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Sen. Runner Withdraws Bill From Hearing

Senator Sharon Runner has withdrawn Senate Bill 1021 from further consideration. The bill, which would have allowed local governments to prohibit some registered citizens from living in their cities and counties, was scheduled to be heard on April 19 by the Senate Public Safety Committee. Runner’s withdrawal of the bill is reported to be linked to her failing health, however, it may also be linked to the strong opposition to the bill voiced in letters submitted to the Committee by CA RSOL, the ACLU, the CA Sex Offender Management Board and the CA Public Defenders Association.

“The withdrawal of this bill is significant,” stated CA RSOL president Janice Bellucci. “It appears to be the end of a long attack upon registered citizens and their families by Senator Runner and her husband.”

Because the bill has been withdrawn from further consideration by the Senate Public Safety Committee, the bill cannot advance in the legislature during the remainder of the year or this legislative session.

NOTE: AB 2569 will be heard by the Assembly PSC on April 19


Committees to Hear Residency Restrictions Bill and Internet Bill on April 19 [updated]


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Finally, a piece of good news! At least there aren’t going to be two bills heard at the same time. Now we can focus on AB 2569.

Maybe, she will give up now since all this seems to have affected her health. Karma?

that very good news , I am hoping to see more good luck ,

Runner, R-Lancaster, underwent a successful double lung transplant in 2012 and says she’s now healthy, but her doctors have warned her that “the stress of the campaign and four more years in the Legislature would be detrimental to her health,” her office said in a statement.

I’m sorry, but i wouldn’t be sad if she or he couldn’t make it to work the next day.

That’s about as nice of way i could put it without getting myself into trouble.

I hate this phrase, but it is a win/win. She gets to still be known as a martyr for the crusade against sex offenders, but obviously not fit to continue the battle. A good alibi.
Have you heard that story about the Native American warrior eating the heart of the defeated enemy to gain his courage. Probably a Hollywood myth, but maybe there is something to it. It would be good if more people on this registry were as persistent in the fight against the registry as this woman was in defending it. All things being equal, we would probably win, because we also have the weapon of evidence on our side. But we have much more to lose by speaking up, as well as to gain. We are not going to be dismissed as merely a doddy old thing with good intentions and ailing health and judgement. On the other hand we are going to be known as those who had to fight for every inch of freedom we still have, every breath of life we still wish to enjoy on this planet. Nothing will be given to us.

Oh I feel so bad about Senator Runner’s failing health. What a VILLAIN!
I could comment more but I will maintain some decorum after all she deserves respect.

AWESOME!!! there was a time when this would have pass but 3 CHEERS to Janice, her team and all the people that donated.

This is great news. I just mailed out more letters on SB 1021 and had people make phone calls today. Now on to AB 2569!

As for Sharon Runner I am personally glad she is not seeking re election and that we have seen the last of her!

Disturbingly this beast is an Hydra, you can knock one head off only for another to appear. What, we had Toni, Hueso and Runner, and many other similar stone heads, now we have Melendez, who next is going to grow out of this legislative cesspool?
The source of these vipers is the sex offender myth. Just an idea I am throwing out, I am not the hero I would like to be, but the only way you can stop them is to make sure the myths from which these types of laws spring are cauterized by the hot poker of actual, verifiable truth.

This is seriously good news…thanks to Ms. Bellucci and staff. Really.

Best Wishes, James

I guess having ice running through your veins tends to cause your health to fail, but I digress. What a shame. You would think that after surviving Scleroderma and a double lung transplant (source: Wikipedia) that one would use such a new lease on life to do compassionate work. Not in her case it seems. What a sad, sad, sad, miserable little life.

You all sound so bitter with your comments. Where’s your compassion, for Pete’s sake?

Well, just to show there’s no hard feelings, I intend to send the lovely Ms. Runner a Get Well Soon card with a special bouquet from called the Marlboro Special, a delightful arrangement overflowing with an assortment of filtered, non-filtered, regular and menthol cigarettes.

I’m also thinking of signing her up for a Vape of the Month subscription if anyone wants to chip in? Anyone…?

that’s right c karma she deserves no respect no compassion or empathy where was her respect and empathy when she was destroying lives and making life practically impossible to live i had to live by her unconstitutional bs law while I was on parole so I say good riddance finally some real justice has been laid upon one of these evil people hala luha.

I’ve never wished anyone ill health and frankly I’m not very religious, but, my first thought for Runner was “For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”. While this is worthy of celebration; we can’t rest because right behind this one will be another! Keep up the good fight Janice & crew!

It may just be my cynicism, but this woman didn’t just withdraw this bill “due to her health”. Her, and her idiot husband, have made it their life’s goal to make our lives as miserable as possible.

I’m just going on a hunch that something else is up here. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the “Bill List”, as I suspect something new and exciting will be popping up in the near future.

It certainly is good news that the Runners are finally on the way out. But don’t get too giddy about it, they were not doing this all by themselves. They have built a big organization that got multiple ballot measures passed. Their political office is stuffed with true believers, and certainly one of those strong, young bucks (or does) will now run to take over the Runners’ seat and also the entire organization.

