do the travel notifications . What are the rules and penalties of not submitting travel plans if the state is not in the Adam Walsh system .

What would be a role reversal is to have the registering agency sign a statement that states as to their knowledge of current law all complete requirements placed upon registrant was given to the registrant and any unmentioned notifications and/or requirements not mentioned is not valid or enforceable.

I only found this relating to SVP’s. My County has provided a copy to everyone the last 5/6 years or so. Maybe there is a 290 text available that makes it apply to everyone else? (I just couldn’t bring myself to read it all again).

290.012 (b)

Every person who, as
a sexually violent predator, is required to verify his or her registration every 90 days, shall be notified wherever he or she next registers of his or her increased registration obligations. This notice shall be provided in writing by the registering agency or
agencies. Failure to receive this notice shall be a defense to the penalties prescribed in subdivision (f) of Section 290.018.

I also will be registering on the 15th and I will see if the paperwork has been updated with anything about travel or the the IML. I was going to apply for a new passport has mine was lost, will it be marked? or will there be a waiting period. I know these are hard questions I just don”t want to be without one if things get better on the IML situation. Has anyone recently recived a new passport whenin thelast 30 days, I would be interested to see how it went.

I had to just a few weeks ago, was looking to see that very thing myself, nothing on it about the 21 day notice.

I agree with you, a pain in the butt…so for the past 6 years I’ve just been going and coming back. Under the new law we are indeed trapped in this pathetic state. If a relative in Mexico is sick, you know the Frds will tell us “tough s@#t.

I hear you Joe–ignorance of the law.. but in every case you cited there is a check in place. When you register annually you check a whole lot of boxes about what you need to know. Further more if you resister a home within an exclusion area–well shame on them for letting me and not informing me! there are limits to this madness!

ON traveling to mexico do I need a passport to go to the tourist zone? Also I had thought of traveling this summer, but when The IML law passed I hesitated to get a passport as I do not own one, my thinking was why get a new passport for $135.00 if I have to turn it in in 3 months and get one marked SO. This is whats so bad we do not know how to navigate our lives do to lack of information by our homeland. Are new passports being marked right now! These questions need to answered at the meeting in LA on the 16th and I will be there………

My family just came back through LAX customs this evening and was welcomed with open arms … An hour wait before even being escorted to secondary , lots of stares and laughs by the custom agents and what might have we’ll have been an interrogation of my husbands 15 year old crime. On top of that they asked him if he was married and if I was aware of his “status”. We have traveled back through customs 20 plus times in the past 5 years and this was definitely the worse. Saddens me how every trip ends in a little more heartbreak for my husband , a little more humiliation and a little more of our own government treating us , including me , like monsters. We’re good normal people who went on vacation for our anniversary .

On another note I know many have been discussing getting information off the registry to contact all CA RC’s. I have already started doing this but I think it would be beneficial if we could get a group of us working on this. I can enter the Meghan’s Law site bc I am a spouse of a RC. We desperately need all 100,000 of RC and their families to be aware of this site and our stance. We need each of this 100,000 RC’s to donate money each month for Janice and most definitely a PR approach. We need a Lobby firm , Janice needs more resources. She is only one person and the only way we can get things moving in our direction is to fund this fight.

Is anyone interested in trying to reach out to RC’s in California. I have a letter drafted already. We can divide up the counties / cities and hopefully get through every city within 6 months. This would need a group effort as is can be expensive to mail this many letters but if everyone chips in it can be done.

Let’s see, how much are stamps now? I can mail out 100 for under $50. But it should be tailored by region, to get them to a meeting in the area.

Believe it or not, you can often find old or new sheets of stamps on eBay for LESS than face value. All stamp dealers have been buying stamps for under face value for at least 40 years that I know of. Since the post office does not offer refunds on stamps purchased and because stamps are rarely collected anymore, many people that saved sheets of stamps or inherited sheets of stamps or perhaps stole them from work, are willing to sell them online for less than face value. Remember, like US currency, stamps never expire.

Dear HH

Do you mind saying where you were coming back from? Everyone is kind of curious of were is a successful destination…Frankfurt was confirmed today…I was good in Barcelona and London…so, it would be good to know were you went for your Anniversary.

Best Wishes, James

James please define what you mean as being successful in those cities. Were you transiting through?? Did you disembark?? I assume all by air??

Dear DavidH

I flew to London LAX in May 2014…without any bumps in the road, and did not expect any. I was unaware of the Angel Watch program. From London I flew to Barcelona then reversed the process.

Later in August, I went directly to Barcelona without problems. Returning both times going to secondary was moderately easy.

(I did learn that my detention in South Korea in 20XX had to be the result of the Angel Watch program…I was clean and of course am now…some of this is silly, but once returning to MIA from South America an Agent dropped some pills on the secondary inspection table and asked me about them…So immediately things can become problematic…though me taking some kind of undescribed pills was just silly…and I told them so. We have to be careful, but not crazy careful…imo)

I am recently just back from a trip to the Eastern US…I remain TSA Pre-Checked…process was pretty easy. (I was acutely aware of my allowed length of stay in my destination state).

I expect to be in Europe sometime this year…we will see.

Best Wishes, James

Are you going to notify the US before you go to Europe this next time? I’m curious if the reason you had no issue was simply that they didn’t bother checking anything when you entered last time. If they are proactively made aware, perhaps then they will deny you? Keep us posted!

I have already contacted my local agency and was told there were no current requirements on international travel…this was verbally by phone…I don’t think I will put it in writing…this is only for me, at this time, not for others.

I think England may be good for me because I have been many times…this may show in their records. However, from a document I found here I will carry a copy of their Home Office rules on exclusion.

And argue it with them if necessary…if they deport me…well, so did South Korea….it will not be the end of the world for me. (I actually have a beautiful ex-wife in London…and, oddly, being excluded may be doing me a favor…lol)

I intend sometime this year to file a FOIA request on myself with several agencies…I am sorry I do not have more or better information at the moment.

I’ll let everyone know.

Best Wishes, James

“I have already contacted my local agency and was told there were no current requirements on international travel…”

I am sorry, but how is this possible? The law signed by the President on February 10 CLEARLY states that there is a notification requirement for international travel.

Law Enforcement’s job is to enforce the law. “THE law” and not “the law THEY feel like”.

Same as with the Megan’s Law website suit. The law states that dates SHALL be added by Summer of 2010. Yet they are not. And nothing happens.

“Selective enforcement of the law is the first sign of tyranny”.

Thanks for the info James. Good luck later this year.. I’m sure we’ll all be interested to know how everything went for you.

Europe was my last hope I thought for travel. Well for one, gotta love them socialists and their liberal ways :))) and two, not your typical sex tourism destination, although we’re accused of going there to transit–hence the passport identifier!

I thought you can’t be TSA pre-check if you are a SO?

Dear Doc:

You can’t do or be part of the Global Entry System where they give you a card…I paid for this once, fought DOJ over their refusal to allow this to issue for me…and lost.

But Pre-Check seems tied to the fact that I have flown a lot and so I am a known quantity to TSA.

At least this is what I surmise…from being allowed Pre-Check.

Best Wishes, James

You are correct. We also need for each state to reach out to as many RC’s as possible and get them to join their state organization and educate them on the benefits of having a strong state chapter. Then there are a lot more people to donate for both legal and PR purposes. We need to do this yesterday.

SO, who do you notify you are traveling 21 days in advance? Is it the cop shop where you register? If so, I say you do what the person did above, send them a certified letter to be delivered 21 days in advance. Keep a photographic or scanned copy record of the said signed letter, the envelope, the certified mail receipt, the delivery as tracked online and anything else that would suffice the requirement.

Remember it is the cop shop’s responsibility to take your DNA, submit to the CODIS database and update the NCIC database with your info. Therefore, if you have any problems, you can say to the official who questions you about not giving 21 days advance notice, you pull out your copy of the aforementioned photographic package, which you know they will keep for their records, etc, and give it to them for their records of the interaction and tell them you did. If they don’t like that, then they can talk with your atty! You met your end of the requirement to notify 21 days in advance. It is their responsibility to ensure it gets where it needs to be. You may be detained or hassled a touch more, but if you have proof, then let them know you are in the right. They hate that! OH! Ask them for a copy of the video they may be recording of the interrogation they are running you through too! You are entitled to that and the names/badges, etc of all personnel involved along with a written record of the events….you know, for your records. If you can, grab their business cards from them, for your records of course.

I just read the actual bill language again and there is neither time period nor manner specified for travel notification.


“(7) Information relating to intended travel of the sex offender outside the United States, including any anticipated dates and places of departure, arrival, or return, carrier and flight numbers for air travel, destination country and address or other contact information therein, means and purpose of travel, and any other itinerary or other travel-related information required by the Attorney General.”; and

“(c) Time And Manner.—A sex offender shall provide and update information required under subsection (a), including information relating to intended travel outside the United States required under paragraph (7) of that subsection, in conformity with any time and manner requirements prescribed by the Attorney General.”.

What to do? And how to do it?

Looks like it is up to the Attorney General to come up with a time frame. I can’t find where it says how much time the department has to come up with that time frame, when, where or if the time frame will be announced.
What a sloppily written piece of work this is.

Maybe catch Kamela swigging martinis at the Sacramento Marriot after 5pm on Fridays? I dunno otherwise.

Janice clarified with me, if you do NOT live in a SORNA state you DO NOT have to notify anyone of travel plans. Obviously where you go, depending on the state, might require you to register but if you live in CA you do NOT need to let them know you are going anywhere on vacation.

HH, but I thought in California, if you are leaving the state for five days or more, you must notify the police department at which you register annually. So if my husband and I visit another state, we must notify the police but if we leave the country, no notification is necessary? That doesn’t sound right.

jd –

Where do you see this as a law in 290. Everyone please, stop creating laws in your head or believe what people say on this site, or what a cop tells you. The 290 law is very explicit, and easy to read. There is NOTHING about notifying anyone when you leave the state for a vacation or any other reason. ONLY if you MOVE your residence do you need to notify anyone. Otherwise, it’s ONLY your annual (or monthly for transients, 90 days for SVP) update. You don’t need to tell them about vacations, business trips, new cars, new jobs, etc… PLEASE stop giving them more information than is required. We only hurt ourselves.

You are totally correct! Don’t let them in your head! Fight them…do NOT help them with their mission to destroy the quality of your life!

Avoid the police and only see them when you register (under protest) and do not volunteer information. Simple yes and no answers. Feel free to invoke your 5th amendment right as well if you feel like it.

Go on vacation, forget the government, forget man-made laws and other non-sense that seems to matter but is nothing more than dust in the wind in the long run.

Small minded people feel a need to control others. Those people get into government and law enforcement. Do not forget that.

“Janice clarified with me, if you do NOT live in a SORNA state you DO NOT have to notify anyone of travel plans.”

I’m guessing this is still the case correct?

This is what the Office of Justice Programs publishes for SORNA implementation (

119 jurisdictions (17 states, 99 tribes and 3 territories) have substantially implemented SORNA’s requirements.


South Carolina
South Dakota


Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
U.S. Virgin Islands

So, these are the states I take that need to be notified of your international travel plans? If not, someone say so.

As for notifying the visiting state you are visiting, I read here a fine list of states and their registration requirements, which I took regardless if moving in or just visiting. If this last part is incorrect about visiting, please say so. I would hate to try and do the right thing only to be found it is either wrong or unnecessary.

Dear SSL:

I am sorry…it is all just too confusing, (and I am somewhat smart in these regards), no one can give you the answer you want….The clarity you seek.