So, this is not the end of it, in fact, it is likely simply a changing of the guard to a younger, stronger opponent. This is no time to misunderstand the situation and let our guard down.

I don’t know what we can do to make sure no ally of the Runners takes over the organization and office – gee, our support of someone else would only doom that someone else. Still, from that district, even if an opponent of the Runners gets elected, that person will never be a friend to us, will always vote against us, and probably feel it necessary to get some legislation against us through the Legislature just to be able to get reelected there.

Sorry for the reality check. But getting rid of the Runners will probably help us as much as killing Bin Laden got rid of Islamic terrorism. Its good to remain level headed.

Still, it is good news the Runners are on the way out.

My concern is that California HAS to change the laws to accommodate IML. If IML requires (mandates) a 21 day notification, and the feds are putting that responsibility on the local agencies, then California has to create a law mandating the same, and putting in place a process to manage those notifications. This means that our lawmakers have a mandated duty to open the registration laws. It may be as simple as inserting language mandating the 21 day notification, and putting it on the CA DoJ to establish the process. But somehow, I think, that if our lawmakers are going to have to pass a law dealing with IML, other things will get stuffed into that bill to get everyone on board. Perhaps idiot (Runner) will see that as an opportunity to get her ridiculous nonsense inserted? Perhaps others will see this as an opportunity to do far more damage?

Or, perhaps, with a little lobbying, we can finally get a tiered system put in place!

Either way, our state lawmakers will be required to deal with IML, and this is all going to be in the spotlight once again.

I’m not convinced that any state needs to accommodate IML through its own regulation regime. I think that the feds are simply claiming that they are the proper authority for notification of out-of-country travel and may well implement a direct-to-fed notification system that bypasses the state. I’m sure that’s what they would want.

After all, their ambitions with AWA certainly asserted an authority to require states to demand 21 day notification and, having failed to convince many states to implement compliance with AWA, they now claim the authority to require registrants to provide the feds with notification directly. I believe that that is probably the strategy.

Hi David,

Please refer to the following link:

Specifically, “Can the SMART Office Process a Sex Offender’s
Notice of International Travel?
The SMART Office is not authorized to collect or receive
notifications of international travel from anyone,
including individual offenders, attorneys, or registration
officials. If an offender wishes to make a notification of
international travel pursuant to IML’s statutory
requirements, that offender must report it to his or her
registration agency.”


Thank you. I do realize that they state this but am not at all convinced that it is true nor reflective of their ambitions.

IML, from my reading and having just reviewed it again, does not limit the collection of this information from the “offender” to the states.

It burdens the Registrant with such obligations of notification without saying how that notification is to be effectuated.

I believe that this is very much in flux right now with the details of this chain of notification being hammered out and yet to be revealed. You can bet “The Smart Office” will quickly conform their advisements to this, yet-to-be-determined, regimen.

Regardless, we see that affirmative notifications of foreign travel from American Registrants are not the only notification being provided the U.S. government. They also match all traveller records from the airlines against criminal record databases.

In IML there are two stated methods of determining ‘per-trip’ travel activity:

1. Notification provided by Registrants that makes its way to the U.S. government (again, may-or-may not be limited to Registrant reporting to individual states).

2. U.S. government cross-referencing all traveller bookings against crime and Registry databases or any other source of information.

We also know that Registrant status is resident (i.e. ‘lives on’ more-or-less constantly) in travel databases available to countries’ immigration without such a ‘per-trip’ notification from the U.S.

So, given these other avenues for alerting the U.S. (and other countries) one could argue that it doesn’t much matter if the U.S. implements a direct-to-Angel Watch notification scheme for Registrants since they’re going to know of your travels anyway.

There is a fair amount of overkill in this law so as to obviate any potential gaps in their intelligence (as if they are at all ‘intelligent’) and as if we are so dangerous that they need layers of redundancy lest we get through their elaborate nets.

Paul, as I read that, that says any notice to the SMART office or by the SMART Office to your local registration agency does not relieve the registrant of the requirement that the registrant themselves must notify the local registering agency.

Also, the state would not need to do anything for this requirement to be prosecuted, as it can be prosecuted under federal law, does not need to be prosecuted under state law.

And, when I read the bill before it was finally passed, it had a provision that the feds (I presume SMART Office) would send a notice to the local registering agency about your travel. Unless that was taken out before finally passed, that notice will be sent, but if you don’t also notify the local agency, well, they know and you can be prosecuted. And believe me, you don’t want to get mixed up in a federal prosecution, it is even worse than a state one – the Feds won’t even plea bargain unless you can give them what they need to convict a bigger fish, and forget about any time off for good behavior.

Oh, also Paul, California cannot be forced to change its own laws to conform to federal laws. That can’t happen.

The Supreme Court could invalidate a California law but Congress can’t force California to amend its registration laws. California will only change them if they want to, which they may well do.

Technically you are right, David Kennerly. But in practice, the US “forces” the state’s hands. The states are very dependent on federal money, and the feds force changes in state laws by making the changes a condition of getting federal money — if the state won’t change its law, it loses more money than it can afford to lose and so wishes it had.

In fact, the money link is how all 50 states were forced to adopt the sex offender registration laws under Bill Clinton.