I’m not being difficult…I am trying to be honest with you, or give you my perspective. Each of us needs to work this out for themselves…as best they can.

I live in a non-SORNA State…I measure my risk tolerance…in this ever changing landscape, (filled with deceptive landmines)…and give it a shot.

I cannot emphasize enough how things have changed, how, if it was dangerous before these past couple of years…it is doubly so now.

I was nervous about doing this, (who ever wants to contact their registering agency!?!), but I called the Agency…they told me fine…for Europe, had I said Cambodia…I am not sure what they would have said. (before all this terrible new stuff I have thought of retiring in SEA, writing a book or two…not so much anymore…things change).

In any case call your Agency…me doing so made me feel better.

I’ve got to run

Best Wishes, James

The way I understand is is that SORNA is not a law, but a set of guidelines. From the SMART website:

“SORNA refers to the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act which is Title I of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 (Public Law 109-248). SORNA provides a comprehensive set of minimum standards for sex offender registration and notification in the United States.”

SORNA compliant jurisdictions (17 states and 3 territories – talk about colossal failure, but whatever) have modified their OWN STATE criminal code to reflect these minimum standards. Meaning registrants in SORNA compliant states must adhere to their state’s laws – which, again, reflect SORNA standards.

However, when the President signed HR 515 into law in February, THAT became a federal law. And federal law trumps state law. Meaning every person in this country must obey their state law as well as federal law. Which, at this point, requires (!) notification.

There is simply no way, here and today, that a registered sex offender can travel internationally without being required to give notice. For SORNA compliant states not much has changed, but for all others, this federal LAW is now on the books.

How you can have a law – a law, mind you, with a max of 10 years in prison – without giving a citizen a way NOT to violate the law, boggles the mind. What this does is make international travel inherently criminal. Absent a notification vehicle.

While the government may say that they merely provide information to destination countries and those countries deny entry on their own accord, it is fact that in 33 states registrants simply cannot engage in foreign travel without committing a federal criminal offense.

Which, in essence, is a prohibition on free movement. And THAT is unconstitutional.

If this is not right, someone please correct me.

Until the US Attorney General specifies the time and manner requirements there is no advance notice required by IML. Continue to follow your state’s travel notification requirements (if any) and watch this website for information when the AG provides it since I’m sure someone will post that information here the day it becomes publicly available.

By the way, Illinois is not a SORNA compliant state and yet all registrants in this state need to provide an itinerary for travel to the registering agency any time we travel away from our registered home(s) for 3 or more days. Let’s wait for the US attorney general to sort out this poorly written law and to provide clarification before we all jump to conclusions.

Take note, not all SORNA states have a law mandating an advance travel notice. Last time I reviewed the list and state laws, over half did not require it. Seems being AWA compliant does not require the jurisdiction to require an international travel notification.


Does anyone know if your registration has been terminated from the DOJ. Does this still affect you?


If your transgressions dealt with a minor, then yes.

If your transgressions did NOT deal with a minor, then no.

John Doe #3 no longer has to register, but because his past dealt with a minor, then he is subject to the IML passport identifier.

I respectfully disagree. The way the passport identifier provision appears to read (to me) is that 1. one’s past offense involved a minor, and 2. the person must be currently required to register.

I think Tuna is correct, and this passport issue has been re-hashed many times over on this Blog. I believe there is a link to the IML Law.

Then why, pray tell, is John Doe #3 party to this lawsuit?

Quoting FROM the actual lawsuit:

“Therefore, under California law, Plaintiff John Doe #3 is no longer convicted of a sex offense, and is also not required to register as a sex offender in any jurisdiction.” (p. 6)

Is John Doe #3 ignorant of the law? Does John Doe #3 have too much time on his hands? Doubt it. He is a practicing attorney in the State of California. Quoting from the actual lawsuit:

“the State Bar of California reinstated Plaintiff John Doe #3 to the practice of law”.

Why is John Doe #3 part of this lawsuit?

You need to read IML.

Persons not required to register will NOT have the passport identifier requirement. However, they WILL still be subject to Angel Watch notifications.

How does that work? The way it does today!

Once you check in for your flight, you provide the airline with personal information, including your passport number. That manifest is provided to Homeland Security. Homeland checks that manifest, and compares it against numerous databases, looking for outstanding warrants, “No Fly” requirements, etc. One of the things they check for is sex offenses.

Even if you are NOT required to register, you still have a record. If they see a sex offense, they provide notice to the U.S. Marshal’s Sex Offender Targeting group which, in turn, provides a notice to INTERPOL. INTERPOL generates the “green” notice, and that is sent to your destination country.

That is exactly how it works, especially for states like California, where predeparture notification is not required. Even though we don’t notify our registering agencies of our departure, that notice is still being sent to the arriving country. Also, this is proof that the 21 day advance notice requirement is unneccessary BS. They don’t need 21 days to alert anyone! That little, 24 hour window is plenty of time! I know this personally from past trips.

Either way, John Doe 3 is party to the lawsuit because even though he is not subject to registration; and even though he is not subject to the passport identifier; he IS subject to the notifications being sent to arrival countries.

“If they see a sex offense, they provide notice to the U.S. Marshal’s Sex Offender Targeting group which, in turn, provides a notice to INTERPOL. INTERPOL generates the “green” notice, and that is sent to your destination country. That is exactly how it works”

I don’t believe Interpol Green Notices are always sent. The Immigration Official in Mexico indicated to me that they received the Notice from the Angel Watch.

I would really like to understand more about how these Interpol Green Notices are issued. I would only like to hear from an Expert on the Green Notices not speculation. Thanks.

Here’s another great piece. Open that doc, and search for “INTERPOL”….everything will be spelled out for you.

Not sure what you mean by “expert”, since the only info anyone has is what is found on the internet. But here you go…straight from the horse’s mouth.

PK is in denial and want’s an “expert” to clear everything up for him.

Guess what…no one knows.

However, if you want an expert opinion then you had best decide to error on the side of caution because the government will be more than happy to let you know all the details once they have arrested you.

Im not in denial about anything.

There are a lot of people posting things on here as statements of fact. And I don’t need someone to “clear it up for me” as I would think this kind of information would be helpful for everyone.

For example, one person wrote that the “Green Notice is active for an RSO for a period of 5 years” and therefore wouldn’t make any difference if that RSO Traveler flew from France to other destinations, because every country would receive the same Green Notice. In other words, it wouldn’t make a difference if you flew out of the United States, the Green Notice would still be issued.

Instead of hearing from an “expert” if that bothers you, how about someone who has direct experience when traveling as I mentioned as it relates to these Green Notices. As opposed to just writing things you “think about” how the Green Notices operate.

If noone knows TiredOfHiding, since you are the Speaker for everyone, and you know this to be true, then that’s fine too.

The issue of green notices being active for 5 years is what i was told by a former head of one of the organizations that deals with this issue. He said green notices are system-wide notices. It was related to a different topic I had been working with him on. He said that there are notices issued, but green notice is a very specific notice issued. Granted, I could not probe him too deeply on the topic as I cannot let him know my true intent, I’m just telling you what he told me. Take this information for what it is worth – maybe nothing to you. I’m just trying to piece this all together too.

I’m wondering if the no longer has to register isn’t an equal treatment under the law thing–just because one state is a lifetime registration state should not make that person be subjected to a higher scrutiny–that’s a Janice question

So because i have a statutory when i was 20 and she was my girlfriend 16 i now have to get this dumb mark? yes i do have to register. But the guy who full on rapes a 18 year old doesnt need it? im some how more dangerous? wtf.

It’s worst than that. Even if you had been convicted of looking at a pornographic image of a 16 year old, you would have that mark on your passport vs in some cases, adults raping another adult OR beating up a child

I’m in Canada now; arrived by plane in Ottowa last night. I am fortunate enough to have been deemed “rehabilitated” in Canada after a long process. This is my first time here since completing the process. I was stopped at Canadian immigration and asked for proof of rehabilitation. I was worried there would be a problem after IML but it looks like I’m in the clear. I expect to be harassed as usual at US immigration upon my return.

I believe it would be easier to become rehabilitated in Canada for travel and maybe residence then would be in the US any where. Good for you!!


That is great news! What a relief that must be for you.

I have done a little bit of research on this but I didn’t no if it would be a waste of time for me or not. I wasn’t sure they would approve an RSO for rehabilitation to gain entry. Living in Maine entry to Canada is important to me.

Would you be willing to discuss the rehabilitation process with me and what steps you had to do?
It will be 10 years soon for me since I was convicted of a misdemeanor which was legal at the time in Canada. I will also not have to register after that date anymore.

I hope that I would be a candidate to be approved for the Canadian rehabilitation process.

I don’t know if the mods could somehow let us exchange email addresses without posting them online in Beeh would be willing to do so.

I am willing to exchange email addresses if the moderator can assist.

I have a question to anyone that might have legal knowledge to my present status. I’ve lived in Mexico now for over 9 years, been issued a FM3 Visa by the Mexican Government, which means they’ve check my background and have full knowledge of my S.O. convection with a minor. I’m married to a Mexican citizen, is why I was approved, (Mexico has laws to keep family’s together), unlike the USA that just wants to destroy family’s blindy. I travel back and forth three times a week, sent to secondary everytime (Started once Angel Watch was implemented), and for for the most part is painless just more time consuming, unless I get a custom agent that has he’s or her’ own personal issues and puts me through a little more BS, but in the end sends me on my way.
All this said, why would I have to give notice everytime I return back to Mexico as I stated Mexican Government knows of my past is that not the intention of the IML law, the U.S customs knows I travel back and forth for years now, I”m confident the federal government keeps record of how many times a week I reenter into the states. If anyone has a clue as to how i can protect my self please let me know.
Had I know 26 years ago agreeing to a plee bargin out of fear, stupidity, and manipulations of lying social workers had I know what the future would bring to my freedoms of my constitutional rights I hold dearly and fought for (Veteran) would be taken from me, I would have fought my case to the bitter end Damm the consquince. The IML has good intentions, but as most new SO laws are never thought threw they use fear and ignores and no elected official(is it not funny most of the time this laws are pushed through is in a relection year as its great press) wants to be seen soft on sex crimes against children, and never mind concerning them self with statically facts on different types of sex offenders. They just Put on the red cape and their big red S to save the day, lumping us all into one category. They see us all as predator… society want to hate someone and we are easy target’s. How many more laws can the dream up at what Point is it just redundancy. Sorry for all my ruining on just frustrated, when will society believe we are not all the same, as not all RSO are danger to their children and never will be regardless of what label they put on us.

@Unforgiven Can I ask are you a Permanent Resident of Mexico? I’m not clear about what an FM3 Visa is. How many years ago did you obtain this visa from Mexico?

When you say you travel 3 times a week to Mexico, do you fly into the airport?

I was traveling back-and-forth for years also, until one year that changed and I was denied entry. Then again I was working with a Tourist Visa.

Your case is a little interesting because I know of a Federal Case in Mexico that deals with this very issue. An American married to a Mexican but is having trouble obtaining his Residente Temporal.

You have a good point unforgiven!!you meet the test for the law–the Mexican government knows. Yours is something that would be legitimate and of value to take through the courts. This is how these laws get beaten back!! in my opinion during early days of SO there were a lot of bad people manipulating laws, taking on and intentionally losing cases to establish the system of case law we have today. Every bit of which would not stand the smell test even 30 years ago

I don’t understand how he would be required to provide 21 day advance notice, if he’s traveling to Mexico 3 times a week, and has been doing so for years.

Unfortunately, the feds don’t care. In their eyes, the law is the law.

I’d have some fun with them. I’d literally create a form letter, and mail it three days a week, 21 days in advance of each date. Just absolutely overload them with letters! Sort of reminds me of that scene from Harry Potter, when the school is trying to deliver its letter to Harry…all those envelopes flying through the mail slot!

This is a fun one… some thoughts… may one assume that 1) you reside in Mexico (legally and permanently), and 2) you travel to California 3 times a week, and 3) the reason for that is employment.

If the above is true then – because of your employment of over 30 days you register in California under PC 290.002 “Persons required to register in their state of residence who are out-of-state residents employed, or carrying on a vocation in California on a full-time or part-time basis, with or without compensation, for more than 14 days, or for an aggregate period exceeding 30 days in a calendar year, shall register in accordance with the Act.”

But… it says “Persons required to register in their state of residence…” – if the country of Mexico or the state of residence in Mexico does not require you to register, the 30 day employment period would not apply to you.

If you moved to Arizona and worked in California and Arizona required you to register, then yes, register under 290.002. Move to Arizona and work in California and Arizona does not require you to register, then no, don’t register under 290.002.

Therefore, move to Mexico and work in California and Mexico does not require you to register, then no, don’t register under 290.002.

Is that not what it says? Surely not the intent of this law, but so much of this is grammatical gymnastics.

In any event, if you are required to register in a US State, I see no reason why the law would not apply to you. I also see no reason why it would not apply to every single border crossing.

The time period for the travel notification is still to be determined. Say it is 21 days. That means you would, at any day of the year, have 9 active travel notices out there. Before each one becomes current you will be taking 8 more trips across the border.

Failure to forget one of them, or failure to modify any one of them (from Wed to Thu) exposes you to 10 years in prison.

If I were you I would see zero entertainment value in that. As a tax payer I am not amused as this is a colossal waste of resources along a border where individuals and products cross illegally with ease.

I really think someone like you should have been part of the law suit. This law is completely non-feasible for someone like you. While the government continues to claim that they are merely informing other countries and not prohibiting free movement, for someone like you they, at best, ‘chill’ (if that is a thing) free and lawful movement between countries.

All the best.

ETA: I just see in a later comment that you keep a home in the US (California?) and it was to late to edit my comment above. So never mind the first part.

But then again – if you sell that, give up any residence in the US, you should be able to live in Mexico and work in the US without triggering any registration requirement.

ps. I am not a lawyer.

I have a 4 year temporary residence visa and did have an attorney to help me, my record was expunged which was the biggest factor still required life time 290 register as we will never be forgiven and because of this I keep a home in the States to keep everything current, and fall under exclusion from Megans Web site thank God. The case in mexico’ court can you tell me where I can find more information with regarding to this I am assuming it’s still in court, I had my visa one year now can I ask you what year you where denied and did you already have your 120 day tourist visa before you arrived and do you live in california?

Why don’t they tattoo “RSO” on our foreheads instead. It would cause us way more emotional and physical pain, put us in greater danger, and give them greater power over us. Isn’t that what tyranny is all about.

Did not the Nazis do just that, tattoo their prisoners with identification numbers?

Hello Everyone. I have been reading this blog and the comments for a few years now and wanted to chime in. Here are my recent experiences since 2012 (before that I had no issues).

Belgium (2013) – allowed entry after meeting with local police official
Madrid (2015) – allowed entry after being met by police upon exiting the plane
Bahamas (2013, 2014, 2015) – have been allowed entry 4-5 times–no issue
Canada (2014) – denied entry even though I had paperwork for a “work pass”

I am travelling to Cuba at the end of the month. I have absolutely NO IDEA how this will go. Crossing my fingers.


This is great information and thank you. What would be helpful is if you could elaborate on the offense, such as when, where, type?

Yes. Sorry Matthew.

State of Wisconsin – Conviction – March 2005

Use of Computer to Facilitate Child Sex Crime – talking to an undercover policeman about sex. Worst day/best day of my life in many ways.

Sentence – 5 years probation. I am a registrant until 2025 (15 years after probation is over).

I live in that sorry state. You are very lucky your offense happened in 2005 before Wisconsin passed the 2012 mandatory 3-year minimum for certain sex crimes. You would have definitely did prison time for that offense. Plus over the last couple of years, cities & communities in Wisconsin have gone into overkill passing a multitude of RSO residency restrictions that have made many people homeless

@Bret please let us know how it goes in Cuba.

Will do.

When travelling to Cuba you have to have a specific reason to go and you have to pay for your Visa, insurance, etc all before you go and through a Cuban Travel Operator. I have no idea if this increases, or decreases my chances.

I am going with three work colleagues.

If you are American, how are you able to travel to Cuba? The last I heard, Americans are still restricted from traveling & spending money in that country. Unless you are with some NGO or some cultural exchange group. Plus being an RSO traveling there complicates the picture even more. Cuba is a member of Interpol so they probably get the green notices too. American relations with Cuba have warmed slightly but it still isn’t formalized. You’re really taking a chance

Americans can travel to Cuba if their travel fits in a certain criteria. My trip is a work related trip so it fits the criteria. Unless you are going for tourism purposes Americans can go.

I’m not sure what I am supposed to do other than give it a shot. But thanks for the encouragement Erwin 🙂


I await eagerly to read about your Cuban trip, as well as others. You appear to be at the forefront of the travel issue and our Guinea pig, if I may use that analogy. If you are able to travel with that particular offense, at least to most countries, then it gives me encouragement to try as well.

I too was turned back by Canada last summer, which was my only attempt to leave the country. My offense was a misdemeanor RCW 9.68A.090-Communicating with a minor for an Immoral Purpose. I pled to just the statute language with no other allocution June 2011. I am off probation. I had an immigration attorney prepare paperwork for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) to allow me to enter Canada for work. I drove to the border, gave the folks my paperwork, waited an hour, and then they turned me back. Said it had not been long enough. I think he said that I had to wait 10 years after getting off the registry, but not sure if that is really wait he meant.

Canada I believe considers registration as part of the punishment. So for a serious offense they require 10 years after completion of probation and registration before they will let you in. I Will try again once my registration ends, perhaps sooner. Not sure why the WA misdemeanor offense is considered a serious offense in Canada, but they appear to think that way.

Canada won’t let you in with a misdemeanor DUI. They are very tough.


Maybe I shed some light on the process, it seems to me you understand it pretty well.

Canada goes by the date of your conviction and not registration. Even after 10 years have passed Canada will most likely not let you in but will consider you for rehabilitation. 10 years have to have passed for you to be considered rehabilitated. Once you have been deemed rehabilitated you can enter with the paper work.

I’m currently talking with a poster from this site who has to register for life in Florida and he was granted entry into Canada after going through the Rehabilitation process.

If your crime was in 2011, you won’t be able to be considered rehabilitated until 2021, even if you get off the registry sooner.

The process for people varies. If they don’t consider it a serious crime then your looking at paying around $250 plus court records. If they consider the crime serious you are out an additional $1000, plus a psychiatric evaluation, Most likely a Plane trip for an interview depending on where you live and where they have it. The poster i’m talking to had to fly to buffalo from Florida for the interview process.

Canada I believe goes by there criminal code. Something that might be a misdemeanor here like a DUI, is considered a felony in Canada.


i’m in Fl. ad would like more ifo on the process of getting into Canada, i can’t afford the 2500.00 that a company in ca. wants to assist me perhaps the mods here can give you my e-mail

Randy & Concerned registrant,

I’ll tell the person I’m talking to about your questions and hopefully he can come and provide information as he is the one you guys should be talking to.
He completed the process and is the source of my information.

The $2500 might not be that bad if Canada deems you a serious risk and that cost includes everything. If your not a serious risk then obviously thats too much.

Yes if Canada deems you rehabilitated it will show in the system and they will give you a form, that you should have with you when you enter Canada. It does grant you entry for life unless you commit another crime. I’m not sure about living there.

I’ve traveled to Canada a lot because I have friends in Nova Scotia But now my son is banned from traveling there for the time being. Here’s the deal.

There are 2 kinds of offenses in Canada….summary and indictable (which is equivalent of a felony in America). Hybrid is a combination of the two. So the first thing you want to know is the Canadian equivalent of your stateside offense.

If your offense was a misdemeanor, it would likely equate to a summary offense in Canada. That means you would only have to wait five years after your confinement/and or probationary period to automatically be deem rehabilitated for entry into Canada.

If it was a felony, it would likely equate to a indictable offense in Canada. That means you would have to wait 10 years after your confinement/and or probationary period to automatically be deem rehabilitated for entry into Canada.

In some instances a stateside felony or misdemeanor will equate to a hybrid offense in Canada. And only for purposes of accessing rehabilitation, hybrid offenses are bumped up to indictable offenses, That’s why some Americans with misdemeanors have to wait 10 years Even if it was considered a summary offense for someone who committed the exact crime in Canada.

If you can’t wait to be automatically rehabilitated, the key word is 5 years. You have to wait 5 years to apply for rehabilitation. That’s 5 years after all conditions of your confinement and/or probation are met.

All the scenarios I’ve given you are for “non-serious” stateside crimes that would get you 10 years or less in Canada. The fee is usually $200

For “serious” stateside crimes that would get you 10 years or more in Canada. That’s when you have to pay the $1000 and higher fees.

I am back from Cuba. Which means, I made it in.

It wasn’t without issue in the end but I was able to come and go and worth the stress/worry and all that goes with it.

I gave my itinerary to my state authorities 21 days in advance.

To go to Cuba now you have to go through a tour operator. You get your Visa before you leave the States. I arrived in Havana on Thursday, Apr. 28 in the afternoon. They looked at my passport, stamped it, took my picture, and took one half of my visa.

I thought things were perfect until Saturday. We were out during the day and I came back with a note at the hotel to meet with immigration at 2 pm. It was 6 pm at this time. The front desk security called Immigration and they said they were closed and since I was leaving the next day to not worry about it.

On Sunday I got to the airport and got stopped and pulled aside when I was exiting Cuban Immigration. I waited a fair amount of time and eventually went to a small, hot room with Immigration authorities.

I have found that these officials are generally standoffish at first but warm up later. They asked why I was there, my company name, what was my business, did I work with anyone in country, where did I stay, etc.

They were professional. They could tell I was nervous as hell. They asked if I had any past crimes and I told them about my conviction 11 years ago. They asked if I had broken any local laws. They said the US Government had alerted Interpol so they had to pull me aside and talk to me.

In the end there were no issues. They did check my luggage which was fine. I asked them if I would ever be able to return to Cuba and the officer said “yes, no problem.” He was a good enough guy. He took notes. He said he just had to do this per rules (I get it). I got his name and phone number and he said I could call him before I ever plan to come back and let him know.

Upon return in Miami I did go to secondary but it lasted about two minutes. No one checked my bags or asked any questions.

I suggest going to Cuba sooner rather than later before it gets too touristy and commercialized.

Thanks, Bret, great write up…fact full and helpful.

We all thank you.

Best Wishes, James

If one receives the designation of “Rehabilitated” by the Canadian government, then one can visit Canada, correct? Does “Rehabilitated” also allow one to permanently move to Canada?

With registration being regulatory, when seeking advice from an attorney about process, such as whether to send a CYA letter about travel, or whether I have to endure the pages of questions they ask that are not mentioned in state law or deal with their occasional “interview” afterwards for their entertainment (more questions not in state law), do I seek a criminal or a civil attorney…or is a paralegal sufficient?