That said, I don’t know that the feds have chosen to link this new law to federal money dispersal.

In the case of SORNA, we have seen that the federal government has been unable to persuade a majority of states to legislatively conform to its requirements, even given the federal funding loss which was incurred, as a result.

So, it remains true that the federal government cannot force states to integrate IML’s reporting requirements into their own statutes, even through the threat of loss-of-funding (especially given that that funding is insufficient for implementation).

I believe that the U.S. government will try to do an end-run around non-conforming states, one way or another.

One thing I didn’t refer to in my earlier message was the crucial element of criminal responsibility placed upon the Registrant to report their travels within IML.

They want very badly to put us in prison in anyway that they can.

If states don’t require that of their Registrants, then the Feds will either have to forgo that goal (of incarcerating non-reporting Registrants in states without such a reporting regime) or come up with an alternative, direct-to-feds, reporting regime.

This is what remains to be revealed. My suspicion is that they are giving serious consideration to such a scheme and I can find no language within the IML, as it was passed, that proscribes such an avenue for the government.

I’m inclined to think that that is what we will see.

I’m tempted to say that ‘all will be revealed in the fullness of time’ but, given the opacity of our federal government, and their willingness to use administrative obscurantism against us, we will probably uncover it only through our diligent investigations.

I a m about not a fan of what Sharon Runner has been doing. I Am a registered citizen but I’m also a Christian too, I’m glad she’s no longer in office. But we cannot lose our compassion not what you said mr. C I would never wish bad Health on anyone. I have been through it with my own family I’ve seen bad health my family I’ve taken care of elderly parents and I’ve seen the suffering that the patient and families go Through and most of my elders in my family have passed I would not see anyone suffering that way. as a Christian I believe in which Jesus said when he says forgive those who trespass against you bless those who curse you pray for those who despitefully use you. no fight against it all the way with their doing but I do not have Hatred. I don’t know who made the comment but they are right this is not going to be the end of the fight there are plenty others that will take her place maybe someone even worse might rise up we need to keep doing what we’re doing fighting for what we do but we need to get the public educated and more importantly the courts educated about the reoffended rate and the myths around Registrants, but our biggest allies we need is to get some being large Media news people out there Needs to be convinced the myths of registrants and aboutthe reoffend rate and let them be out and report it to the public And the Courts. After all the media is what started this frenzy against us they can also be an ally to help end it by telling the truth and let the public know that it’s not as dangerous as Presumed I will pray for Shannon and her health and her family I wish that many people here could be like me And that’s to not like what she’s doing but do not wish harm on anybody I understand the frustration and anger,but it’s no excuse to have hatred and wish bad Health on someone.

“t”: I’m with you. There are many Christians out there who are full of compassion. These are the people we need on our side. You are willing to forgive someone who is making it a lifelong project to destroy thousands of lives. And anyone who thinks that the registries and community notification doesn’t destroy lives, is living in a dreamworld.

There must be a large group of people, “Christians” who are willing to eliminate this horrible punishment this country has been brainwashed to believe is working.

Prison and Jail is punishment for mistakes that are made by individuals. Probation and Parole are punishment. If you have served your time for your mistakes, it’s time for anonymity and a full path to flowing back into society without additional punishment.

If a person is so disturbed or has ended a life of another person, then yes, prison or a hospital may be where they should be….possibly never to return to society. But if it is determined that someone is ready to re-enter society, then leave them the heck alone and let them re-enter society.

I’ve been dealing with this nightmare for 26 years now. Every time I turn around there’s another law that makes my life more and more stressful. It’s been a very difficult life to be sure. My mother and father are no longer alive. My brother committed suicide 2 years back. I believe years of heavy drinking had everything to do with the events of my life as well as the end of my brothers life. Although I personally now have 27 years of sobriety, it’s been a very tough life. I may not live long enough to see the injustices of the current laws corrected, but I’m going to keep up the fight.

When I was sentenced, I was told I would need to register for life. They said this would entail keeping law enforcement updated of my whereabouts each year. This punishment has morphed into a political “Catch 22” in which now any move I make as an RC has my stomach in a virtual knot. This can’t be good for a persons health. It’s always in the back of my mind that some vigilante may just walk up to me an put a bullet between my eyes due to that wonderful community notification for level 1’s that is here for some and right around the corner for others.

Do you think true “Christians” want this sort of punishment for anyone? Give me the
Christians who have compassion for all of humanity. Then give me my Constitutional freedoms back.

I pray that all of us have peace in our lives.

Frank, I am a Christian and I am appalled at what so-called Christians are doing that is vengeful, fear-motivated, and self-righteous. The entire religion is supposed to be about reconciliation, rehabilitation, redemption, and forgiveness. Their arrogance and ignorance is bordering on the obscene.

If people miss Christianity’s emphasis on healing, renewal, and grace, they’ve missed the entire point. As far as I’m concerned, they are following another God – a God of their own making and in their own image.

Matthew 25:35>, comes to my mind.

I actually thought folks on this board were being charitable given the harm this woman has caused
But yes you’re right, someone else will rise up….from her cigarette ashes that is

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