O.K. everyone I’m going to tell you my experiences since crossing over into the darkside of our exclusive modern day leprosy outcast society. So I live in the Bronx,NYC and I was charged with Disseminating indescent Material to a Minor in the 1st degree for engaging in a conversation with a girl who said she was 16 years old but turned out in fact that she was really 13 and yes I do know that 16 is still underage I just want to put it all in context with you. Now I didn’t get charged for the conversation in itself I was charged for sending her adult pornographic links in which there were 8 altogether so I was charged with 8 counts of it plus the endangering the welfare of a minor charge that is automatic. Now I never met the girl and it was only one conversation over aol. Now you guys don’t have to believe me but the reason I did it was this: Once she told me she was 16 and started chatting with me I said to myself let me see if this is really a minor after awhile I began to say to myself this might be one of those traps like to catch a predator so I then said to myself if this is the case then I’m going to mess with them. So I said I’m going to make them think I’m some sick individual and when they try to get me to meet I will not be there. So after the conversation which was a lengthy one I sent her several links and after that we she was trying to get me to meet her in her house in queens but I said no and told her to come meet me in the Bronx when I said that she ended the conversation with me and that was it I never contacted her again. I wasn’t intending on actually meeting her anyway I was hoping that they would try and set me up but it would be to no avail because I would not be there. So anyway a month went by with nothing happening. Then I end up taking a trip to Miami and I get a call from my brother who was blowing up my phone so I picked it up and my brother was asking me if I talking to young a young girl over the internet and at that point I immediately remembered the conversation I had with the girl a month before. Now let me back track for a second back to the conversation I had with the girl. During the conversation she asked me my name and for some reason I gave her my brothers name since it just popped in my head because it was the first name that came to my head and I also sent her a picture of myself as well but it was a normal picture fully clothed. So now fast forward to my brother calling me. So when he asked me that question I assumed that my brothers girlfriend was there listening because maybe somehow she heard of the conversation and though my bro. was cheating so she was having him call me to prove that he wasn’t. So I being very stupid answered yes to it and right after that he hung up. So I thought that was it and a few minutes after I received a phone call back from my dad saying that the detectives had just executed a warrant at our house and that they were going to take my brother in because I had used his name but when they showed him the picture he told them that it was a picture of me his brother. So they then threatened to take him in unless he could somehow get me on the phone to admit it. Now remember I was in Miami at the time enjoying the sun. So that was when he called me and when everything I mentioned earlier had occurred. So after months of adjournments and two years later I refused their plea bargain which was cop out to the charge and take 5 years probation. They were very slick because they tried to hide the fact that if I would have taken the plea deal that I would have still had to register. So knowing that I said to myself F it if I’m going down I’m going to go down fighting so I said I’m taking it to trial even though I was stuck with an inefficient state appointed attorney. He convinced me to have a bench trial by telling me that these tend to me cases of emotion and that most jurors tend to make decisions involving children based on emotion so knowing this I said o.K. I’ll go with a the bench trial because at least the Judge knows the law I will not go based off emotion. So long story short I was found guilty and sentenced to 1 too 3 years split bid in which I served two years in a medium facility and did the third year on Parole.
So while I was on Parole I decided to finish college and get my degree. It was funny because the Parole officer tried very hard to convince me not to go to school because I would have to disclose my case to the administration. Now coming out of prison I was gun-ho and I did not care about who I told my case to so I did it anyway and the school took me in thank goodness these colleges are so liberal. In fact they even had me talk to the dean and the dean told me that if I experience any sort of discrimination to notify him. So I felt comfortable and was welcomed with open arms. Eventually I graduated with a B.S. right after finishing my parole. Right at that last semester I decided to do a study abroad program for my winter intersession. I wanted to visit Uganda and was accepted into a primate program. So after securing scholarships to pay for my trip and working through all the finer details I was ready to go. Now I said all I have to do is let the Sex offender unit know that I am leaving the country. SO I called them up and they just told me to give them the dates and the country that I was traveling too. what I didn’t tell them was that I had like a 12 hour layover in Dubai going and coming. So all they told me they were doing was writing a note of my travel into my file in the computer. Now I was all set to go. I ended landing in Dubai where I said the hell with sitting in the airport for 12 hours I’m going to go out and explore and let me tell you it was the fastest exit I ever made from a customs process ever. I went right up showed them my passport and then they stamped it if I remember correctly for 30 days and I was on my way. Now I forgot to mention that I was classified as a low-risk level one sex offender. After that I made my way to Uganda which was no problem and on my way back I explored Dubai some more and even visited the Burj Khalifa tower and traveled to the observation deck. In all this trip was a total of two weeks. When I got back state side I called the SOMU people up to let them know I was back because that is what they had asked me to do. There was never any issue with this whole trip.
My next trip was a few months after in which I traveled to El Salvador for over 30 days I believe it was about 35 days I was out of the country for in total. For this trip I did as I did before and called the SOMU people up this time like 3 days I was about to leave and told them where I was going. once again they just told me they were writing a note on my file in the computer and I gave them the dates and they said I was good to go. Let me tell you guys about my experience in El Salvador just in case anyone is interested. It is a very beautiful country like the rest of central America. The city is a little run down but it also has it’s ups though. I like it more outside of the cities such as the country areas. It is way more beautiful and the people are more relaxed and more to themselves and very nice as well. Now as far a crime goes yes there is crime but don’t listen to the propaganda that you see on T.V. you are not going to see gangsters at every corner with tattoos waiting to mug and kill. In fact I didn’t see any of that the whole time I was there. I rented a car and traveled all over. Now I hear that a lot of those things happen on the buses but since I rented a car I assume I was insulated from all of that. I did take the bus one time but I felt very safe the whole time. I visited a lot of the Mayan archaeological sites while I was there. I also decided while I was there to go for three days to Copan, Honduras in which I also had to pass through Guatemala. For this trip I paid for a private shuttle to take me there and I entered each country with no problems. It was a really awesome experience. I even rented a very nice private beach house for me and my girlfriends family for a week which was about only 800 dollars. They use the U.S. dollar in EL Salvador. It was very nice and located right off the coast in an area known as Costa del Sol. It had a private pool and like enough bedrooms to fit 12 people. It had a nice kitchen and direct access to the beach which we had almost to ourselves. I’m telling you all consider El Salvador. Yes there are dangerous areas but those areas are the areas where you would not want to go anyway but the tourist areas are safe. And there are lots of affluent communities that are gated and with security. You would be surprised by what they have in El Salvador. There are lots of wealthy neighborhoods if you have money. Honduras was really nice but I can’t say much because I was only there for three days and only visited Copan. Once I got back stateside I notified SOMU that I was back. Now the person I spoke with told me that I was suppose to do a change of address but I told her that whoever I spoke with told me I was fine and that they entered a note into my file. I told her to check because I couldn’t remember the persons name and after doing so she told me that I was fine. So that was another successful trip.
My last trip I just came back from this January. I just visited Egypt. Once again I called SOMU the week before my departure and they placed a note into the my electronic file again. The trip was a total of 11 days it was suppose to be 10 but we ended up having to stay a day longer because of a blizzard in N.Y. I also didn’t tell them that on my way to Egypt that we had a two day layover in Belgium because my professor whom I do research with has family their and she wanted to visit them on our way to Egypt. So after going to the customs counter and showing my passport the agent just asked me what was my purpose there and I told them that my professor has family there and that we are on our way to Egypt and I showed him my itinerary and he waived me off. On the way back from Egypt we stayed for 3 days because as I mentioned before we had a snow storm in N.Y. Now in Egypt the only problem I encountered was while entering the country which was really nothing. The customs agent kept on asking me to show other I.D. because he said I had looked different from my passport photo. Now the passport I have been using for all my trips was the passport I had been using before I had gone to prison. So in that photo I was a whole lot younger. I just showed him all my other I.D.’s such as school I.D. and state license and once again I was good to go no problems. I stayed in Egypt for a total of 7 days. Back state-side I once again called SOMU to notify them that I was back and all was well.
Now my next trip is to Yucatan, Mexico to work on an Archaeological project in which I am suppose to be at for 30 days. Now I’ve been reading all the bloggs and I have to admit that I am very nervous but I’m hardheaded and I’m going to take the chance anyway and attempt to go. Today I emailed the N.Y. Consulate and and explained to them my situation and they responded back to me right away and very kindly. They told me that Americans don not need visas but that ultimately the final division of whether to admit or barr you falls upon the customs agent who you are before at the time. I am going to roll the dice on this once and take a chance I will let you all know how it goes once I’m back.
Now just a word about what I know about N.Y.C. from what I’ve researched NYS does not opted into the AWA because they say that despite the cut in federal funding the cost of operating such a large policy statewide would far outweigh the cost they would incur for opting out. So they just do the bear minimum of what the federal guidlines require from the state. From what it looks like though NYS might just be participating in the portion of that act which involves information sharing but as far as placing other restrictions that directly affect us it seems that N.Y.S. is not complying, so please correct me if I am wrong. The reason I mention this is because I ‘m not sure if this would have to do with me not having much issues traveling or is it just because the countries I traveled to really don’t have any agreements with the U.S. and also that the capable countries that I did visit I was ultimately just transiting through en route to a lesser developed country. Please inform me if you know otherwise. Anyway if you guys have any further questions feel free to contact me and I hope this helps and I will update you guys on the Mexico situation once I get back. Take care all.

…..Wait for it……wait for it……
Cue the tape……. and 3…2…1…..
usak response:)

Wasn’t sure where to put this, so…
Just got approved for TSA pre check. I’m an RC, tier 1, living in state that does not post tier 1s on public website. CP charge 7 years ago, have been off probation for 3 years.

Bottom line – looks like RC do qualify for this as long as they haven’t committed one of the disqualifying crimes listed on the TSA pre check website.

I know this doesn’t help with the international travel issues, but at least it is something.

OK, so…I also have 1 CP charge 18 years ago (non adjudicated), living in California where I am not posted on its public website. I have been off probation for over a decade with not so much as a traffic ticket.

Can you tell me the steps you took so I can replicate them and see if I get the same results.

You can contact me via email via the admins of the site if you would prefer to keep this information off the general site.

I will report by my results once this is done and see if there might be some hope for a few of us no matter how slight.



Their really isn’t anything special that you need to do or know for TSA pre approve.

Its very easy to do and straight forward, just go their website and follow the steps. They have a list of disqualifying offenses

If you do not have any of the offenses they have listed go ahead and apply.

I didn’t do TSA PRE but instead T.W.I.C and the offense listed are similar or the same.

– I scheduled an office visit, went to small office in some random building, they took my photo and finger prints, I paid the Non-refundable fee and I was approved about a month later.
I’d imagine the process is similar.

AS of Monday May 3rd the CBP has not yet begun to steal people’s passports.

I passed through the Laredo Port this morning on foot, without incident and with my passport intact. Besides, of course, the usual secondary inspection with the dog checking my bags making sure I didn’t bring any illegal narcotics back into the United States. After all, it’s always possible for an RSO with a Misdemeanor Sex Offense from 16 years ago, would want to carry narcotics.

Anyway, this will for sure be that last time I will cross back into the United States in my lifetime. I’ve already established a life in Mexico and I’m married there. I only came back here this last time to get as much cash as I can as well as the medication that I need. I felt somewhat confident from the statements expressed from the person in charge of stealing passports, that they will not implement this until late 2016. To me, my passport is probably worth about $50,000 and it’s crucially important- I’m glad my passage went well

Good going, PK – hope you have a wonderful, free, normal life abroad.

I’m very happy to hear the PK….it seems that you have planned well and it has worked out for you.

I just couldn’t leave the US, as is true for most of us, but good on you mate.

Best Wishes, James

I’m sure there are a few RSO’s (such as yourself James) who are so proud of United States that it would be absolutely impossible to ever conceive of leaving the US.

Today I received an email from Paul Rigney who indicated that an RSO located in Pennsylvania: “After [this RSO] informed his local agency of his trip, he received a letter from the State Department explaining their intent of putting an endorsement on the back of his passport indicating his registration status.”

Probably in the near future, we will seeing a surge of reports about people receiving notices from the State Department about their passports being seized.

Once Sexual Offenders realize that they have become essentially “virtual prisoners” within the United States, you will see a lot more angry comments, for example from people wanting to get the f*** out. I would also expect to see reports of suicide from many RSO’s who are just now finding out about this International Megan’s Law.

I would like to see how patriotic you become mate, once you receive your notice in the mail.

Duh? Not too good at reading comprehension. eh?

Actually I reported this accurately:

After [this RSO] informed his local agency of his trip, he received a letter from the State Department explaining their intent of putting an endorsement on the back of his passport indicating his registration status.”

And wtf are you talking about? or were you just “wonderin duh”?

Dear PK

It is not a question of being patriotic…I have thought of leaving, but, at least two problems;

1) Who would take me? (considering my criminal background)

2) I have obligations here, in the US of A. There would be many people…upset if I left on a permanent basis.

2b I have other obligations…here.

Once, maybe 10 years ago, Belize, a lovely country was selling passports and residency for $25,000…cheap, cheap, cheap…I couldn’t do it then, I probably can’t do it now.

This story about the State Department notice…do you have a link for this?

I was thinking of applying right now for a new passport…but if what you say is true…maybe I should hold off…mine expires late 2017.

I wish you well on your journey outside the US, you should wish me well here…I may have the more problematic road.

But I am happy for you.

Best Wishes, James

James wrote: “I just couldn’t leave the US, as is true for most of us, but good on you mate.”

Ok let me take you by the hand and explain that James was happy for you being able to live elsewhere by choice when him and most other registrants can’t.
Please take the time to read comments directed towards you carefully before taking offence.

I know he was happy for me.

I was really commenting on his statement:
“I just couldn’t leave the US, as is true for most of us”

Then he clarified his reasoning with the fact that he has obligations in the US that he can’t walk away from.

I don’t have those obligations and I’ve set myself up to not have many commitments. Despite the fact that I’m Microsoft Certified, I’m an RSO and have been deemed a second class citizen with very few opportunities here unfortunately.

I would suspect the first a lot of Registered Citizens will hear of IML is when they are indicted for failure to provide the 21 day notification and staring down the nose of multi-year year prison sentence. I am so fearful that the usa will become more than just a virtual prison for more than a few good people – just for attempting to do what should be their right. I remain and will remain sickened by this.

I am glad that you are able to return to MX. I was living in Mexico and had a fiance and returned for medication and to see some of my doctors. Then I was turned around and even with a non contact offense, the green notice makes it impossible to return. It is very disheartening.

Mike, it’s too bad you didn’t get married to that Mexican Citzen.

I did not know that there was a problem. She was not pushing it saying that she did not need the paper. Now I do not think that there is any way to get married. Mexican attorney seem to be clueless and they operate on the idea that you pay them and then they will see what they can do. It is as if they do not know how to research anything before hand.
I am in the RTAG group and I hope that we can make some headway. I could highly recommend any person with a steady income, even only social security, to live in Mexico as for me the cost of living is so much lower and the lifestyle so much more fun than here in the US.
If I was off of the registry, I would choose to live on the coast of Mexico.

“I did not know that there was a problem. She was not pushing it saying that she did not need the paper. Now I do not think that there is any way to get married.”

You need the paper. You actually could get married, and a Tourist Visa is no longer required.

Mike what may I ask is the RTAG group?? and anyway you can get her here to marry her?? how about a surrogate wedding???

Registered Travelers Action Group, I am not sure where the link is. I only have an individual’s email so I do not think I should post it here yet.
I can not bring her here. Part of Sorna. I have no idea about a surrogate wedding.

Hi Mike,

You had mentioned that you are part of RTAG and I’m not sure if we had emailed each other, when you were returning from Atlanta.

If you are still part of RTAG, I was wondering if you could share any new information that you all have learned. Especially in regards to Mexico.

Anyone know the possibilities of studying abroad or teaching English abroad?

Pk- You need to stay postive, as this law will be changed we’re already seeing change with the AWA as its over the top and the states are seeing this. IML makes to many assumptions.
I believe in our constitution which will prevail. The fight has begun and threw our collective efforts truth and change will come threw our courts, as it will never happen with polticans as their scum lying currupt idiots that just want to line thier pockets. The irony is everyone knows this and yet we keep putting the same idiots in office which makes us just as bad, the change wont come fast and will be painful at first but will come. I have faith as faith conquers all. Remember are polticans are stupid with their heads up their ass’s..
That’s why we have a none elect supreme court to maintain justice from our pandering idiot polticans that pass idiot unjust unconstitutional laws so they can get relected threw lies and off the backs of peole they think cant fight back (SO) and not have to do anything that truly helps the people they claim to represent and maintain status quo…
I cross the boarder weekly so I know my passport will be mark but I have a resident visa so I keep postive as the US can’t stop me from traveling or you once yours is in place as well. Stay postive as being negative does know good for anyone

“I cross the boarder weekly so I know my passport will be mark but I have a resident visa so I keep positive as the US can’t stop me from traveling”

You don’t know how lucky you are to have that Permanent Visa.

For me that will take a little bit of effort and most likely wind-up in the courts.

Mexico will soon realize that NOT ALL Sex Offenders who want to enter into Mexico are Child Sex Traffickers. SOME Sex Offenders even have minor offenses and are not required to register at all!

Mexico will soon realize that NOT ALL Sex Offenders who want to enter into Mexico are Child Sex Traffickers. SOME Sex Offenders even have minor offenses and are not required to register at all!

Does anyone know of a nation that might accept an American RSO? My offense was 23 years ago. I have an online business and would probably at least 100K of cash after selling my house and possessions. I have no degree, and my wife and my two adult children would be coming with me, since we all work in the same family business together. I would be willing to start over anywhere to get out from under the lifetime of shame of not being forgiven by this nation for my past crime.

And Stevo if I could go I would do the same. Get out of this place. They are making it so difficult to even visit another country I can’t imagine how one could get out never to return.

I don’t want to bring politics into the conversation, but D. J. Trump thinks the only real fix for you and me is to cut our nuts off. Now that’s something that would really make this country great again.

This is the feeling of society as a whole in this country we live in now.

When the concept of a SOR was dreamed up years ago, I honestly believe it was so law enforcement could monitor those who made mistakes that were considered sexual in nature. In the beginning it was “administrative”. Now it’s absolutely “PUNISHMENT”.

Can you imagine a Supreme Court Justice stating that “castration is administrative”. That’s what the United States is coming to.

I just can’t leave my Son and my wonderful Grandchildren. I’m afraid I’d never see them again.

I can say this. If they start surgically removing testicles retro-actively like every other law directed at us is retro-active, adding additional punishment to us with each new law, I will find a way out of here…Dead or Alive.

I wish that I did, Steveo and I’ve travelled a great deal, always on the lookout for someplace I might eventually make my home.

So far, and despite falling in love with many countries and cultures, I have not found one (with one possible exception, see below) that will accept someone with a criminal conviction. I know that some manage to swing it by simply flying under the radar of officialdom but I’m unwilling, at this point in my life, to take the risks that that would entail. If I had known thirty years ago what I know now and just how terrible things can become, I would today be the citizen of another country, having relinquished my American citizenship.

If one is considering living under the radar, it might be possible, depending upon the country, your resources (and resourcefulness), the people you meet who may be able to help you and simple luck. The first step would be to simply overstay your tourist visa although lots of people end up being deported at some point. Finding employment will be a challenge. You will probably have to accept little or no job security and low wages, depending upon your qualifications.

I have no particular countries in mind as I would consider a number of places in Asia, Eastern Europe, North Africa or South America.

I would recommend you try to visit as many places as possible before making up your mind but, as you have a conviction, that has suddenly become very difficult.

However, I don’t have a family and have not considered expatriation from your position.

Perhaps your family members could obtain legal residency and, somehow, assist you in staying.

$100K is substantial but I don’t know that it would be enough to obtain minimum investment requirements for many countries. Besides, you will not want to tie-up that money which you will need to live.

Consider Chile. That’s the only major country that I know of that has had an inexpensive program for gaining permanent residency, no investment requirements and, if applied for within Chile itself (as opposed to filing from the U.S.) purports to not have a problem with past convictions (but this is debateable, with another immigration law firm saying “no SERIOUS criminal convictions”). Also, this program may well have disappeared by now. These things come-and-go.

Good luck!!

Does Chile have any universities that would accept me? And do they have degrees taught in English?


Is there a way that we can talk in Email?

Thank you,


Just get a temporary email address and post it here. As I had learned from a posting here. offers disposable email address.

“Consider Chile. That’s the only major country that I know of that has had an inexpensive program for gaining permanent residency, no investment requirements and, if applied for within Chile itself (as opposed to filing from the U.S.) purports to not have a problem with past convictions (but this is debateable, with another immigration law firm saying “no SERIOUS criminal convictions”). Also, this program may well have disappeared by now. These things come-and-go.”

I wonder if Chile is still good? RTAG Matrix says it is.

It’s probably worth doing a Google search on the website and “Chile” to find that negative report about Chile earlier.

I’m afraid that the Matrix is still missing things.

Yea the Matrix is kind-of unreliable. I know Paul is doing the best he can with it, considering he’s not getting paid to do that.

I heard Uruguay has the same residency program but the cost of decent housing and imported goods is a big turn-off. And from what I heard, the weather really sucks (constant cloud cover and rain in the winter) However the country is well developed, has low crime and plenty of land outside the urban areas. South Africa is a better choice because they have a low cost of living along witha permanent residency program and lots of housing options for buying. I believe a person only has to prove they have income of at least 1700 a month. Now South Africa does have a crime problem. It’s not as bad as the 90s with the fall of apartheid & democratization. Today’s crime is mostly in the urban areas but the smaller towns are much safer. Many parts of the South Africa are beautiful…especially the coast and hill country around Durban. I’ve been to both S.A. and Namibia which is a much safer country and their major city Windhoek is well developed but not the townships to the south. Botswana is also a good choice but it’s expensive
I’ve also heard a lot of good things about Kigali Rwanda which is called the ‘Singapore of Africa’ The city is developing with a very low crime rate. But the country is somewhat run like a soft dictatorship (along the lines of Singapore) from what I heard

Many countries & continents have been brought up on this forum but no one ever mentions Africa. It’s not all war and famine. The developed south is your best option….Namibia, South Africa and Botswana. I spent time in Windhoek which is a beautiful developed clean desert city…like living in Tucson. Also consider South Africa. Outside of the impoverished townships is modern living. Sandton is a fast growing suburb of Johannesburg. Sandton has gorgeous scenery & is home to a lot of expatriates includung my cousin who owns a home there. Living in the Joesburg metro feels not much different than living in Southern Cal with developed freeways and infrastructure. Durban & Capetown are also great cities. Another thing I failed to mention is that you can buy modern secured townhomes & condos in SA at a fraction of the cost in the US. South Africa has this retirement VISA program. They take into consideration criminal records, but they have to be real serious crimes. Most sex offenses don’t count as real serious. In addition you would need to have an income stream of 36000 Rand a month. That’s about $2600 US dollars. And that can cover anything including annuities, ss, or investments. English is spoken just about everywhere in the countries in the South of Africa. If I didnt have family in the states. I would move to Africa in a heartbeat. For disclosure, I’m speaking from tje experience of an African American traveling to those places but I doubt American whites would have any trouble. Some (not all) locals have more of a hatred toward the Dutch and Afrikaans, and Germans as the case in Namibia. Americans are a respected novelty no matter the color. Overall locals are extremely nice. So I really dont understand why some folks on this board want to try and live in Mexico. The Phillipines, Thailand or whatever
When they can live in a more developed english speaking part of the world. As far as other places in subsaharan Africa…..I never been and cant comment on. But believe it or not, I heard good things about Kigali Rheanda which is suppose to be the new Singapore of Africa

I thought I post this info for you about the South African Retirement Visa

In the FAQ section, it says “unless you’ve been convicted of a serious crime, like murder, rape or drug trafficking, then, generally, you still qualify to become a South African permanent resident”

Would anyone one be able to open communications with me regarding traveling and living abroad? My email is


Belgium wants you to disclose any criminal convictions in the last five years only. See However, there are many other hoops to jump through to get a residence permit for Belgium, as the web page will inform you.

Wow…very informative Erin .
Thank you. That was like bringing to the table a nice tray of food to share . Food for thought.

Would anyone one be able to open communications with me regarding traveling and living abroad? My email is


Concerning the links about permanent visa/retirement visa requirements for South Africa and Belgium. Don’t get all excited. The link for S. Africa is to a visa consultancy agency that wants as many people to apply as possible, even those with criminal records. If a client is rejected, they still get their money. Also, be aware that all countries to my knowledge, require a criminal background. The examples for acceptable crimes are things like DUI. Any sexual offense is going to disqualify because it is a serious crime showing “Moral turpitude”, showing the person is of bad character (and therefore likely to re-offend).
The Belgium requirements: Application must be filled out in German, French, or Dutch. You must prove a reason that links you to Belgium (ancestry, business, marriage to a national), and the 5-year FBI background check does not mean they will not reveal your entire history. Years ago the Philippines also required a 5-year criminal history. I was able to apply at LAPD in Los Angeles, and found out that they would report your entire history. When I pointed out that only five years was required, I was told that they were going to report everything.

The direct link to South Africa is

It does state that you must provide police clearance for any country for which you have resided for greater than 12 months, and that the clearance must extend all the way back to your 18th birthday.

Just for fun, here is a link where your dollars will go far.

All of these 10 listed countries are fun places…Ecuador might actually take you due to their disputes with the US in general. I know you can visit Ecuador…but definitely not Costa Rica…which is a shame because it really is a nice place.

Africa might work also…Africa is a huge, huge continent.

What would be nice would be to give 21 day notice, fly to France or Belgium or Germany and seek asylum…if it gets much worse here I half way sincerely think that you might have a legal basis under EU Laws…but I’m not sure of this yet.

Your 21 day Notice would include a Notice that you would be seeking Political Asylum from persecution and Violations of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights….

If one person did this, I am fairly sure that they would just turn you around and deport you…and arrest you upon your return. (But if you followed all the laws in the IML and gave Notice….? Hummmm…? Could they arrest you?)

But if a hundred people sought Asylum this would be News…and if 10 people a week did this for 6 months this may actually effect change…

Some of us have it really bad…the homeless in Florida especially! They don’t have a bunch to lose..pick the best of that group and send them off this kind of mission…Hummmm

Take up a collection to fund this project…hummm

Well, I am only fantasizing now.

The problem with me is that I am doing pretty well…of course at any moment my society can yank this all away from me….(actually this happened once…they said I hadn’t registered when I had…spent a couple of days in jail…so I have to live this shadow paranoia….but I know I am lucky in this regards).

Remember, marriage to a foreigner may be an option also.

Good Luck, James

PS Puerto Rico is having a real problem with Net Out Migration….it would be nice if they let us in…;>}}}

I like you’re style and thinking james god this road has been bumpy and am doing good now and no longer have to work but just a 5 years ago I lost everything and was freaking out. I keep in touch with a couple guys from my group but the more i read the more angry i get.. especially now i am able i always thought i would just leave us and it not be my problem then i realized laws changed. We do need to fight back and we have an army that just needs to be organized like 800,000 strong not counting family and friends. I dont know but reading you’re post motivates me and I am going to look in my state for an organization.

“Ecuador might actually take you due to their disputes with the US in general. I know you can visit Ecuador…but definitely not Costa Rica”

Why isn’t Ecuador listed in RTAG?


An RC has to have visited (or attempted to visit) Ecuador first to gather data then report that to the RTAG and anyone else who is interested in hearing the results. Disputes with Uncle Sam don’t mean anything. Russia has disputes with the USA and still won’t let RCs in as I understand.

“Ecuador might actually take you due to their disputes with the US in general. I know you can visit Ecuador…but definitely not Costa Rica”

This was according to @James so I figured he already visited there.

James, you can go to Puerto Rico anytime you want and you can stay, for that matter. It is part of the U.S., after all. You will have to register, though.

Pk my application did go to court what saved me was four things good lawyer, married to a Mexican citizen, 26 years had passed from my convection and my case involved a family member who admitted she was manipulate by others to claim I touched her privates 20 years later… I tried to take it back to court in the US but that’s another story

Can I ask when your case was presented to the Mexican Court?

According to my Lawyer there is no current Federal Mexican Case Law regarding RSO’s entering into Mexico.

If you visit one of the 26 Schengen countries (most of Europe), you can stay (without visa) 90 days out of 180 (three months of out of six). Then you have to leave for three months and the clock resets and you can return for three months. There are several attractive visa-free countries not in the Schengen zone which you visit in the off months, like Croatia. There are also other options, notably the long-term or “D” visa, available in (at least) France and Sweden without background check. You have to have enough income to live without working, have medical insurance, and other requirements. It would take some work and logistics, but it would be a nice life. Here’s a website with useful details:

Very Useful link! Thanks Bill…this should give many of us pause…and/or hope.
I’m thinkin`….lol

This year’s Italy trip, if I get to do it…might also be to look around. From my time in Brazil I do speak some Portuguese so Portugal should and is also high on my list.

(I always thought I’d retire in Peru…but you know, now that I can’t go, I never liked Lima that much anyhow…lol)

Best Wishes, James

How did the Italy trip go?

Hey Bill, would it be possible for us to connect via email? I just have some questions.


I am a disabled veteran now no longer working always dreamed of retiring in philippines but had that dream crushed as now i am free and finacially able to just travel I found out philippines is not allowing us sex offenders in.. Its all sex offenders but other countries are not sending the green notice and I have heard they get in. I am still looking around on where to move. I dont know how the passport thing will work but someone mentioned I had sex with a girl that was 14 met on dating site for 18 and above but thats beside point. Some countries in europe italy where i lived for 3 years being one age of consent is 14. So I’m not sure how they would react to me coming in. This passport is really going to mess things up. I know of a friend that did not know about 21 day noticed and traveled abroud without trouble.. his next trip to different country gave noticed and got harrassed for 1-2 hours but eventually let in.

Hi I think if you reallly wanted to enter into the Philippines you could figure out a way. Flying in from the United States is definitely out of the question.

Another thing is i have heard this group is active not sure if you are working on something but i looked up green notice on interpol and the definition is a criminal who is likely to comment more crimes in a foreign country. How can they say that about every sex offerender.. I’m going to call the Aclu but alot of people dont know how crazy these laws are. Or they say oh sex offenders kill them or give em hell.. Its like this is america and I served 10 years in the military and it makes me sick to see these violations of basic rights. I dont know just venting and putting green notice out there.


I believe your thinking is sound: International human rights and green notices. I think if we are going to win any where it’s not in the US court system but in a venue of the UN–unlike the US the UN does consider international travel a basic human right.

And I believe we are fighting IML for the wrong reasons: just like you pointed out green notices are about criminal likely hood and the US is abusing that process by not even making an attempt to determine the likely hood that an individual would re-offend their sole process is to issue blanket letters against an entire class of citizen–the lawsuit should be about that!!

Pk its been 4 years now

I want to go on a vacation ( 7 days) with family to Italy.
Anyone have any experience with RSO getting into Italy post into Meghan’s jaw?
My conviction was in 2000 in Illinois now officially resident if California.

Any info would be greatly appreciated

Also info on France and Germany

Thanks all

I want to go on a vacation ( 7 days) with family to Italy.
Anyone have any experience with RSO getting into Italy post into Meghan’s jaw?
My conviction was in 2000 in Illinois now officially resident if California.

Any info would be greatly appreciated

Also info on France and Germany

Thanks all

Go to this page to find out about specific countries:

France and Germany seem to be letting people in. Italy is said to be letting people in although I don’t know the source of that report. Paul at Registrant Travel Action Group has put it into his travel matrix as being an accepting country.

Here are those European countries for which positive experiences (i.e. not refusing entry) have been collected:


The U.K., of course, is NOT one of those countries. Don’t go there.

Also, be sure to fill-out the questionnaire which can be found at the top of the travel experiences page after you have traveled, or attempted to travel, to any foreign country. This is extremely important, both as a resource for Registrant travel, and for legal research that is needed for current and future legal challenges.

Good luck!

I fear I must disagree with my good friend, (almost, if we ever meet) Mr. Kennerly…I have yet to see a first hand report of a Turn Back of an RSO in the UK.

This may wishful thinking on my part, but from here, CARSOL, I have this information from the UK Rules…this may or may not help…but until there is an actual report of a Refusal of Entry, with some specifics…I do not believe we yet know on the UK.

See here:

You will also want to read the UK immigration rules here:

Read this part:
Grounds on which entry clearance or leave to enter the United Kingdom
is to be refused
(1) the fact that entry is being sought for a purpose not covered by these Rules;
(2) the fact that the person seeking entry to the United Kingdom:
(a) is currently the subject of a deportation order; or
(b) has been convicted of an offence for which they have been sentenced to a period of
imprisonment of at least 4 years; or
(c) has been convicted of an offence for which they have been sentenced to a period of
imprisonment of at least 12 months but less than 4 years, unless a period of 10 years
has passed since the end of the sentence; or
(d) has been convicted of an offence for which they have been sentenced to a period of
imprisonment of less than 12 months, unless a period of 5 years has passed since the
end of the sentence.

So if you were sentenced to less than 12 months then after 5 years the UK won’t automatically deny you clearance to enter


Best Wishes, James

James, I may be prejudiced, owing to the U.K.’s especial antagonism towards Registrants and their collusion with the U.S. in developing the regimen which served as the precursor to IML, but my recommendations may well be insufficiently nuanced, especially given their stated delineations, which you rightly include.

Unfortunately, my >4 years in the slammer makes me one of those disqualifying travelers. This, undoubtedly, influences my prejudice.

Paul’s travel matrix lists the U.K. as a country which is known to have refused entry to Registrants. I don’t know of the specifics and I’m hoping that the matrix gets updated soon and provides further details.

I do recommend that anyone wanting to travel to the U.K. to consider first arriving in another city outside of the U.K., perhaps Paris or Amsterdam, and then traveling by train or plane or ferry to the U.K. in order to minimize the damage to their travels if they are subsequently refused entry.

One thing I think is safe to say is that British antipathy to sex offenders is more virulent than that of their counterparts on the Continent. Further, that the U.K. has spelled out, in such detail, requirements of admissibility, is indicative of the potential interview process which one will likely encounter upon arrival. And, as always, immigration officials have tremendous discretionary authority to refuse entry with the scantest of reasons.

Dear David:

It looks like you are right…see Bill Arthur below.

However, I would appreciate if you could post the link to Paul’s (?) Travel Matrix. I don’t know where it is.


Best Wishes, James

David: “I don’t know of the specifics and I’m hoping that the matrix gets updated soon and provides further details.”

James: “However, I would appreciate if you could post the link to Paul’s (?) Travel Matrix. I don’t know where it is.”

I’ve reached out to Paul via email with travel information, and I’m not sure if he has changed his email address or something?

Does anyone know if this RTAG is even still in existence?

Are people supposed to be contacting Paul via email with Travel Updates? There is no real guidance of how the RTAG Process works.

PK, RTAG is still happening. I will talk to Paul about this and try to find out about an updated Matrix.

I really wish that I had been wrong, James. Good luck with your trip! Do try the indirect route to the U.K.

I had considered trying that each year that I was in Amsterdam or Paris (but after the U.K. was known to have slammed the door to us) and each year I decided life was too short and that secondary trips to Greece or the Balkans or Sicily sounded a whole lot more relaxing than running the U.K.’s nasty gauntlet. I always hated British immigration officers anyway, finding them to be nasty and power-drunk.

Thank you David and everyonr for the information
I greatly appreciate it

Hi David

An update to Ireland. We had an RSO turned back from Ireland. At issue is any conviction that requires incarceration of greater then 1 year.

Registrant TAG Executive Director

Any conviction as in sexual related offence or any offence that lead to a prison term resulting a year or more in prison? Please clarify. Thanks

I plan to do a longer Italy trip later this year…there is no definitive answer to your question, in my opinion.

There are very recent reports of people traveling freely to the Schengen Area…but in the end, each of us are going to have to find out on our own.

I will note that I had no problem flying into Barcelona, (and London, which now seems more problematic), in 2014. Once in a Schengen country, there are no border controls and I drove extensively through Southern France.

Let us know how it goes…I am relatively sure you will have no problem with entry…but this is not a guarantee. {no one knows anything for certain now, and even if they did, everything is obviously subject to change…sorry…I am just trying to be honest with you}.

Best Wishes, James

Schengen countries CAN have border checks between one another and, it is said, increasingly in the aftermath of the uproar over illegal migration the last several years.

I found that travel on the Thales train between Paris and Amsterdam often had immigration officials (they hop on the train and go from car-to-car) checking passports. I’ve seen them arrest illegal immigrants.

They also always have the option to open border stations between countries and check passports. I’ve seen that between France and Italy.

Which is why none of us can give the definitive answer that people keep seeking…there is a certain element of rolling the dice when you travel.

I’m heading back East again soon…am I good, or has there been another change in the law of that state?

Later, I have a camping site booked in a famous National Park…what are the rules? Am I good or not?

Will my life be ruined or will I sail free?

I should be able to get into Italy…but I won’t really know till I land and clear customs.

I can live with this level of anxiety…if only because there is no choice except to curtail your…ability to live, (which is what they want, and I won’t give them the satisfaction).

Best Wishes, James

In November 2014 my wife and I flew to London. We had booked a cruise leaving the afternoon of our arrival and we were meeting a bus from the cruise line outside the terminal. We were going to be in the UK for maybe three hours. I was taken away to a detention room and shown what looked like a photocopy or FAX of my online registration from my state. I was interviewed intensively, finger printed, my luggage searched thoroughly, and I was finally told that the “law” was that a sex offender could not enter the UK. I was placed on a return flight to the US that afternoon, for which I paid dearly, and I also lost the cost of the cruise, since, obviously I could not cancel in time. My conviction was over ten years ago, and my sentence was probation. Incidentally, I had informed my local police three days before leaving (the law when leaving my state for more than three days). So, no you will not be able to enter the UK. Meanwhile, the good news: we flew into Frankfurt last spring and breezed through customs — they hardly looked at my passport. Then we traveled to Greece where we had a lovely vacation. We flew back through Toronto, where you clear US customs for the final leg home, and I got taken aside, but it wasn’t too bad and I made my connecting flight.

Thanks, Bill, that pretty much seals it up. However, I will need to get to London eventually and so David’s suggestion is very sound…fly to Amsterdam and take the ferry or train across.

This solid report of yours…really pisses me off quite a bit…but there is no reason to piss in the wind…my anger is pretty useless.

Still, thanks for the info…I might have tried to fly in directly otherwise.


Damn them.

Best Wishes, James

Thank you for that, Bill. Please, if you haven’t already, take a few moments to fill out the travel experiences form. This is vital for our understanding of country-by-country policy as well as documenting collateral consequences of IML and aiding in any legal challenges to it. Thanks!

I just got denied entry into Costa Rica and now want to relocate to Chile where my family lives and where I have a handicapped brother who requires constant care. Any suggestions? Getting letters to present upon arrival seems like an option as trying to reduce my registration requirements. I want to get my residency there and take care of my family. I am in LA now and trying to find a good lawyer that can help me with this. Thanks, this seems like a great forum.

Where is the “travel experiences form?”

It’s kind of “buried” at this point. It would be great to have a drop-down tab at the top of the front page that says “Report Int’l Travel Experience”.

Until then, go to

“International Travel Experiences” and see the top post which is the questionnaire.

Thanks Bill!

From Registrant Travel Action Group

Please distribute this far and wide. We have launched our new web site and we have a form to
capture travel experiences into a data base. It is very comprehensive.

We intend to post this data on an interactive map and collate the data and make available to the community and media.

Ah yes the Trip Adviser of Registrant travel Experiences.

Typical feel good government BS. It is good to hear about Schengen and the Home Office guidance in the UK. I finally ‘ran afoul” of Angel Watch in November of 2103 in Brussels. After 8 previous visits to the EU, when I came out of the plane, there were strapping young 5 Belgian national cops waiting for me. The took me to that secret room asked lots of questions and checked my bags. Because I had never been jailed (probation only in Florida) and was not on probation, they said “welcome of Belgium” I asked the chief inspector if my offense would preclude me from getting a long term visa or residence permit in Belgium and he said that he did not see any reason why it would. I don’t think they had ever seen am Angel Watch notice before mine and were expecting some drooling , leering prevert in a trench coat with pockets full of candy to skulk off of that Delta Flight from Atlanta. 😀 They were a bit befuddled that an offense like mine would lead to PUBLIC notification for life. That would be illegal in the EU.
My future problem is this. I plan to move to Vermont in the next year where I will not be required to register. BUT, as some of you might already know, Florida leaves your mug up on their website forever even if you move out of the country and will have your last know address or location outside of Florida up on the site. I will not be required to maintain/update/confirm my registration in Florida unless I come back. But I suspect that the Feds will say that I still have to abide by the IML because Florida will still have me on the intestate list. The question is, if i am in Vermont where I will not registered, who the hell to I tell about my travels plans?

well I’m in Jamaica now I came a few months ago flew into montegobay and got questioned for like 1-2 hours. this time came in through Kingston used kiasch machine. Not sure this was a difference but no questions. I don’t know if they looked me up and saw I came before or not. On another site just last year a guy posted that he flew from other countries to Philippines and other off limit countries and got in. Another off note I think it would be funny if we got 5,000 or more so to fly to mexico on the same day and see what they do. I think that if we got flight insurance u might get reimbursed either way it would be worth the money to send a point.


Are you required to register in the State you live in?

How long ago was your conviction? Felony or Misdemeanor?

You mentioned a Kiosk Machine, I’ve never seen one of those in another country. Were you required to just scan your passport there?

Someone wrote awhile back about loose lips. So I kept quiet about my thing for fear of jinxing it (or big bro monitoring it!) So good news…flew into Portugal without a hitch.
I gave my 21 day notice as required by Washington State, arrived at Portuguese customs with all my interrogation answers at the ready, and was met with the old Customs standard questions, a smile, and “welcome to Portugal, you’ll love it!” I kept looking over my shoulder waiting for the police to grab me, but nothing. I can hardly believe I escaped the US!
So my details:
Have a two year old renewed passport. 5 years ago convicted of a felony “viewing explicit minor engaged in sexual…etc. Nothing before or since. Couple of months in work-release and one year probation.
One year ago I was denied entry into Colombia.
I’ve been looking for a reasonably inexpensive place to retire, so Medellin was high on my list. Now the Algarve region of Portugal or the Prague area, maybe Varna, Bulgaria. Will check it all out. Getting an extended visa wherever will probably require money and an attorney and because of the felony, may not be possible. But the first part is done…I’m out of the US!
Best wishes to all. Good Night and Good Luck!

Congratulations Terry! I’m happy to hear you made it out.

That’s probably a wise policy to not disclose too much information on here before the fact, until you have actually achieved your escape or travel goals.

It is probably a reality for all of us who plan on any type of Residency Visa, that we will need an attorney to present our individual cases to the Department of Migracion in the respective country.

Portugal is like a dream for me…since I have spent so much time in Brazil, I have passable Portuguese skills…though of course I can’t go back to Brazil, or Colombia for that matter. (re Colombia, I thought I’d retire up on the coast in Santa Marta rather than Medellin…but they are just different).

As you may know Prague is also wonderful, and Varna isn’t bad, but I would strongly recommend you go up the Black Sea Coast just a bit into Romania…that also is very good living…and with a Romance language base unlike Bulgaria.

I am quite interested in what you are doing…Hummmm

Keep us informed here, or, if you like ask a Moderator for my email.

In any case, good luck!

Best Wishes, James

Congrats Terry…
I would like a beach in Mexico. Never to return.
Maybe someday.
Good Luck in your adventure!


So how does it feel to be free? Congratulations, I hope you don’t have to return.

Thank you, everyone. I might not have thought of Europe, except for what I learned on these forums. I really appreciate all the info I received, and yes, I’ll pass on what I learn. And thanks to Janice, especially, for all her hard work.
I do believe things will change in the US, but how soon, I don’t know. The RSO system is especially heinous, but it’s a part of a far larger one…the whole justice system, where a criminal past denies housing, job opportunities, and a reasonable chance to start over. There is reform in the winds, but it will require an overhaul of a lot of systems currently in place. Ban the box is a start on employment, but the whole “public’s right to know” crap has gone completely overboard. The practice of sealing records after a reasonable period of time, except for law enforcement access, should be mandatory. A system where bank robbers probably shouldn’t be allowed to work in a bank, or a predator child molester at a daycare center, makes obvious sense, but a reformed bank robber should probably not be denied a chance to work at a retirement home.
We complain about the RSO injustice, rightfully so, but how about the guy put behind bars for 10 years by an ambitious prosecutor and an overworked or lazy public defender, whose DNA proves his innocence. Ten years of his life! Prosecutors who knowingly withhold evidence from a convicted defendant that helps his case, should spend a few years behind bars!
Anyway, our chance for a fair shake will probably have to be a part of the larger cause of criminal reform. It will take some politicians with balls, but that seems to be just the opposite of the skill set needed to be an elected official. There’s a lot of personal gain and money against our hopes and dreams, but sadly, in the US, money usually wins!
But we must keep on keepin’ on, so go Janice…and see the rest of you in Europe!

For those of us who are a little shaken by the dismissal of the Challenge to IML I figured now may be a good time to recap those countries where we can still escape to. Always thinking outside of the box:

It would be helpful if The RTAG Matrix was updated with this information.

Here’s what we know:

These Countries still accept RSO’s:

Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland? Also includes Belguim? And Chile?

PK, we’ve had at least one report, some months back (perhaps five or six?) that Chile had refused entry to a Registrant.

I was waiting on this one specifically as it had an excellent program for receiving a very inexpensive permanent residency with a five year plan to obtain citizenship (and a pretty terrific passport, at that). Amazingly, they said that if application were made within Chile it would not require a police report (from the FBI). However, if they are now blocking sex offenders, as it appears, then that is no longer on the table.

I believe Belgium is still accepting us as visitors.

One has to wonder when they succeed and prevent all SO’s from foreign travel, who are they going to blame when the human trafficking or child trafficking does not decrease?

One has to really really wonder…. why???

Do they expect all those horrible horrible people – people whose only reason to get on an airplane is to hunt small foreign children to abuse in terrible ways – will just stop going on vacation or not try to do business past their zip code? That they will sit at home in the dark and flog themselves and contemplate what terrible people they are?

A business person will simply concentrate their efforts on the domestic market and travel all over the place within the 50 states.

The people and their families who are banned from going on vacation to Mexico, Costa Rica or Thailand will simply have to visit domestic vacation spots. Where does that leave the residents of US tourist destinations? No shortage of small children in the US. Do the people who live in, say, California, Hawaii or Florida have any inkling of the menace that is to befall them?

Are there no small American children to abuse? After all – these are people with zero self control… smh.

I think we should all vacation in Chris Smith’s district…..though I recommend using a camper and bring your own food. I wouldn’t want a penny of extra revenue going to anyone in his district.

Does anyone have any recent experience with a RSO traveling to Italy. I am planning a trip and would like to know if there are any members who have successfully travelled to Italy.



I just got back from a trip to Italy, no problem at all. Entered at the Venice Airport.

Thank You Brunelli

May i ask what state you travelled from? Did you give the 21 day notice?

Thanks from me also, Brunelli:

I hope to get to Italy myself this year, (except I keep accepting more work….I sense it is better for me to work rather than think about all the trouble swirling around me in the outside world…this being said, I did register {in ca} recently and it was all done professionally and I was out in less than 20 minutes even though I did buy and register a new car this period).

Regardless of the ease of my registering agency, I have a copy of the Cal DOJ international Travel Notice and I fully intend to give 21 days notice (in vague terms, not a hard itinerary).

Everyone has to make their own decisions in these regards and I make no recommendation to others, however I will note that CA is not that bad a State to be in…relative to some others and I aim to stay fully compliant.

Thanks again for the travel update

Best Wishes, James

My earlier question was never answered, I think. If a State is not a SORNA state, is the 21 day notification prior to travel still required? Is California a SORNA state? Thank you! Just so much do know and learn.


No Cali is not a SORNA state and by state law you are not required to give the 21 day notice. However, there is a shady grey area in the federal law (AWA, IML), so the best answer that I have heard Janice ever give is to weigh the risk and keep it at a minimum and you want to make as an informed decision as you can. I live in CA and am planning a trip out of the country soon. My plan is to Take the form to my local sheriffs department for a signature and date and keep a copy for myself. I spoke with the deputy regarding this and he said that all he would do is put the copy in my file and that’s that. It is a CYA situation and I chose to CMA. Safe travels

I too plan to fly to Italy this Spring and travel in a few nearby countries. When I just did my annual registration I told the Detective that I plan to travel on vacation and asked if her were aware of any notification rules around that. He said no. I think I may still mail him a registered letter with my travel dates and cities, though not addresses as the hotels may change. That way I will have something on file just in case…but I also don’t want to raise any red flags in advance that may stop the trip. I will be traveling with my wife and adult daughter and they know when we return to the US I will be stopped for secondary screening – I’ve gone through that before.

I will update upon return.

How did this go for you? What did you end up doing?

Would be so kind as to tell where you got a copy of this “Cal DOJ international Travel Notice” with the online URL so that I and others can read it. I did a google search and could not find anything listed.

Important info so source would be helpful in researching this particular issue as there is nothing but confusion and anything concrete is helpful!


I would like anybody at all who did not give the 21 day notice to tell us about what happened to them. Also anybody who did give the 21 day notice and was able to travel to Hong Kong without any problems. I understand that if nothing bad happened there is really no motivation to comment here, but we need to hear success stories.
My registration is a low level and not on the DOJ web site. I went to the Philippines in August 2015 and was able to enter twice with no problem. I went to the Philippines and then to Dubai (which I also got in with no problem) and then back to the Philippines again. Then a few months later over the Thanksgiving weekend I went to the Philippines again and this time was not able to stay. No one said nothing to me as to why I could not get it. An employee at the airport told me that they did get new computers a month before. I wonder if any government agency in the Philippines is doing any studies as to extent of foreign money declining over last couple of years.

What likely happened to you is that you were blacklisted in Philippines due to an alert sent by US DHS. The US probably sent an alert after your first visit there. Not likely anything to do with the 21 day notice. If you know someone in Philippines, they can check the derogatory record section at the Bureau of Immigration in Manila to find out when the alert was sent. The blacklist order will have the date and source of the US alert.

I think us traveling now, while the IML issues are still being figured out and subject to court challenges is a big mistake. Lets say you do travel now and get refused entry by a country, both the DOJ notice and the border rejection will forever be in that country’s computer system. If at a later time IML is found unconstitutional or no longer applies to you, the original notice and rejection by that country will still be in their computer system and will likely continue to cause you to be banned by that country. Getting IML reversed will likely have no affect on those countries that have already previously been warned about you. It would be better to wait and see if IML is reversed or more narrowly tailored before traveling and risk being potentially banned forever by any country. Now this likely may not affect us in those countries that clearly haven’t rejected us yet, but I would sure avoid those countries where we know anyone has already been rejected or their policy is not well known.

This is precisely why I haven’t traveled since learning of the notification regime.

I went to the Philippines jan 2016 and was there when IML was signed b4 returning. i had no problems there but was pulled aside when getting back to JFK but nothing was searched and im scared to death to go again even though my wife is still there and i wont be able to bring her here because AWA . i can get off registry in 2020 thats 15 year state here in new jersey because im tier 1 this is an ongoing nightmare because im not sure where i can see her again. it isnt a cheap trip to get there either

May I recommend Malaysia. From what I have read and a few people I have had correspondence with, seems lije a good possibility. Another is to find a country where you can buy a ctizenship, then travel from there. I am currently going through the process of gaining my German citizenship ( father was citizen) and will be gone from this hell in 2-3 yrs.

So your father was a German Citizen and for that reason you can get citizenship yourself?

Been a long time, but thought I’d update. I wrote in June about no problem flying into Portugal.
After six weeks, I flew into Amsterdam to pick up my car shipped from US.
I’ve driven thru Schengen countries with no problem, obviously, as there are no border customs. Into Romania (non-Schengen), Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, and back to Romania. All fine, no problems.
Prices are extremely low and there are millions of things to see. The Istrian peninsula (maybe 100 sq miles) has beaches, castles, caves, Roman ruins, 16th century Venetian-style city centers, vineyards, mountains, even dinosaur footprints!…you get the idea…all crammed together. And you can buy a nice 1 bedroom Condo in Pula for about $65k. 90 day rule though…90 day visa in country, 90 days out, then repeat.
Albania has 12 months in and 90 days out. In Sarande, you can buy a beautiful Condo with a spectacular view for about $50k. And a monster seafood feast in a fine waterfront restaurant for $8!
It’s so pleasant not to have to put up with all the crap in the US. I miss my family and friends, but I’ll just buy their airfare and bring them over for visits. Really don’t plan on coming back, at least until the US pulls its collective head out of its ass.
Seen from afar, America’s hypocrisy is hard to comprehend. Europe is not perfect, but in our cases, light years ahead of the puritanical, unforgiving, “good Christian” nation that the US has become. A brief example…when you’re driving between towns (and many of the Balkan drivers here are unbelievably stupid! – side note) you will see a guy pulled over, peeing on the side of the road, with his junk fully exposed for all the world to see…no attempt to cover or shield from the passing cars and possible “children,” and neither he nor they could care less. Natural bodily function. In the US, he would be arrested on the spot and his conviction, no matter how minimal, would label him a sex offender! Bravo America! Another evil doer punished for life! In Europe, he was just a guy that couldn’t hold it until the next town!
Donald Trump is not the cause, just a symptom. When will we ever learn!

Can you explain to me how Trump is the symptom? He didn’t write any sex offender laws. This whole billshit IML was Chris Smiths, John Walsh, George Bush, Mark Foley, Anthony Weiner , Chuck Grassey, Dennis Hastlett and the list goes on and on

Is there any knowledge of a SO challenging their banned entry into a country. What I mean is, if you have documented proof of your charge, disposition, along with time passed since offense, testimonials, etc. I would hope that this could possibly get you a hearing via an immigration lawyer so that your individual case for admittance could be reviewed. Since immigration is basing their decision on a ( to see the least ) vague description of your offense, tgen enlightening them to you as a person could make a difference.

From what I’ve heard, it’s up to the discretion of the Individual Immigration Agent who greets you as you enter the Country.

I think in the United States you could appeal a ‘denied entry’ decision to an Immigration Judge, but I’m not sure which other countries would be set-up like that. For most other countries, it is much easier to simply ship you back.

I always carry my documentation with me as a rule. Certificate of Disposition from 2001, Apostatized Criminal Record, and Apostatized Birth Certificate.

Janice, or anyone with knowledge about SORNA. There is so much confusion about the 21 day notice requirement. I live in a non-SORNA compliant state Illinois. My police registration will not accept a change of address registration earlier than three days before leaving the state. They have no 21 day procedure or mechanism. But, I have read that this is a federal law and I could be prosecuted for not complying. I have read the SORNA laws and can find no method specified for giving 21 day notice. I know of no way to report international travel to my “registration jurisdiction.”

“The supplemental guidelines expand required registration information to require offenders notify the registration jurisdiction at least 21 days in advance of international travel. The residence jurisdiction is then required to notify the U.S. Marshalls Service and must transmit the information to national databases, law enforcement and supervision agencies, and other jurisdictions as provided in the original guidelines.”

@Chicago Contact:
This has been a topic somewhere on here a few times. You as a citizen are required to comply with Federal Law. Federal Law, supplemented by US AG final guidelines, says you must provide a 21-day notification. The problem is the Feds won’t take the info from you directly, instead relying on the jurisdiction to handle it. However, the Tenth Amendment lets States thumb their noses at many federal regulations, including SORNA. (Silly Congress expected all jurisdictions to snap in line behind SORNA.)

Were I you, I wouldn’t even bother with going in to deliver the paperwork. Instead, I’d send it via First Class mail with Delivery Confirmation to the LEO/LEA responsible for ML in your locale. Even better would be via Certified Mail with the Certified Mail number printed at the top of your document; this ties the document to the postal receipt. (To do this, you just need to pick up a Certified Mail form/sticker ahead of time from USPS.) What the LEO/LEA decides to do with it is up to them, but you’ll have proof of timely submission. That the jurisdiction and the Feds cannot get along is not your issue.

Be sure to keep a copy of the documents.

Let’s say I were considering one-way international travel (expatriation), say, to a country south of the border via land. Would the procedure be pretty much the same — just mail in my 21-day notice? (I’m in a sorna state). And what would be other things to consider?

This is no way to live.. having to jump through hoops just to travel. Like “3 weeks notice” is really going to make a difference.. The is punishment not prevention! Hate not hope!

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x